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Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Fox News that there was little chance Ukraine would be able to get back control of Crimea. Gates also went on to defend Obama, noting that Russian President Vladimir Putin “invaded Georgia when George W. Approximately two years ago, efforts to account for our MIA service members and personnel from past wars were in serious trouble, and indirectly the DoD was tagged with the impending failure.
The importance of FOC status is a declaration that the reorganization is complete with all DoD legacy accounting organizations now merged into a single, unified defense agency headed by DPAA Director Michael Linnington.
Undoubtedly Fern Sumpter-Winbush was appointed by Linnington to serve as his DPAA Principal Director, because she fits all the necessary criteria and more for this critical support position. Raised in Boston, MA, Winbush was an honor graduate of the University of Massachusetts and a distinguished military graduate of Suffolk University’s ROTC program in Boston, which led to a very accomplished career in the U.S.
PART II will feature Sergeant Major Michael Swam,  who is serving a tour of duty with DPAA as the Senior Enlisted Leader.  When you read PART II and meet Swam, it will be apparent that he really knows the accounting process!
Also in PART II, I will discuss three important accomplishments achieved during DPAAs first year at the helm and more.
DPAA Director Mike Linnington and his team kicked off 2016 with a Regional Meeting in Los Angeles for MIA family members, and by all accounts it was a success.
Momentum appears to be picking up in the search for our missing service members and personnel from past wars, and in no small way MIA families help boost the demand. DPAAs mission may sound impossible, but like its predecessors, the agency continues to defy the odds.
Interestingly, there were no unrealistic promises made, or even a hint of sugar-coating the challenges associated with each past war.

Enter DPAAs Director Mike Linnington — a one-man dynamo who is rapidly rebuilding the program, from top to bottom with style, as if he were made for the job.
Having already secured buy-in from many influential partners on Capitol Hill and beyond – Dept of State, National Security Staff, Joint Staff, Casualty Offices, Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, and more, Linnington made a point of stressing that DPAA is up to the job. The importance of submitting DNA samples cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to identifications.
All were experts in their respective fields, speaking in terms that most of us could understand – for me, DNA is not a cakewalk, but Briones did an excellent job, and undoubtedly everyone learned the importance of submitting a DNA sample. No matter how good presenters are at turning complex information into understandable presentations, it is no easy task to reach an audience of 80-90% first-time attendees, seeking information about family members lost as far back as WWII.   This dichotomy was astonishing to me, and maybe even to Linnington, as well. Jerry Zimmer, was an F4B Phantom jet pilot, whose aircraft was shot down on August 29, 1969, approximately 20 miles South of Da Nang, Vietnam, after six months in country. Government and elsewhere who believe that bringing home our MIAs is the fulfillment of a solemn promise that we make to our men and women in uniform.
I’m not referring to the difficulty of finding thousands of our loved ones’ remains – that’s a given, but rather the challenge of fixing the disarray that existed in the accounting program, causing MIA families and others to lose confidence in the system.
During the interim period, the DoD continued to account for missing personnel and provide information to MIA families, such as mine. Meyer, which has a history dating back to the Civil War and is located adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery. Navy, is a DPAA Southeast Asia Analyst, shown here describing FY 2016 Vietnam field operations.
If you look at Linnington’s background, that may well explain his determination to restore faith in the system and get the job done, as he positions DPAA to meet the demands of the future.

As a fan of field operations, especially excavations, I can say without reservation that Dr. The interim prime minister will be flying to the United States this week to discuss the situation in Crimea.
Our nation’s largest global, ongoing humanitarian effort was in jeopardy – a program believed to be the only of its kind in the world today was hanging in the balance. A key element in the process appeared to be on the structural side, as in consolidating several organizations in the accounting community that had been operating quasi independently prior to the emergence of DPAA. Throughout Winbush’s career, she continued with her education and earned a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, attended Command and Staff College and several other high-level military schools. Patton, who was garrison commander at Fort Myer from 1938-40 before moving on to serve in WWII and become one of our nation’s iconic wartime heroes. Linnington’s remarks put to rest concerns about DPAAs ability to comply with the 2010 Congressional mandate calling for 200 IDs per year, which some people considered a make-or-break requirement for the agency. Col Alice Briones, USAF, Director, DoD DNA Registry and others involved with break-out sessions, tailored to each wartime group.
Crimea residents are scheduled to hold a referendum next week on whether it is part of Russia. Years later, both Marines were listed as MIA, along with other service members whose bodies were never recovered.

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