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Telephone white pages are a convenient way to browse through millions of business and residential listings. The traditional residential white page telephone book no longer provides the same utility it once did. In addition to traditional Yellow Pages listings, that directory would also contain the business white page listings, the Government listings, the customer guide information, and other information required under the Commission’s Rules. If the proposal is approved, AT&T will offer Alabama residents the option of receiving a printed version of the White Pages or a CD-ROM containing the listings mailed to them at no charge. But with internet overcharging schemes, it will beocme cost prohibiative to look up phone numbers online.
Everyone thinks we are cutting down and killing trees its just a crop .We plant more than we cut.
Arlene J: I learned about the merger this morning when I tried to get to my Illinois Frontier account.

Geoge: 1 TB is definitely better than 300 GB to allow subscribers to stream more hours of videos on Netflix. Joe V: These ISP executives still don't get it that nearly all customers DO NOT want usage-based billing on last mile wireline.
Astroturf: One of the underhanded tactics increasingly being used by telecom companies is “Astroturf lobbying” – creating front groups that try to mimic true grassroots, but that are all about corporate money, not citizen power. The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission, the Canadian equivalent of the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, may be forced to consider American broadband policy before defining Net Neutrality and its role in Canadian broadband, according to an article published today in The Globe & Mail. Just like FairPoint Communications, the Towering Inferno of phone companies haunting New England, Frontier Communications is making a whole lot of promises to state regulators and consumers, if they’ll only support the deal to transfer ownership of phone service from Verizon to them.
I see it took all of five minutes for George Ou and his friends at Digital Society to be swayed by the tunnel vision myopia of last week’s latest effort to justify Internet Overcharging schemes.
Our telephone white pages are a great compilation of international addresses and phone numbers of businesses and companies from around the world!

Based on trials AT&T has recently conducted, it appears that the vast majority of customers neither need nor use these often quite large, bound paper directories delivered to their homes each year.
Also included will be materials informing customers they can receive a printed white pages directory containing residential listings, which will be mailed at no cost to the customer. Designed to help consumers shop, research products, locate merchants and even expand businesses, international yellow pages are a great necessity today!
Customers tend to find their residential listings in today’s marketplace in a manner other than by using the printed white page directories, so publishing largely unused residential white page books is an inefficient use of environmental resources.

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