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Karma is a variation of the Sanskrit karman, which means act, action, a former act leading to a future result, or result.
YOU HAVE STOLEN MY GRAPHIC!!THIS IS PLAGIARISM AND IT HAS BEEN REPORTED TO PLAYFAIR.STOP USING MY GRAPHICS!! Find out what your Chinese zodiac sign reveals about you now!According to the Chinese system of Astrology, the year of your birth would indicate you were born during a certain phase or aspect of a sixty-year cycle of time. This calendar is based on the moon phase as well as one of the four seasons of the solar year, incorporating elements of the lunar calendar with those of the solar calendar. The Chinese calendar follows a lunar calendar and it is based on phases of the moon and therefore results in a total of less than 365 days; unlike the solar calendar, which is fixed at 365 days except for leap years which have an extra day (the 29th of February every 4 solar years). When synchronizing the Chinese calendar with the solar calendar, one LEAP MONTH in the lunar calendar occurs every few years.
Further more the Chinese Zodiac considers Five Elements (in order Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water). Combining this cycle with the 12 animal Zodiac cycle, or EARTHLY BRANCHES, the Chinese Astrological system follows a 60-year cycle consisting of these two separate cycles interacting with each other. I am an HONEST reader and I do respect the Divinity of the Source of the Messages that the TAROT ORACLE has for you. I will not tell you that there are negative energies around you and I can cleanse your aura for a given fee. How else could it be to choose a card at random, and receiving the exact representation of your situation?
My psychic abilities lay in the right interpretation of a given picture, which holds very many symbolic images. The Tarot talks to me in a different way every time, as my mind focuses on a particular symbol over the many given in each card.
I will read the Karma and Destiny factors of your situation and what will most likely happen if you continue in the same path you are taking now. But the most important information I will give you is HOW you can take control of your destiny. Some times the only actions you can take are what the Buddhist principle of meditation says: TO THINK, TO SIT AND TO WAIT. I believe all rituals, as invocations and candle offerings are helpful to concentrate your mental energy. I have condensed the information on how to do Visualizations and Affirmations to a few seconds. Sample Email Reading using the Celtic Cross Tarot SpreadThis is a sample reading using the most well known and perhaps the oldest spread used in Cartomancy: the 10 cards Tarot spread known as the Celtic Cross. Aries (?) (meaning "ram") is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, named for the constellation of Aries, called "The Ram" in the Greek tradition, after the golden ram that rescued Phrixos, taking him to the land of Colchis.
In tropical astrology, this sign is no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered "Aries individuals" or "Arians". Dreams are meaningful and reflect knowledge that is primarily available on a subconscious level. Symbols are the language of dreams.Analyzing and interpreting dreams is a powerful psychic toolto learn about your deep secrets and hidden feelings. Look closely at the characters, animals, objects, places, emotions, and even color and numbers that are depicted in your dreams. Through a meaningful and personalized interpretation,with my psychic guidance you will gain an understanding of the hidden secrets your dreams are trying to tell you.
Anyone born under this sign or having element included in his own star sign tends to be kind of oriented towards what’s real, which is very likely to make it very productive in any activity it gets involved. Anything associating with the Earth element is likely to get attuned to the beautiful dances of the nature, and even people born under this love to spend time outdoors for the whole day. Any further information about the topic “Earth Signs Zodiac”, ask us right now by sending all questions to the textbox online. Posts Related to Earth Signs Zodiac Air Signs ZodiacThose people associating with the Air signs in Astrology would utilize their own minds to keep up with the life they’re leading, or to make sense of things. My Zodiac Calendar v1.0 Shareware Download - Here is the program that is a fully featured calendar and an astrology companion at the same time. Photo-Bonny Image Viewer and Editor fit all digital cameras' photo, it has real 3D interface, and can automatic recognize image is horizontal or vertical, and has autorotation function. Image Viewer InDepth is a fast and powerful photo and Image manager, viewer and editor that supports all major graphic formats.
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Your Hopes and FearsThis card reveals your hopes, fears and expectations regarding your situation.
It is a card of present and may indicate your present state and may indicate your state of mind and whether there are positive or negative influences at work at the moment.Card 2.
Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun is in Aries roughly from March 21 to April 19, by definition beginning at vernal equinox. In many of the ancient societies, including Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be unravelled by those with psychic powers.Dream analysis psychics have been called upon for centuries to help kings, presidents, artists and others to find the answers to the meaning of their dreams. Now four triplicities are currently containing the specific signs according to their own elements. As someone has an Earth sign, it means that he tends to be very sensual and intuitive in his own way. However, it’s easy to see that due to the extremes of the Earth sign, something related to the hoarding of possessions or workaholic will be one of those negative things human beings easily get stuck in.
Also, anyone having the Earth sign can take any concept of that of the Air sign to the reality. They sometimes spend time relaxing in their own garden, or finding other sensual pleasures.

It shows the horoscope sign, moon phase and position of planets for a selected date while keeping track of your appointments, tasks, reminders and quick notes.
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At any given moment in this site there is 500 t0 800 psychics available, all telling you they are the best psychic you can have.
Fixed karma is said to produce a fixed result—that is, for any given fixed karma there is a specific effect that will become manifest at a specific time.
If your birthday is in January or February, in order to identify your Chinese Astrological Sign, you must consult the Chinese calendar to see when the Chinese New Year falls and determine when the Animal Chinese Sign starts.
You are experiencing a new flow of energy and self-confidence, and are feeling good about yourself and where you are.
Facing a problem or difficulty with an honest frame of mind will empower your stance in resolving the situation. It can denote your state of mind or actual events and activities which are still affecting matters today.
Some times you may feel these factors are still influencing your situation, but they are indeed passing away.The Hanged ManA sacrifice must be made in order to gain something of great value. What crosses youThis card reveals opposition, obstacles and blocks surrounding your situation. Each astrological age is approximately 2,150 years long, on average.Astrological meaning of the Age of AquariusAges are believed by some astrologers to affect mankind while other astrologers believe the ages correlate to the rise and fall of mighty civilizations and cultural tendencies. In charge of minding the past, present and future, he was also in charge of the seasons of the year, holding the number 300 in one hand, and 65 in the other. The Earth signs consist of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, and other triplicities will have their three signs associating with the Earth element. It apparently helps others to bring their inspirations to the reality, or try to make the most of theirs. One is standard and the other is based on the zodiac and divides the calendar according to horoscope signs.
In the case of unfixed karma, any of various results or general outcomes might arise at an indeterminate time.My readings develop the concept of fixed karma in the section "Natural Future Path" that is to say, what will naturally happen if you do not do anything, and the conditions of the situation do not change.
Good things are in the offing because of your faith and trust in life and its many processes.
You will experience an inner growth and outer harmony where opposites will be blended in a compatible way. Aquarius traditionally "rules" electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealists, modernization, rebels and rebellion, mental diseases, nervous disorders, and astrology.
Each additional category will be +$2.00If you would rather talk to me live, please call me any time. Janus was considered the God of Gods and the ruler of Time, Space and Mind.He was the ruler of journeys, beginnings and endings, as well as of success. These four seasons are depicted in the Tarot of Thoth, as four heads surrounding the central image of the Hierophant.As the opener of the Roman calendar, New Year's Day was sacred to Janus. This year give resolutions another shot, but this time choose goals that are more fun and more specific, making them more likely to happen. Now let’s talk about its real characteristics as well as the real impacts on human beings’ life in various aspects.
For other elements, it could take a certain amount of time to sense the entire physical world, but for Earth sign, things will be caught in a slower but more thorough pace.
In Astrology, the Earth sign is attached to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn while being known to rule the Second, Sixth, and Seventh House.
All 04 triplicities are the main groups of zodiac signs in accordance with their own elements. You are setting new goals for the future and opening the door to new opportunities in your career or relationships.
In any case, it means that we are not being driven away,** but rather are leaving of our own accord, whereby it could be that we have no other choice.
You were suspended between the past and the future and a new direction for your life was in the making. This is a time for you to find repose and peace from bustling activity and crowds of people. Furthermore, Aries is known as the pioneer of the Zodiac, and therefore, Ariens like to be first. Janus had two faces, (or very often, two separate heads) one on the front of his head and one on the back, so he could look backward and forward at the same time.
At midnight on December 31, the Romans imagined Janus looking back at the old year and forward to the new.
But what if we want a different outcome or we want to make sure of the results, just in case the conditions of our Karma change? You may be receiving benefits in the form of money, possessions, recognition, or assistance. Self-doubts may be plaguing you, or your spirits and vitality may be too low for the action required.
The particular difficulty of this card lies in the doubly negative aspect: we have to give up things that meant much to us, and we do not know where our path leads. Depending on the rest of the reading, you will either suffer hardship and loss or go on to greater heights of success and the acquisition of wealth.General DescriptionThe 5 of Wands is the card of the challenge, the comparison of strength, and the sporting competition. You needed to look at things from a new perspective in order to make the necessary changes.
Harmony, balance, composure, and peace of mind are the elements that characterize Temperance.
You feel cheerful, confident, and ready to undertake new projects and make positive changes. You are going through an important experience within yourself that is allowing you to perceive who you are, what you want, and how you can get there.
Depending on its position, this card either presents a challenge to adopt this behavior by becoming more limited, concentrated, and withdrawn, or to hang on in the matter at hand.General DescriptionThe 4 of Pentacles shows an exaggerated need for security and its effects in the form of greed, miserliness, and the deep-rooted fear of change. Do not deny yourself the natural deep experience of parting and the related life-accepting experiences. What completes you (or crowns you)This card relates to conscious plans and intentions and often indicates developments in the immediate future, but it is not the final result to the question.Card 4. This way Janus reconciled opposites and was a god of prophecy because he used a face to look back on past events and the other to look forward to the future.
As an organizer, this program will keep track of your appointments, allow you to set reminders and recurrence patterns, and let you assign different entries to different data layers.
You are using your wisdom, hope, and insight to plan or start things that will reach far into the future. There is a sense of creativity in it's latent stage, and there is no sense in rushing things prematurely. This card, then, portrays the joyous experience of being healthy and inwardly balanced, liking and treating ourselves well. Whatever you are planning, you feel a great deal of enthusiasm and are not worried about the outcome.
The stance characterized by this card always has something about it that is hostile to life. This will help prepare you for new things which will follow.General DescriptionDeath means parting, the great letting go, the end. What is beneath you (foundation)This card is the description of the past atmosphere that have led to the present situation.
In Roman times Janus guarded the entryways to every Roman home, and the gates of every Roman city. Water Signs ZodiacThe water element will be the one associating with three zodiac signs, including Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces while ruling the Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth Houses altogether. You can also make the program connect directly with your calendar in Outlook through a special data layer.
What’s their story?With that in mind let me share a little bit about myself, so I’m not just another name on your screen. Some time may be necessary before you reap the effects of your actions.General DescriptionThe Star is the card of hope, wisdom, and insight into higher correlations. You needed to take your time and make the right decisions about where you truly wanted your life to go.General DescriptionThe Hanged Man, superficially seen, primarily means that we are stuck and in a dilemma.

You may be starting more than one project, or upgrading something in your life that may deal with your job, home, relationships, or personal goals. Following the call of the Hermit willingly will help you to find enrichment through clarity, strength, and the joyful experience of being able to be alone with yourself.General DescriptionThe Hermit is the card of seclusion and turning within.
It shows how much effort we put into clinging to the present, thereby going against the flow of life, ultimately in vain. Before every activitiy of Roman life; business venture, marriage, war, or coronation, Romans begged for the blessings of Janus.
Other notable calendaring features include a manageable list of tasks and a scribble panel where you can write some quick notes. I am doing this because I truly feel I have some outstanding strategies that could change your life, and I am going to do everything I can to get you to know about them, and more importantly…Act on them!I got into doing psychic readings after several psychics I consulted with told me I had psychic abilities and my destiny was to help people.
The key here is waiting until the time is ripe.General DescriptionThe Magician represents cleverness, skillfulness, self-confidence, and actively creating your own life.
However, with more thorough consideration we can see that in the external immobility there is a forced repose, as well as the necessity and opportunity to achieve a transformed view of the world and change one's life.
It characterizes an introverted phase in life, during which we shield ourselves from outside influences. It is usually an indication that we are on the way to rigidity, frequently a herald of the Tower (XVI), which in turn destroys the armor of incrustation. Sometimes you may not be conscious of these factors and may be surprised or confused by this card.Card 5.
My readings do not give "predictions" as certain clients expect when they ask me -"And WHEN is all this going to happen?". He stands for a time in which we also master difficult problems and successfully face challenges with a keen consciousness and worldly wisdom. The passivity to which we are condemned in such phases is at best illustrated with the image of an illness, which is often actually indicated by this card.
It also stands for the illuminating powers of the conscious mind with which you achieve clarity and overcome the darkness, shortcomings, and fears within you.General DescriptionThe Sun card expresses a great joy of living, vitality, warmth, and confidence. If the position in which the 4 of Pentacles occurs challenges us to adopt this behavior, it means that we should limit ourselves, become concentrated, and withdraw - or that we shouldn't let go in the matter at hand. This can be positive when it relates to a long wished for, liberating ending, yet it is also natural that we have our most painful experiences with the theme of this card.
Roman coinThe protector of trade and shipping, Janus is often depicted with a set of keys in one hand, and a staff or sheaf of corn in the other.
The Tarotist I consulted with was a trusted psychic from a friend's mother, so I knew beforehand she was someone I could trust.
At this early stage we are often not even aware of the far-reaching consequences of our actions.
Although this card depicts the strength of conscious powers, it does not express the idea that feeling and other unconscious powers are to be neglected in the process.
At the same time, it usually has a playful tendency that only turns to seriousness in a few unfortunate cases. It also stands for the illuminating powers of the conscious mind with which we achieve clarity and overcome problems, annoyances, and uncanny fears. The Hermit therefore stands for an important experience within, through which we can perceive who we are, what we want, and how we can get there.
In contrast to the 10 of Swords, which indicates the random and thereby premature ending, this card always stands for the natural end. Some times you may feel these factors are still influencing your situation, but they are indeed passing away.Card 6.
Some times the effects of our Karma will never manifest because the corresponding conditions are blocked by our actions or lack of actions.
It is only when we look back that we realize how the course has been set during the times characterized by the Star. On the contrary: the extraordinary influential powers and effectiveness shown by the Magician are based upon the secret of deep harmony between the conscious and the unconscious. We should not avoid experiences that are characterized by this card since they give us a good and usually suspenseful opportunity to become aware of our own abilities.
I wanted to know about my prom trip and she told me I would not do it due to "parental opposition". One time I read to a woman that if she called her romantic interest and talked with him, the Tarot indicated they will have a relationship and get married.
Similar to a newly planted seed, some time is necessary before the fruitful effects of our actions become perceptible.
It is helpful to read it in combination with card 3, so that you can see whether your plans are going to be supported or hindered by future circumstances.Card 7. Astrology Signs Dates CompatibilityWhat you don’t know about the multitasking Astrology signs dates is how they can help everyone to check out his or her own horoscope compatibility easily online. In traditional card reading, the Star is seen to be one of the three protective cards that proclaim joyful success.
On a deeper level, it challenges us to overcome the darkness in ourselves, expand our sunlike nature, and free our "darkened" brother or sister and bring them into the light. It is only when its qualities are misunderstood that fears of loneliness and abandonment arise. The eternal optimistic, read the card only to be the proclamation of something new, without focusing on the deep experience of parting and the related life-accepting lessons.
I already had permission from my parents and my dad always pleased me in anything I wanted all my life!
The person who follows the call of the Hermit willingly will find enrichment through clarity, strength, and the joyful experience of being able to be alone with himself. However, when the time of the trip came, my parents had no monies to pay for it because my older sister got a scholarship to study abroad, and they spent all they had on her trip.
If you are negative or have a sad frame of mind, you may find it hard to make the most of best opportunities.Card 8. The second time I consulted with this gifted Tarotist I was in love with a guy from another country in what was a "long distance relationship". I never heard from her again, but I can only guess they never married.Other times the Tarot advices in the "Actions Needed for Change" that what is needed is to get rid of certain behaviors or belief systems.
She told me I was going to marry him, and I told her she was telling me only what she thought I wanted to hear.
Again, if we do not follow the Tarot's advice, the conditions for our Karma to manifest do not take place. My readings are EMPOWERING precisely because they tell you what to do to achieve the desired effect.Sometimes these are physical actions, and most often the desired conditions correspond to our thinking, to the POWER OF OUR THOUGHTS. This card can also show how others see you, which can be very different from how you see yourself.Card 9. All magic transformations start in our mind, in our thoughts, in the VISUALIZATION and AFFIRMATIONS of our goals. Your hopes and fearsThis card reveals your hopes, fears and expectations regarding your situation. And THE POWER OF YOUR MIND to control your subconscious thoughts is the most powerful recourse my readings will show you, if you give me the time to explain you how to do it, and you dedicate  a few minutes (or even seconds) of your day to concentrate your thoughts in what you desire to manifest.WHEN will all this magic take place? Have a look at card 3 to see how closely these deeper feelings relate to more obvious planned intentions.Card 10.
However, when I found someone who really had the gift, the revelations they gave me indeed changed the course of my life.
The result of the question and denotes whether it will be a positive or negative influence. These experiences gave me the opportunity to know first hand the most gifted people I had ever had the fortune to know in my life.
As I developed confidence in my own psychic abilities I decided to become independent and started doing readings at the Pearl Boulevard in Boulder, CO. The true confirmation that my work was more than just "For Entertainment Purposes Only" for the tourist, came from feedback given by my clients. I am simply a humble reader trying to translate given pictorial symbols from randomly chosen cards into appropriate advice. I have done extensive study on the Tarot itself as well as the most empowering interpretations based on Jungian psychology.
My experience tells me that I "see" different aspects of the same card for different people and situations, and my clients tell me that I do have psychic powers to tell them their truth, but I rely that the message itself does come from the Mysterious Force of the Universe. Some people call that force "God", others call it "Gaia" or other names, but it is a Divine Higher Source.

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