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Book III helps you to describe your experience and training with diverse populations and articulate multicultural and individual differences influence your approach to case conceptualization and therapeutic intervention. CHAPTER I: MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORTCan you imagine how this approach comes across to the selection committees whoread their applications?
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What kind of impression do you think they make whenthey fail to answer the question as written?What might this approach suggest about their attitude toward thoroughness andaccuracy?Fortunately, after reading this chapter, you are very unlikely to make the samemistakes. Yet, very fewinternship applicants actually know how (or, at least, take the time) to discuss theircross-cultural treatment experiences in-depth. Because communications must be designedwith the audience in mind, answer the following questions: ? What are some considerations to remember given the different roles and people in the audience?
One communicationshould be directed to the families of the trapped miners andthe other as an internal news release to employees in thecompany.

Or, having stopped after reading the firstsentence in the question, they simply summarize theirexperience and training with diverse populations and move onto the next essay, thinking they have provided what selectioncommittees want. One communication should be directed to the families of the trapped miners and the other as an internal news release to employees in the company. For both, identify the most appropriate channel—face-to-face, e-mail, video, memo, and so on.
Instead, having made thecommitment to use this guide, you can take the time you need now to make themost of this opportunity for distinguishing yourself from the crowd of otherapplicants.Ultimately, by investing the time and energynecessary to find some worthwhile things tosay about your background and experience inworking with diverse clients. As he took off his black-framed glasses, set them on hismusic stand, and stared straight ahead, we all felt our muscles tighten and ourcheeks flush red.For the benefit of non-musicians, let me explain that “paying lip service,” is anexpression directors use when band members simply play the notes on a piece ofsheet music as written. Carlsen Your Internship CoachBook III: How Do I Incorporate Cultural and Individual Differences into My Clinical Work? Rather than injecting their own creative passion into themusic - and using the notes and pauses to create aunique interpretation for their audiences - theperformers simply follow the literal musicaldirections. In other words, they settle for a routine,mechanical, by-the-book performance.Under a director who got his start during the Big Band era in New Orleans, we hadno such luxury.

Instead, we learned early how to gauge the authenticity of amusician’s performance - to know when someone was truly playing “music” - and totake our instrumental practice seriously enough that we would never be accused ofimpersonating a Real Musician. The musical standards in our band program weretoo Old School to risk that kind of ridicule and damage to our school’s publicreputation.As a supervising psychologist, I frequently have an internal reaction that is similarto that of our esteemed director. As I listen to applicants’ discussing their interestin individual and cultural differences. Specifically, it invites youto demonstrate how you have tak en ow nership of your knowledge andexperience so you can apply them in practical - and meaningful - ways.
In short,it offers you a very powerful way of gaining a competitive edge in the competitionfor quality internship training. By describing some actual examples of how youhave used these theories to understand your clients and plan your treatment, youcan easily stand out from among your more-scattered, less-motivated peers.As a Caucasian male psychologist with many years of direct experience in bothproviding and supervising cross-cultural clinical assessment and treatment, I havevery strong feelings about the importance this essay in your application forinternship.

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