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In the fifth installment of this bestselling series, the twins of prophesy have been divided, and the end is finally beginning.
Flamel's Immortal Portal is The Official "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel" fan site.
The Sword of Aether is a flat, silver metal hook that takes the place of Marethyu's left hand.
It is thought that Aether magic may be a combination of all magics as Marethyu's hook was made when all Four Sword of Power were combined.
In The Enchantress, Josh Newman is left behind at the Pyramid of the Sun to complete the prophecy. Curiously, although stated that only 'two that are one', after learning all Five Elemental Magics can unite Four Swords into Aether, it was Josh alone that united them.
Perenelle was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, and married once to a man who later died.
Visiting Sophie in The Coffee Cup, Sophie told Perenelle about the sulfur smell, and they saw the bookshop explode.

It is created when the blades of the Four Swords of Power (Durendal, Sword of Air, Clarent, Sword of Fire, Excalibur, Sword of Water, and Joyeuse, Sword of Earth) all touch each other.
He combines Clarent, Joyeuse, Durendal, and Excalibur into Aether and destroys Danu Talis in order to fullfil the prophecy. Perenelle noticed Sophie Newman's silver aura, and learned Josh Newman was interviewing her husband.
This could also be metaphorical, since Clarent and Excalibur are, in fact, 'two that are one'.
Translating it, they created gold from ordinary substances, and gave back to Paris where they lived.
It is possible that in process of fusing swords, Excalibur and Clarent('two that are one') fused first, thus allowing Joyeuse and Durendal to fuse along for the first time ever.
This also explains why Air Sword and Earth Sword never fused together, although they stood near each-other for years. In Dee's limo, she was placed under a warding spell by Dee, and listed to him tell his master that he had Perenelle and the Codex.

Perenelle then learned that Josh had made off with the Final Summoning, and that the Morrigan was coming to work for Dee. Perenelle watched Dee as he failed to apprehend the twins, and learned that Scathach was with her husband. Dee found them in Rome acting as booksellers in 1835, and the Flamels relocated to Ireland. Shortly, in the 1840's, Dee brought two Wights to Ireland, and the Flamels fled to Newfoundland where Dee released Dire Wolves after the pair.

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