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CAPRICORN Stability is guaranteed this week if you learn to celebrate the smallest things. SCORPIO FOUR OF WATER Okay to spend time focusing on emotional loss but don’t dwell, darling. Understanding what makes you strong is good, but understanding why is urgently important this week. Understand that you cannot force things to bloom if you want the full beauty of the flower. That maybe you need to stop looking for the next best thing to see you are more blessed than you realized? Make time to check on those growth projects so you can take stock of where you are…what you have. This week may bring more second-guessing, anxiety and bad dreams than you like if you don’t remember this one thing. Currently, I’m reading the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey and her son Todd who has admirably carried on in the world his mother built. Expect that out-of-balance feeling to dissipate just enough to give you some breathing room. Not only would it be my beloved mother’s 70th birthday, but it is also time for my internet broadcast. Take advantage of and harness the energy and opportunities that will present themselves to you. Then, if you are like me, this cookbook on how to use everything you get from your CSA or Farmers Market will help you waste less.

Your strength this week will be showing others how to get from point A to point Z every time. A journey may be closer than you think which could require you to dip into some of that growth. Her Tarot business is one of the best online pulling in NYTimes best sellers as well as budding writers seeking that NYTimes experience. When you find yourself stabbing yourself in your own foot, pull your attention back to what must be done. When you understand that we all cycle, you will have a better grasp on what needs to happen. Your precious calm is going to be threatened by those who want to take more than they give. Stick the truth and nothing but the truth if you want to come clean in a current sticky situation. No one really loves decluttering but I promise you that the end result will be worth the sacrifice.
Emperor energy this week gives you an inner calm that you can use to your advantage at work as well. This week brings you opportunities for growth in areas that require your mind to be engaged. You may want to explore letting some of those many projects rest or let someone else take charge.
This week calls for some solo exploration so don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying no to group events.

There is nothing that says you must keep people in your life when all they do is tempt you to give in to your darker self. Feels like you are going to have to work at undoing a thought process that isn’t serving you.
Especially if they involve travel, movement or spark a vibration of motivation and inspiration within you. Don’t be surprised if a few more lost souls show up for some much needed guidance from you. Change something in your world then watch the ripple affect as it changes everyone else’s world too.
This card also calls us to transcend to the next level–to take it one step beyond what we think we can accomplish. Still, it’s time to show those in your immediate world how important they are to you. Hold on to the feeling of joy so you can recreate it when you have to be your workaholic self. You are going to waste the gifts they are trying to give because you are so tied to the past.

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