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In readings, a Knight of Cups shows that his sensitive style is involved in the situation as an aspect of you, someone else or the atmosphere in general.
The Knight of Pentacles is very, very dependable, so emulate this knight and be dependable this week, too. While you’re being there for yourself and those in your immediate world, perhaps you could also be there for those elsewhere who need your help. This week, you will have to juggle taking action and helping yourself and others, with being cognizant of when to just rest and let Life flow.
I thought it would be a neat way to gain better and personal understanding of this card's personality. I am fiercely protective, both of my family (particularly my sibling, the Page of Pentacles) and my community. As the Knight of Pentacles, I am depended upon to serve my king and country, and I do so with deep loyalty. When I pay you a visit in the Tarot cards, I'm likely going to tell you to get back to work at protecting your assets.

Featured on all the knight cards of the Tarot, the horse symbol meanings deal with strength, motion, action, and vitality. The color yellow is symbolic of intelligence as well as cheer, satisfaction and all-around contentment. I might show up in the cards when you need a reality check about who you are, and who you cannot be to others.
The Knight of Wands has had you moving toward your goals and overcoming obstacles for the past couple of weeks. So, with the Knight of Pentacles appearing this week, it’s possible that you’re closer than ever to realizing some of your dreams. I know that many of you are already very dependable, but maybe this week, let yourself be just that much more dependable. People in Japan need your help, as do those in Haiti, who are still struggling; and closer to home, there are regular folks in Wisconsin who are fighting the righteous fight to ensure that right-wing politicians, the very worst of the very wealthiest, and the nastiest of corporations don't take away our rights as workers. Know that you are a part of this flow and that you are moving forward, even if you are at rest.

Another reader sent me a private email, in which she said she's been following my blog's advice and just manifested something she'd been working towards.
I am the one who is going to make you hoe the row so your crop of your material desires will manifest for you. This guy knows that you might be tired and overworked and he’s here to let you know that slow and steady will still get you where you need to go.
Again, this week, it’s all about taking smaller steps, thinking twice about each action, and doing only what feels right. Here I can taste, touch and observe centuries of traditional methods reaping fruitful results.

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