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With its bold messages of triumph and victory, the six of wands Tarot card meaning also hints admonishment at loosing sight of our vision in the midst of our successes. Clearly, we've ascended the conflicting din expressed in the five of rods, and mounted a sure footed campaign. In short, the six of wands encourages our exuberance as we meet with support and accolades in our creative vision. Featured on all the knight cards of the Tarot, the horse symbol meanings deal with strength, motion, action, and vitality.

Typically wreaths of laurel are depicted on cards suggesting accomplishment or choosing high ideals over trivialities. Only in certain deck versions (like the Morgan-Greer shown in the center of the card trio above), the symbolic meanings of armor deal with protection, preparation, and strength. Positive recognition from others is great, but am I still letting my inner voice take the lead in my decisions? From that point on, the horse always heeds the fevered battle cries from the charioteer calling for action, response, and high-speed drive.

Because of a unique companionship required between man and nature to facilitate results, productivity and forward motion.

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