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A woman to be taken as a role model and whose advice should be heeded if we want to improve our situation.
The King of Swords is also known for fairness and equality, this king wields his power for progress and not simply his own gain (remember the swords are air and always moving forward!) . The kings in the Tarot court all have leadership, vision, and a tremendous amount of strength and skill, but they are also human. Photographs are Illustrations from the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck reproduced by permission of U.S. I was watching Youtube videos the other day and one thing led to another as before I knew it I was watching national, late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel interview hip hop artist Kanye West on Kimmel’s talk show. In September Kimmel and West had gotten into a bit of a celebrity feud on Twitter, over a spoof of an interview West did on BBCRadio.
West, as a King of Cups, was not pleased with this King of Swords’ sketch, and a Twitter feud was set in motion as these two big egos went at eachother. With his gorgeous plumage and his feet in the water, this flamingo strikes me as the King of Cups!

I have had the Tarot of the Cat People (created by the late Karen Kuyendall) in my deck collection for awhile now, but have only recently been pulled to read with it. As I work on my posts for the days to come, here are more Tarot notes from the road, quick Tarot themed snaps I have taken on my road trip across the USA! My best friend of 15 years lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia and I’m here for the weekend visiting her.
I was dressing my salad and it occurred to me that Paul Newman really represents the meaning of the King of Cups Tarot card.  See, Tarot is everywhere, even inside your fridge!
He is positive about his decisions and possesses analytical intelligence, decisiveness, and independent authority. Jim is the author of Resilience and the Future of Everyday Life, and I took this photo of him at his book launch party last fall. You should see the process Jim goes through to juggle the schedules of everyone involved in his salon and come up with a meetup date that works for everyone.
The shadow side of the King of Swords is attention to so much detail he becomes rigid and closed off to the very innovation that made him successful in the first place.

Immoral deeds or those that go against common sense, but highly gratifying for their rarity and the temptation of the forbidden. As a member of MENSA Jim further fits the profile for a real life King of Swords because of all the kings in the Tarot this King is known for his intellect and the inner workings of his mind! He becomes suffocated by his own mind and success, emotionally cold and detached in his personal relationships, and so aggressive in pursuit of what he thinks is right that despite his intellectual prowess he loses his common sense. Is the King of Swords someone you aspire to be?  If this is your Tarot card for the day, focus on your ideas and pay attention to the details! Jim is also the founder and leader of a monthly Foresight Salon where other professionals meet to exchange ideas on future trends in society.

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