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In the early days of 2012, I was one of the many gamers swept up in the hype train that was Star Wars: The Old Republic and eagerly awaited the release of Guild Wars 2. With completely original lore, The Secret World is a game that attempts to challenge the normal conventions of MMO gaming with its unique mission system, in-depth narratives, immersive world and action-based combat. Set in our modern world, The Secret World thrusts players right into the heart of the paranormal, metaphysical, and conspiracy-laden underground of a realm unseen by the general populace. Horror is a huge factor in The Secret World, alluding to and drawing influences from the horror genre greats like Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. The environment is The Secret World’s greatest strength in the visuals department because it manages to create an incredibly immersive world where the urgency is clear but the dangers are unknown. There are three factions in The Secret World that players can choose from: the chaotic Illuminati, benevolent Templar, and the Asia-based Dragon. While the immersion factor in the story is top notch, my only complaint is the silent protagonist aspect of it. First of all, there are no classes in The Secret World but all your skills and roles are tied to the two weapons you’ll be using in an encounter. Much like its predecessor, Age of Conan, The Secret World’s combat system is a mix of classic tab-targetting and action-based skill shots that are more observable when using ranged skills. The lack of linearity in The Secret World might be enticing due to the absence of levels, but keep in mind that there is no re-specialization option in the game. Perhaps the best thing I like about The Secret World is that missions aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill kill and fetch questing. Funcom even developed an in-game internet browser to help players find clues over the internet by also making real websites about certain places and organizations found within the game. Frankly, I think The Secret World would have achieved far more success if it were released as a single player game because, most of the time, you’ll hardly notice the other people around you. Chronicles of Elyria passed the 80% completion mark and now the development team is discussing Kickstarter Stretch Goals. The latest update to the third-person MOBA Paragon brings a new hero, support character balances, and more ways to earn cards. After concluding that the toys-to-life market is declining, Disney Infinity studio Avalanche will be shutting down along with its 300 employees. World vs World battlegrounds are getting a well-deserved rehaul with ArenaNet's plans for Guild Wars 2 scoring improvements. Jeffrey Lin leaving Riot Games is official - the player behavior lead trying to make League of Legends less toxic is now looking for the next challenge. Based on The Borrowers, Studio Ghibi's latest film is a beautiful reimagining of such a world with little people who borrow. During Arrietty's  first borrowing, she is spotted by a young boy Sho who just moved into the house to rest before his heart operation. Whilst the plot lacked intensity, it was compensated by the sheer beauty of the animation and the subtle details that this movie encapsulates. I especially liked the subtle scene changes where a lady bird may fly off, or a bug crawls away, or water droplets falling off a leaf.
Despite lacking an adventurous plot and a more climatic buildup, 'The Secret World of Arrietty' is a beautifully imaginative film that presents a stunning array if imagery with un underlying emotional story that will encapsulate many hearts.
In The Secret World of Arrietty, Arrietty and her family (All are only about 4 inches tall) live in the floorboards of a lavish house in the country. Adrian is correct it is seoul for the Dragons, but also you mention the omission of voice acting by the player character, this isn’t such a bad thing. One of the first NPCs you meet a Norma Creed makes a joke about the fact that you don’t ever speak. The problem is Funcom updated these outfits, and they look totally different now and some parts are totally incompatible with some others because of huge clipping. Amid the in-fighting of MMO gamers about that one game that will truly dethrone World of Warcraft, there was another game supposedly advertised well and crafted with love that made no noticeable impact on the resounding tsunamis of hype and excitement despite the warm reception it had during its beta tests. Replete with contemporary references, it’s one of the most original motifs and themes I’ve ever seen in an MMO due to the landscape littered with fantasy game after fantasy game. I really don’t know what else to say about it other than its incredibly beautiful, foreboding atmosphere, and detailed design are one of the best I’ve ever seen in a while.
Aside from the scattered item missions to be found, every quest that can be claimed from an NPC has a neat little backstory that is divulged through fully voice-acted NPC monologues. These three factions pull the strings in the world of The Secret World and each has their own unique story line that overlaps with each other. A comparable MMO to the narrative-driven The Secret World is Star Wars: The Old Republic, where you actually make dialogue choices that affect the outcome of a story line.

With a total of 9 standard weapons and 6 auxiliary weapons separated into categories of melee, ranged, and magic, players can mix and match these weapons to create complementary combinations to devastate the supernatural.
You don’t necessarily have to target something because most skills would automatically search for the closest possible target.
Players earn experience to obtain Ability Points (AP) and Skill Points (SP) to allocate into their stats and weapon skills.
Obtaining the entirety of the ability wheel, especially when the reason for doing so is due to a botched build, takes hours and hours of grinding through missions over and over again. With several mission types, The Secret World manages to make general questing the most interesting part of the game.
These puzzles also aren’t your spoon-fed types either; many of these require players to piece together clues that can be found within a quest area, beyond that area, and even beyond the game to test their real world knowledge of world culture, history, and even geography at times.
Of course, not everything is based on puzzles, though there are a lot of them, but even the standard run-and-gun questing also require a modicum of advanced tactics in order to conquer. That’s because a majority of the game can be played solo with group play becoming more of an option rather than an outright need. Having always been told to steer clear of Human beings, Arrietty is fearful of what being discovered would mean to their family. Whilst there was a slight buildup towards the end, it was not as dramatic as what I would've expected and the whole thing felt a bit melodramatic, lacking a sense of adventure. This kind of attention to detail is missing in many films and add to the richness of this 'secret world' we are made to discover.
I'm not the biggest fan of how it ends, but it is a potential tearjerker both in terms of script and imagery. The term “Borrower” comes from the idea that Arrietty and her family only “borrows” what they need to survive from the family living above them. Remember those old animated Disney films that you watched, excited at every turn with the adventure that was being had?
Arrietty fights the norm by continually visiting the boy which causes her to be caught by the mean old mother in the house.
Upon entering the game players are invited to choose one of the three factions of the game. I know in SWTOR my one character doesn’t sound anything like what i wanted or imagined shed sound like and for me it is so annoying to hear her talk. The greatest strength of The Secret World is the original world crafted specifically for it.
Sadly, character models, while decent, do no justice for the shining example of its environment.
It’s like Funcom took the criticisms about Tortage in Age of Conan to heart and made sure that the entirety of The Secret World is consistent right to the very end.
This is a system I personally enjoy because it allows for the precision targeting of tabbing and, at the same time, it allows for a more free-form style that is fast paced and pretty darn exciting. Through the ability wheel players can then obtain weapon-specific skills, mixing and matching the powers of the two equipped weapons. You could possibly find yourself with an incredibly awful build that can’t even get you through the easiest of encounters.
It wouldn’t be much of an issue if monsters scaled in some way with the progress a player has on their weapons, but as an MMO we all know that they just get harder and harder as you get to newer maps and there’s a chance that your character won’t progress in the same way. Besides the story for each mission as it was mentioned earlier, a lot of missions require thinking rather than shooting and flexing. The game trains players not to pull too many monsters at a time because it will definitely spell their doom and that’s incredibly easy to (accidentally) do. But when Sho seeks to protect her and her family, an unlikely friendship begins to blossom. However, I did feel there could be a more conclusive ending in terms of tying the loose ends of what happens to Sho and what happens to Arrietty. This year the film community is blessed (Insert Torchwood reference here) with yet another brilliant work of art based on Mary Norton’s book “The Borrowers” called The Secret World of Arrietty.
You can choose the power-hungry Illuminati, the evil vanquishing Templars or the chaotic Dragon faction. These influences can be seen, not only as names of certain places, but also in the types of creatures one can encounter, the subtle and subversive horror atmosphere, and the larger-than-life sense of the great unknown. Animations are clunky and often reused even for creatures that aren’t supposed to move that way. With a max of only 8 active skills and 8 passive skills, and hundreds upon hundreds of obtainable skills, players are encouraged to build up a formidable specialization where weapon skills will complement each other rather than acting as separate entities.

Fortunately, missions are repeatable and locked only with a 20-hour cooldown, which enables you to continuously obtain AP and SP.
I can’t tell you how long I’ve spent in Kingsmouth just grinding action missions due to me allocating AP poorly, making me unable to take on even the most basic of mobs in the Savage Coast. I’ve lost track on how many times I died in the game, witnessing the ghostly Anima world far more times than I could care about.
What sets Studio Ghibli films apart from a run-of-the-mill animated movie is the attention to detail, especially in the animation. Their friendship blossoms as he fights with his own mortality and she goes through her own “coming of age” tale. Each faction has different objectives and points of view regarding how to cope with the evils that are hidden in the Secret World. Unfortunately, The Secret World ’s narratives are ruined by the fact that NPCs monologue about such and such while your avatar stares at them awkwardly.
This was formulated because Funcom had in mind a more horizontal path of progression where you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours just to get stronger.
This is also where the ability allocation planning comes in to play because a botched build will always tear you a new one with every mob encounter. Hand drawn and beautiful in every way you could turn the film on mute and still enjoy just watching this piece of art. After that, the players were brought to a fairly complete character creation screen that lets you customize your avatar in depth. Character models and environment can be so contrasting at times that it becomes quite clear what Funcom blew all their money on. But with that in mind, The Secret World has fallen into the same hole they were trying to avoid: vertical progression.
There isn’t any hand-holding in The Secret World and the various activities in it continuously challenge your gaming chops over and over again. The boy especially has the wrong emotion in his voice when we are discovering many of his important characteristic traits.
When you have created your character, you start your story in New York, London or Shanghai, depending on the faction you've chosen. The first thing you are going to find is that the game has no levels. This aspect takes a lot away from what could be a spectacular story and lore if only your character was far more involved in it rather than just a willing goon for your faction. This takes the audience out of the film as well as hurts a brilliant film by losing a lot of its’ impact.
When you gain experience you can unlock a huge amount of skills for different weapon ranging from swords and Voodoo dolls to bazookas and chainsaws and roles that you can play, either tank, healer, DPS or hybrid. The amount of choice available can be overwhelming to a novice player, but makes the level of customization that players can achieve enormous. You’ll visit brooding forests, haunted theme parks, cursed towns and many more horror-inspired locations. The enemies are certainly shocking, and you can see that they are based on many myths and legends, for example the first area of the game, Kingsmouth, is plagued by zombies, and a sort of enemies that clearly recall monsters of myths of Cthulhu. As a detail, the city streets have names like Lovecraft Lane, Poe Cove, Elm Street or Dunwich Road, all references to myths and horror writers, a very fun nod to the originals in our opinion. The dungeons of the game are based on the trinity of roles in which tanks must maintain the agro, and healers keep the group alive. The combats against the bosses are very dynamic, and you have to be attentive to what they do and what happens around you. The game also has PvP, but only in certain battlefields, in which the different factions will face each other for the control of certain strategic points in the world like Stonehenge, El Dorado, and the Fusang Projects.
These battlefields have the typical battlefield goals, and give certain bonuses to the winning side.
The animations are well-tended and give the feeling that we are really crushing an enemy with a hammer, or shooting him with an assault rifle. Visual effects are practical, not annoying nor too flashy so it maintains the game’s realistic feeling. The designs of the bosses and the dungeons are spectacular, for example in the first dungeon the final enemy is equal to a monstrosity of Cthulhu, something that will delight the fans of Lovecraft. The sound of the game is outstanding. The sound effects accompany players very well, from the crackle of the flames to the groans of the enemies. The game's music achieves the desired effect; you can feel oppression, terror, or a terrible evil lurking in the corner. As I've already said outstanding. In addition many NPCs have extensive dialogues, which reveal mysteries of the zone, or explains his personal history, putting you more in the game. In addition to having a Free-to-play system almost unrestricted, the game gives you tons of fun with almost no limits.

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