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Virgo yearly horoscope from the start of the year to 29th January, Rahu will be transiting before it leaves your sign for the next 18 years, therefore you will come across a few obstacles, delays and time wasting.
From 18th March to 2nd April, your Lord planet Mercury is in Pisces, so you will have to be very careful about your health and well-being, with your mental tensions rising to a sky high level.
From 8th June to 26th June, Mercury will be in your house of luck, the 9th house, therefore, you will have a rise in luck and prosperity, and you will be travelling around and will experience positivity. From 16th September to 16th October, Sun and Jupiter are together, therefore there will be a huge change in your circumstances, and those changes will be at your advantage. As part of our astrological services portfolio we prepare customised yearly forecasts for each zodiac sign based on your individual moon sign. It is of immense value to be in the know of the planetary formations and how their corresponding effect will play out on your personal and professional life. Download your Libra Yearly Horoscope brochure containing your Tasks, Chanting and Precautions for the year. In the Aquarius-born, intellectual faculties are perhaps the most highly developed of any Sign in the Zodiac. Practical people – men and women of the world – mistakenly consider abstract thinking as impractical. Though your 2nd House of Money is not a House of Power, the Ruler of your 2nd House, Neptune, is powerful by position. Where Capricorn or Taurus will err on the side of tradition and the status quo, an Aquarian will err on the side of the new.
Aquarians are very interested in breaking barriers and making walls tumble – scientifically, socially and politically. Happy Birthday Dear Libra!  This month, dynamic energy triggers instability.  The friction emerges first at work, and then it insidiously seeps into your primary relationship. Because you are desperately in need of a new look and you have been working so hard, the universe has granted you permission to splurge.  Will it be new hair? Taurus feels uncharacteristically rebellious this October.  If you have the option to ease up on work responsibilities or take a personal day, this would be the time.
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From 27th June till 10th July Mercury will be in your own sign 10th House with Sun AND Venus SO under this period you will be able to accomplish your goal and there will be rise in status prestige and authority.
Due to this factor, a lot of problems and complications will be resolved, and there will be a rise in status and prestige. From 3rd October to 21st October, Mercury will be transiting in your on sign, so there will be financial gain, prosperity, and rise in luck. Minimise your losses and maximise your gains by way of harnessing the celestial power of the stars. It is true that the realm of abstract thought takes us out of the physical world, but the discoveries made in this realm generally end up having tremendous practical consequences. This suggests that financial success comes from being true to yourself and from being correctly aligned with the Higher Power within you. They do the right thing by their friends, even if sometimes they do it without passion or excitement.
Pluto, your Career Planet, is still retrograde and still forms the handle of a ‘bucket chart’ formation. Lord planet Mercury is in the 5th house till the 13th January, so you will make a lot of plans and will be very active and creative.
From 11th July till 26th July 2016 Sun-Mercury and Venus will be in the 11th house you will involve in a few new projects and ventures and you will have the opportunity to materialise your plans and there will quite a few potential opportunities From 27th July till 18th Aug 2016 Mercury will be in 12th House with Venus Jupiter AND Rahu . From 8th November to 28th November, Mercury will be transiting in Scorpio, so you will have to be very careful when dealing with communication.
They have the ability to think abstractly and to formulate laws, theories and clear concepts from masses of observed facts. In fact, emotions are a hindrance to functioning in these dimensions; thus Aquarians seem – at times – cold and emotionless to others. Air, as mentioned, will be the strongest element in the coming year and this is a wonderful health indicator. Uranus in your own Sign reinforces the importance of the ankles – which you always need to take care of.
Best TIX Prices This New Year's Eve, you've got the Midas touch, when you celebrate your night at New York City's premier and most opulent clubbing experience at Goldbar. From 14th January till 8th Feb 2016 your lord Mercury will be in the 4th House so under this period you will be blessed with comforts luxuries and life styles and if you are going for an interview then you will be offered a contract. From 14th March to 13th April, due to the support of Sun, you will be able to recover from any hardships, issues and scenarios.
So please very careful about your conduct dealing mingling and expenditures and any financial commitment. No doubt, there will be a few obstacles, challenges and high expenditure, but you will have to build up your drive and vision to accomplish something. From 19th December to the end of the year, Mercury will be transiting in Sagittarius, so there will be some struggles, complications, challenges so please be prepared.

Geminis might be very good at gathering information, but Aquarians take this a step further, excelling at interpreting the information gathered. It is not that Aquarians haven’t got feelings and deep emotions, it is just that too much feeling clouds their ability to think and invent.
Jupiter moving into your 7th House is causing a longing for something more permanent and real.
Neptune is also the planet of intuition – so, like last year, your intuition is being trained in financial matters.
Second in importance, but related, is their passion for breaking with the establishment and traditional authority.
Originality and invention imply an ability to break barriers; every new discovery re-presents the toppling of an impediment to thought. From 9th Feb till 1st March Mercury will be back in 5th house so you will be very active creative and dynamic and involve in a new project and ventures. You will have to be very careful regarding your situation, and the strategies you will adopt.
If you are professional person then you will be rewarded and achieve rising and establishing yourself.
The concept of ‘too much feeling’ cannot be tolerated or even understood by some of the other Signs. Along with all of this, Uranus in your own Sign spurs you to ever more freedom and independence.
The challenge is in discerning between a true intuition and feelings that come from a gut level. Not only are family and domestic responsibilities diverting you, but the ‘joy of life’ is also calling to you.
From 2nd Mach till 17th March Lord Mercury will be in 6th House so you must look after your lower abdomen skin and please make sure you must not be part of any conflicting situations. From 2nd April to 7th June, due to Mercury’s position in the 8th house, and from 28th April to 22nd May, your Mercury will become retro-graded and slow down, you will experience challenges, time wasting, obstacles and financial losses and some time lots of insecurities.
Nevertheless, this Aquarian objectivity is ideal for science, communication and friendship. Very often they will rebel strictly for the fun of rebelling, regardless of whether the authority they defy is right or wrong. You will have to be very careful about profession, peace of mind and general health well being.
If you are in education or your profession based on knowledge ability arts craft then this can be finest year. With all of this going on, it’s no surprise that many of you are totally confused about love and about the next step to take. Further, power in your 6th House is indicating that you are ‘on the case’ in health matters.
There will be ups and downs and many a mistake, but ultimately you will be rewarded for following your intuition.
Right or wrong has little to do with the rebellious actions of an Aquarian, because to a true Aquarian authority and power must be challenged as a matter of principle. From 25th August to 18th September, Venus’s position in your Lagna will result in a rise in your expenditure and you may come across a unique romantic opportunity with full passion.

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