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Virgo 2016 horoscope - virgo 2017 astrology, Read your free virgo 2016 horoscope forecast based on your moon sign.
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Crude oil price prediction - vedic astrology & ayurveda, Sagittarius ascendant (dhanus lagna) born natives will have favorable period during sun, mars and jupiter dasas according to vedic astrology. Astrology portal providing indian astrology prediction and horoscopes brought to you by vedic astrology signs.
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As per vedic astrology, Kanya Rashi (Virgo sign) is an Earthy sign (Prithvi Tattva); and, rises with his head. Transit Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) will be changing their transit positions on 9 January 2016 (at around 10:25 AM Delhi, India time) following which transit Rahu will be entering into Leo sign (Simha rashi) and transit Ketu will be entering into Aquarius sign (Kumbha rashi). As per vedic astrology, Simha Rashi (Leo sign) is of Sattwika disposition and ruled by the Sun. The primary and very apparent reasons behind this apprehension are current and upcoming transits of Jupiter and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu); and, operating Antardasa (sub-period) of weak planets. General Secretary of All India Congress Committee and Member of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi was born on 19 June 1970 when Gemini zodiac was rising in his Ascendant.Rahul Gandhi is son of former Prime Minister late Shri Rajiv Gandhi and grand Son of former Prime Minister late Smt. In Rahul Gandhi horoscope, third lord Sun is united with Mars in first house and the ascendant lord Mercury has gone to twelfth house.
Sun is also suffering from the union of Mars as such Mars is having lordship over sixth house of her Lagna Chart.

It means we have to see the 2nd house,9th house also for father.Also guru also cant save the surya even with its aspects.
Actually i have seen that whenevr there is surya grahan or pap katri on surya yog it decreases the age of the father ,is it true ???I have this grahan dosha in sagittarous lagna with pap katri yog also. The natal disposition of the Jupiter and Mars is also not much auspicious for growth and safety.
Those looking for change of job, promotion or relocation of residence may also expect success during the year 2014. The financial prospects are likely to remain good and supportive; although, this may also keep you thoroughly occupied in managing your professional and financial matters.
Indira Gandhi.  Rahul Gandhi is a young and dynamic political leader, who has seem his entire family struggling and sacrificing lives for India.
Mars has become combust and the union (Sun + Mars) is under third aspect of Saturn placed in eleventh house. UP TO 27th June 2014 Mars dahsa Rahu bhukti will run, Mars lord of 3rd and 8th with the Sun at 10th formed vipareeta Rajayoga and Mars dasha stated from 12th January 2013 resulted in his Vice-president of Congress on 19th January 2013.
Therefore, when these already disturbed dispositions are activated via transit and during sub-periods of malefic, cruel or weak planets, the damage is significant. Some delay or obstructions in your professional matters (specifically time bound commitments) are also possible.  And, the inauspicious planetary influence, in this regard, may remain highlighted during first quarter of the year.
The transit of Jupiter and Saturn is auspicious but not looking strong enough to overcome natal weakness on the part of Moon, Mercury and Saturn.
She will be good in politics if she try to have interest in it as Jupiter has aspect from Saturn.

Slow moving planets are powerful, and Ju is moving slowly in his chart, 6-7 days away from being stationary. Mars in the 10th will bestow kingship and aspect by Jupiter is nothing but blessings , moreover Bhukti lord Rahu too receives the aspect of Jupiter will surely bestow Prime Minister post before 27th January 2014 which cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the chances of Rahul Gandhi becoming Prime Minister of India are not strong during next Lok Sabha elections; though, with transit support of planets, he will surely be able to make distinguished presence in Indian Politics.
Jupitor will not do much favour to Rahul gandhi , and due to the aspect of saturn on jupitor(seventh house lord) and aspect of mars and sun on seventh house, his marriage is not taken place…three malefic planets are spoiled the 7th house.
But if marrage takes place, he will get most beautiful and well learned girl as wife and his chances of succes in politics will increase, but comatability will be not be good as jupitor and mercury are arch rivals and 6 – 8 relation from each other.
That is good, but I’m not sure how strong an influence it is to counter other weaknesses in his chart. Late Shri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the great grand father of Rahul Gandhi, was the first Prime Minister of India and had sacrificed a lot during the freedom movement of India against the British.
Sonia Gandhi, mother of Rahul Gandhi, is president of Indian National Congress and chairperson of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) since 2004.

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