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These zodiac signs tend to have lots of tension between them in regards to their emotional needs, life responses and habits. Capricorn Cancer Relationship CompatibilityThere are many ways in which these two signs are exact opposites.
The way these two react to relationship responsibility is quite different, and usually always so. Both of these zodiac signs have compatibility conflicts when it comes to emotions; Capricorn needs loving just like everybody else, but finds asking for it hard to do. Gemini Cancer Relationship CompatibilityCancer is typically the sign to take care of family-related issues – visiting and writing family members, providing emotional support to children and adults, and they’re often regarded as being more attentive to other’s emotional needs and feelings. Gemini uses their intellects to approach compatibility issues, discussing them whenever they can. If relationship compatibility is to work between these two signs, they need to accept their different needs and styles to overcome any misunderstandings.
Leo Cancer Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to taking life seriously, both Leo and Cancer take it so and even more than they realize. Leo is a proud astrology sign, demanding attention and recognition and wants to be the center of attention. Libra Cancer Relationship CompatibilityBoth Libra and Cancer share similar qualities but the biggest differences in their relationship compatibility are in their needs and personalities. With these differences, misunderstandings can arise within their relationship compatibility, but they usually don’t result in major problems between the two. Pisces Cancer Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to the Cancer and Pisces relationship, there is a lot of sympathy and compatibility flowing between them. The Cancer and Pisces pair understands one another extremely well, sharing many of the same character traits. Sagittarius Cancer Relationship CompatibilityThe natures of the Cancer-Sagittarius faction are vastly different, which can lead to compatibility problems in their relationship. Cancer is usually sympathetic and tends to be close to someone and have some security but, because of their sensitivity, can come across as moody. Scorpio Cancer Relationship CompatibilityIt’s so easy for the Cancer and Scorpio to lose themselves in each other. Both zodiac signs are intuitive about the feelings and needs of others, often becoming devoted to people and can become extremely close to each other, often needing the emotional tie to the other.
Aquarius Cancer Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to nostalgia and family, Cancer is viewed as being more attached than their partner and can also become attached to their surroundings whereas Aquarius doesn’t mind following the direction of the wind flow and having a friendly disposition, is not emotionally attached to family matters. However Aquarius looks for excitement and doesn’t mind doing things on a whim, which includes moving but when it comes to a traditional relationship, balks at the very concept of such a union. The Art of Playing InnocentIt is hard for people to stay angry with a Cancer, probably because you have mastered the art of playing innocent. Cancer Cancer Relationship CompatibilityCancers are overly emotional, sympathetic and sensitive; moods tend to shift like tides. Virgo Cancer Relationship CompatibilityDue to the mood changes, irritability with one another tends to occur, affecting relationship compatibility. Cancer is regarded as the more compassionate one of the two astrology signs, often appearing more sympathetic whilst Virgo, who doesn’t mind lending a helping hand, can come across as being unemotional. Your true Sun sign depends not just on which date you were born, but for those of us born at a time of the month when the sun moves from one Zodiac Sign to another, it is also crucial to know the exact time we were born. You will have noticed that different astrologers in different publications tend to give slightly different dates for when each of the zodiac signs start and finish.
These change-over dates and times are the reason why, if you were born on the Cusp, it is important to know exactly which star sign you are if you are reading your horoscope in newspapers or magazines – they always give a date range for each star sign but for some of us it will be wrong. You will need to know your exact time of birth but PLEASE NOTE the times given in the Cusp Sign tables are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
However, just to confuse the situation even further, in the UK in 1968, the Government embarked upon on a three year experiment. Therefore, if you were born between March 1968 and October 1971, be extra careful when converting your local time to GMT. Likewise, if you were born during the Second World War, Britain used Double British Summer Time.
Your Sun sign represents the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was in at the precise time of your birth.
However, if you are born on the cusp of two Sun signs, you will take on a combination of characteristics of both signs. To find out your true Sun Sign if you were born on the Cusp, follow the links in the table below.
Hi Heather, from the co-ordinates you have given me, I can see you were born in Metairie, Louisiana and that you share the same birthplace as Ellen Degeneres London is 6 hours ahead of Louisiana, so you were born at 12:30 on May 21, 1977.
Hi Angela, if you follow the link at the bottom of this page to 1970-1979, there’s a table that shows the exact time and date that the sun moved into a Sign for those years. I was born December 20th 1995 at 8:am how am I to figure if I am a Sagittarius -Capricorn Cursp or is it that I am just a Saggitarus. Hi Misha – ah that British Standard Time experiment between 1968 and 1971 when we had to go to school in the dark However, because you were born in June in 1968, the time in London was still GMT+1 like every other British Summer. Ankita, it looks like you were born at 3am GMT, while the sun was still in Leo as it did not move into Virgo until just past midnight on August 23. Hi Miya, yes the sun would have been in Aries at the time of your birth, but if you can reply with your year of birth, we can then see exactly how close you were to having a sun sign of Taurus. I was born on april 20th 1998, goiania, goias, Brazil at 4:30pm brazilian time, and I know i was born on the aries-taurus cusp but idk which one is the dominant sign, help!?
AQUARIUS WITH AQUARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY A point to be noted in all interactions with Aquarius is the fact that they will not care too much! AQUARIUS WITH ARIES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYHaving read the previous analysis, I can see that some of you are forming ideas. AQUARIUS WITH CANCER ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe crab and the water bearer at the first glance seem to have no similarity at all. AQUARIUS WITH CAPRICORN ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe Aquarius is right after Capricorn on the zodiac wheel….so?Yes, I am sure all the water bearers can already infer what I want to say!
AQUARIUS WITH GEMINI ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYGemini and Aquarius tend to be as happy as any family of bears together! AQUARIUS WITH LIBRA ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYAquarius is always accusing Libra of one cardinal sin! AQUARIUS WITH PISCES ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYImagine an Aquarius sitting lost and forlorn battling the deep desire to break free of the pragmatic and the practical.
AQUARIUS WITH SAGITTARIUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYNormally an Aquarius soul is tolerant and carefree, proselytizing the principle of live and let live!
AQUARIUS WITH SCORPIO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThese two individuals generally come together only when there is no free choice involved in the matter- like blood relatives or business associates or indeed employer-employee relationships.This is because they don’t fare too well when they are left to their own devices. AQUARIUS WITH TAURUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe bulls are soft, serene gentle souls with warmth and clear limpid eyes. AQUARIUS WITH VIRGO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThe virgin does stare at an Aquarius if the two happen to be out strolling in the karmic plane.
The Chinese Year of the Rabbit actually happens to be the Chinese Year of the Hare, as China has only 7native species of the hares and not rabbits.
Although you won’t find Rabbits, the 4th Chinese animal sign in the Chinese Astrological Cycle, stressed or upset but they have the tendency to keep their feeling within themselves. With the rats having the tendency to exacerbate the nerves of the rabbit, it is suggested to steer clear. Passionate romanticism and intense passions make the pair of Rabbit and Dragon very exciting and exotic. There are many differences between the Chinese Animal sign Rabbit and Dragon, that either bring them together or would stronger their bond. Cancer Taurus Relationship CompatibilityBoth Cancer and Taurus enjoy the simple things in life and relationships.
Both astrology signs are highly domestic and demand a safe, strong home base for them to be happy.
Aries Taurus Relationship CompatibilityWhen Aries gets an idea, they may get the “must do now” feeling.
The Taurus couple will have similar natural responses and emotional desires regardless of their relationship situation.
Capricorn Taurus Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Capricorn and Taurus are practical folks with great common sense. When it comes to close relationships, both signs are regarded as being responsible and dependable.
Gemini Taurus Relationship CompatibilityTaurus is often grounded and stable – everything Gemini tends to lack and is drawn to.
Leo Taurus Relationship CompatibilityBoth Leo and Taurus are stubborn; but once they dedicate their time to a project or person, they stick it out in good and bad times.
There may be instances where they are overly obstinate with personal tastes and styles conflicting with each other. Despite the pair’s stubbornness, they are extremely loyal and will stand by people they love in good and bad times.
Libra Taurus Relationship CompatibilityThe Libra and Taurus astrology signs are regarded as lovers of both harmony and tranquility, trying to stave off tension and conflict whenever they can.
Both zodiac signs have a real problem expressing how they feel – anger, hurt – because they’re afraid of the conflict that will arise from it. While the two signs are different when it comes to their emotional states, they are certainly a great partnership pair. Sagittarius Taurus Relationship CompatibilitySagittarius is the sign that loves socialization and traveling. Scorpio Taurus Relationship CompatibilityScorpio and Taurus are often pulled together in their attraction, and even when there is no common spiritual and intellectual connection, the physical relationship is quite intense.
Both these zodiac signs are extremely stubborn, often not bending because their minds are made up. Taurus tends to find these things inconceivable even though the sign does have a similar possessiveness trait when it comes to their relationship partner.
Virgo Taurus Relationship CompatibilityThis pair of astrology signs work well together, often helping each other. Both zodiac signs are very cautious, carefully looking at any possible change before they do anything. Aquarius Taurus Relationship CompatibilityTaurus tends to take the simple and practical method to relationship compatibility; Aquarius doesn’t mind taking a more progressive method. Satisfaction in Your PartnershipTaurus you have very well-developed tastes, preferring to be surrounded by simple comforts and luxuries.
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Following the orbit of Jupiter around the sun Chinese astronomers divided the celestial circle into 12 sections and rounded it to 12 years (from 11.86). Our pregnancy calculator lets you know your due date based on conception date and last period how far along are you in weeks and even your baby’s horoscope!
Cancer is the opposite in that they feel devoted to the needs of their family and friends, and even to strangers. Cancer, being overly sensitive emotionally, demands comfort and security; something Aries often cannot give becomes of the sign’s unwavering need for independence.
People often find this pair loving, friendly and caring and have a great compatible relationship.
Cancer tends to be needy however Capricorn appreciates Cancer’s softness even though they can become aggravated by the awkwardness Capricorn shows, this star sign reacts to its emotional stability and strengths.
They are attached to things of the past, regarding things with fond memories, people and places, more so than Gemini.
Cancer demands changes in attitude and thinks that talking does little to solve the underlying relationship problems. Cancer needs tenderness due to their extremely sensitive nature and can become hurt when their feel left out and unloved in any way. When it comes to criticism or no appreciation, their feelings and pride become hurt…especially when it doesn’t come from the people they care about. Both feel the other understands each other like other astrology signs cannot, they are compassionate, intuitive and sensitive to the plights of other folks.
The emotional compatibility they have with each other is particularly strong, and because of that, they share the ability to easily communicate without words. Sagittarius wants to travel to faraway places which often conflicts with the desires of the Cancer who would rather stick to one place and set roots.
Whilst Sagittarius would rather look to the future and doesn’t mind uprooting at a moment’s notice going for things that give them the chance to grow, they don’t like the idea of being tied down too long. Due to the intense bond, both signs have similar goals and temperaments within their relationship. Cancer tends to be dependent on the people they love, and while Scorpio is the same way, they don’t admit to it easily. In fact, they tend to have a broad range of interests and like making new friends and doesn’t crave intimacy like their other half, which is why change is easy for this astrology sign. However, Cancer is often more personal and will deal mainly with family and people in their immediate settings. You are mostly attracted to partners with a desire for relationship compatibility and have a tendency to work hard at keeping your loved ones in a state of needing you. While they tend to appear indifferent, this astrology sign takes things personally and can easily feel hurt. And, because of that, there is a compassionate connection that exists between the two, they need a nurturing partnership – they demand to have a sense of belonging and family.
One road bump is the reinforcement of weaknesses in each other – Cancers may baby one another two much or cling to each other when they should get out and grow. Cancer tends to have moments of tenderness, worry, mawkishness, melancholy and concern; something Virgo just does not understand or identify with and can unexpectedly become irate over little things, often showing extreme criticism and sarcasm. The support Virgo shows within the relationship is typically practical and tangible although they can be fussy when it comes to things regarding order, cleanliness, behaviors, etc.
Therefore, if you were born outside the UK time zone, you will need to convert your birth time of your location to GMT. If, once you convert your Birth Time to GMT and it takes you to within one hour earlier or later than your time of birth, you will need to check whether British Summer Time (BST) was in force on the day you were born. The clocks went forward as usual in March 1968, but in the following October, they did not return to Greenwich Mean Time.
It forms the foundation of who you are, how you interact with others and how others regard you and are influenced by you.
Your Sun Sign is Sagittarius but as you were born on the cusp with Capricorn, then I would expect you to have at least some of the characteristics I discuss in my article about those Born on the Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp.
However, you will probably have a combination of the characteristics of both signs and you can find out more if you clickthrough to my article about those born on the Gemini Cancer Cusp. However, you were born on the Cusp so you may find it helpful to read my article about the Leo Virgo Cusp signs. St Louise is 6 hours behind London making the time you were born was 8:50 pm, British Summer Time. However, you say that you show equal parts Virgo and Libra, so I would be interested to know if you have the characteristics I write about in my article about those born on the Cusp of Virgo and Libra. You may also like to read up on the characteristics of those born on the Aries Taurus Cusp. The sun moved into Taurus on 20 April in 1999 at 12:46 GMT, a good couple of days after you were born.
Not even a smidgen if they do not like something!So the associations with them are relatively uncomplicated. Biased ones that an Aquarius is a rash and unthinking little person rushing into everything just for the gratification of their momentary, incomprehensible wishes!
Indeed they may not come together if mutual friends or other circumstances do not set them up! A bear may not be the best way in which two air signs can be described, but there is so much warmth and comfort about a family of bears! They are born fixed or as organizers and hence if it does comes to a showdown, you can expect an impasse or a stale mate.
The amount of time the scaly ones squander away trying to win all arguments and changing their minds is an insult to the organizer in Aquarius!Ask them about their flights of fancy and they have a quick reply ready: They do not fantasize, they hypothesize and any educated person knows hypothesis is the basis of true science!” In their books debate and endless, possibly futile, discussions are not! Normally a Sagittarius archer is quite content skipping through the woods (they love forests!), on the lookout for wealthy rich aristocracy to rob of snobbery! So it is natural that the extremely “different” Aquarians do have a certain aura of enchantment about them for the Taurus.The bulls can’t for the life of them understand how anyone can be so vague, talk almost gibberish yet make such a lot of sense. Virgo knows it is rude to stare at anyone, especially someone who looks so pointlessly ecstatic.But stare they will, because a water bearer is the strangest sight to the methodical, orderly and sometimes prudish Virgo.
Rabbit is the 4th Chinese Animal sign in the twelve year Chinese cycle as per the Chinese Astrology.
Therefore the Chinese Animal Sign Rabbit stands signify personality traits such as compassionate, creativity, and sensitivity.

The variety of work fields where the rabbits are likely to flourish are as politicians and diplomats, writer, actor, fashion designer, publisher, doctor, administrator, therapist, public relations, and teacher. This often lead to the rabbits confronted unrealistic and unhealthy expectations and situations. People often find this couple extremely caring and friendly with very considerate attitudes that others appreciate. Taurus and Cancer are often satisfied with taking care of children and building their home together. Taurus, on the other hand, would rather take in the idea and respond to it in a more careful and practical manner. Aries, on the other hand, wants to seek out change, especially if things become stagnant or new situations arise within the relationship. They both have a love for natural surroundings and beauty, doing well to live in a quiet region. Both approach issues realistically, which makes their relationship compatible both intellectually and philosophically. They are constantly looking for affection from partners who are committed and safe; not from someone who always keep them guessing. The relationship compatibility of the two is often cordial and pleasant; and it’s these qualities that bring them friends that last a lifetime. Libra tends to take a more diplomatic course of action, and with Taurus slow to be offended by things means the relationship  compatibility often goes smoothly. And, when it comes to a compatible relationship, these two things can really help bring out the harmony in it. If the pair do have a common interest and can match themselves on the intellectual level, they’re a compatibility match made in heaven. Scorpio often demands a lot from their other half in the way of emotional intimacy and involvement.
Taurus will take their time before they make a change because they hate changes in their domestic life. And, this often leads to differences on social and political issues as well as differences in literature, music and art.
Taurus is regarded as the creature of habit, and when it comes to changes, they don’t adjust well.
Your birth chart represents a map of the solar horoscope names in english tomorrow for aries s today free system for the exact time and place of your birth it’s a blueprint of your personality and represents a set of potentials with the contents being added through the experiences of life.
You may not consciously realize that you have entered the giving, nurturing nature of a compatible Cancer relationship and given nothing in return emotionally. You, Aries, aren’t too concerned with bonds or the past whereas your partner Cancer deems these things important. When it comes to food sharing, children nurturing and home creation, the parties involved are satisfied. They have the deep desire to feel connected, to be taken care of and be needed placing intense value on closeness and caring.
Who doesn’t care much for the whims of Cancer’s concerns; they generally do not become emotionally involved with situations and minor issues in their relationship compatibility.
Understanding often develops between these astrology signs because Gemini is the more emotionally rational one whereas Cancer becomes too emotional and unable to express themself reasonably and rationally.
They tend to have warm relationship compatibility between one another despite their varying temperaments.
They also tend to blow things beyond proportion and when feeling ignored or neglected, their sensitive side often shows. Both think having good personal partnerships is a must, which is why they strive for peace in their personal lives. Both of these zodiac signs are extremely sensitive to the emotions around them and are attentively aware of other people’s needs and feelings, but can be too sympathetic to others’ plights.
Sagittarius, however, is usually cheerful, and is not usually happy with the unhappy nature of their other half.
They like having freedom and their independence within a relationship, and they may feel hindered by the emotional states of the sensitive Cancer. Cancer, on the other hand, likes feeling secure in their finances and emotions and will worry when things are not stable in their relationship. Aquarius is more concerned with a broad spectrum of things and has an interest in human welfare and tends to put family loyalties lower on the concern list.
In order for this compatibility to work Aquarius must remember to be sensitive to the feelings of their partner, who relies heavily on their loved ones. You tend to thrive on your loved ones’ need for you because this makes you feel wanted, but this may cause you to have a love-hate partnership with their dependency over time.
Both are extremely sentimental about their family, home and other things they value as important to them. Both depend on their loved ones to give them some sense of safety, which can cause them to smother those they love. This often makes it hard to live with the Virgo whose other trait is the irritability they have in people being late or sloppy. However, because I know my time of birth, I am certain I am a Gemini, as the sun moved into Gemini two and a half hours before I was born.
The UK puts its clock back by one hour on the last Sunday of October and forward by one hour on the last Sunday in March. This was called called British Standard Time, and stayed one hour ahead of Greenwich Meantime until 1971, when the experiment ended and the UK reverted to GMT in the winter and British Summer Time (GMT + 1) between the end of March and the end of October.
The sun moved into Gemini at 04:14 on the day you were born, so your sun sign is Gemini, although because you were born on the Cusp with Taurus, you might find it interesting to read my article about those born on the Cusp of Energy. Every website I look on either has me as a Gemini or Cancer, and I was born on the cusp of Gemini-Cancer but I want to know what specific one I actually am! So we take off another hour to calculate the time in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), making the time 7:50 pm GMT. April 18 was also my Mother’s birthday and while I would say she definitely had the strong characteristics of an Aries, she also had the strong maternal instinct of a Taurus. You can drink as much from the waters of wisdom that Uranus bequeaths them with and move on. Once they do and Cancer gathers up the courage to poke the brilliant, multi-hued, flower splashing Aquarius with a timid claw…they might find one common ground for being compatible!
And that is what this association imbues each half of the equation with.The Aquarius is not as confused or flabbergasted by the continuous Gemini antics.
On the surface there are quite a few traits these two exceptional zodiacs share- progressiveness, attractiveness, penchant for the truth and daringness or courage (daringness for the water bearers and courage for the Leos).But unfortunately these two are opposed on the zodiac wheel!So their association is tinged with much tension and occasional disharmony.
The Librans on the other hand will proclaim loud and clear in their mellow voices that Aquarius is very stubborn.
Being a fixed sign they have this deep seated respect for authority which can manifest as a rare blue phase of depression! Looking for some good humored mischief!Just If they bump into each other, the outcome maybe calamitous or serendipitous depending upon how calm, collected and controlled they can be. Well Taurus will have a little easier time deciphering the Uranus talk of the water bearer because for all the fantasy colored consonants and the pixie dust sprinkled vowels, the Aquarius always speaks based on logic.
The more they interact the more the virgin will wear a surprised look on its face, the brows arched and a little bewildered.
Rabbits are expected to benefit from daily activities which in turn would also reduce their tension leading to a better health.
When Aries fails at something, Taurus will give them the “I told you so” look and attitude, which can anger Aries.
However, the stubborn side they both share often means they’re not willing to budge on things.
With time, both of these astrology signs can become overly complacent and put too much attention on the everyday affairs or focus too much on the mental interests.
Still, while they both work well together, there are some differences in their demeanors, attitudes and compatibility.
However, Taurus tends to be aggravated by the Gemini’s ability to never make commitments or carry out their intentions. The Taurus sees security as being extremely important to them, and they’re usually more stable than the Gemini. Success and material happiness is important to both signs but the reasons for this differ: Taurus wants enough money in the bank to feel secure as well as the comfort money often buys.
Still, there are instances where the parties need to look at their problems or when they’re going to be unhappy.
Pisces loves Taurus’ dependability and Taurus loves how Pisces is sympathetic, gentle and kind. This sign also has a quest for knowledge and often looks for ways to change their place to live or just go on vacation.
Scorpio never looks at things at their face value, and for that, Taurus thinks Scorpio is always digging for information, examining feelings and causing trouble when there doesn’t need to be any. Aquarius knows about the modern trends, staying abreast of present happenings and changing styles.
To you, satisfaction in your relationships is important, and you demand your lover’s physical presence as you are very concerned with all that is material to the point of ignoring the spiritual and emotional needs of your partner and your relationship compatibility.
Scorpio Horoscope February 2015 Horse Zodiac Snake Compatibility he infamously sent a cipher that said “This is the Zodiac speaking. Aries folks demand their independence, which can conflict with Cancer’s desire to be intimate and dependent.
Capricorn values loyalty and compassion just like their other half, but does not like the neediness and vulnerability they tend to display.
Even when Gemini is being a sensitive person, the expression of their concerns are different, and they tend to be less personal about it than the Cancer sign. Cancer tends to respond to all things emotionally and personally whereas the Gemini responds to things with logic and intellect. Cancer, however, is a sensitive, private person, and the histrionics of their other half tend to be excessive for sensitive Cancer, who is usually moody and feels a need to withdraw from life. Both value harmony in their personal life, going out of their way to make each other comfortable and content. The problem is that it’s too easy to become involved with others’ issues that they often overlook their own feelings. When it comes to personal issues, Cancer will take a more compassionate route whereas their partner will take an offhand approach.
However, instead of accepting these feelings, Sagittarius either tries lightening up the mood or ignoring the feelings altogether will try to be more intellectual to get the Cancer out of its moody state. Cancer will show more compassion to the plight of others and the Scorpio will see these feelings as being over-romanticizing.
Cancer likes the idea of being needed and wants the kind of compatibility bond Aquarius is not capable of giving.
Aquarius’ demeanor can make Cancer feel insecure and they have to realize when an unexpected change hurts their soul mate.
In some cases you might even wonder if you’ve created a dependent monster that cannot do without you! If the background of the Cancer pair is different, this could be an issue with their relationship compatibility, as identifying with their origins is rather important. Virgo needs to show practicality while their other half needs to be more forgiving when things don’t go the way they planned. Their perfectionist nature is also turned on themselves; they may feel they’re inadequate or that the accomplishments they have are not enough. Had I been born on the same date and time, but five years later, I would have been a Taurus, because the sun did not move into Gemini until two and a half hours after I was born. However, it may well be that you also have some Taurean traits, so you may find my article about Born on the Taurus Gemini Cusp interesting. They can hardly ever make a single object or person the center of their lives!Having said that, when two water bearers get together, it is real fun to watch! That is unpredictability!A water bearer loves to surprise others and be surprised in return.It is part of the very wide mental arc they possess. However, like I iterated right at the beginning of the page, discord is not the way of the Aquarius. They are right on that account.Water bearers may be the most open minded zodiac but after they have accepted your drivel and processed it, they will then proceed to supplement the information with verifiable facts before they will acknowledge one word of it as true!
After all, their ruler Uranus commands them to go forth and embody the essence of the free and fantastical.But with so many disapproving Virgo, Leo and Capricorn eyes, once in a while an Aquarius may be riddled with self doubt! And Taurus is the perpetual worshipper at the altar of common sense and logic.Another point aiding their friendship and “compatible” status is the fact that a bull is a humble creature. The water bearer will obviously take it as appreciation because it is their one great joy in life to surprise others. Though very emotional and selfish in cases of enjoying things, yet they would never hurt anyone intentionally. Though they generally try to avoid conflicts, yet when faced with such situations, they handle it calmly. Taurus also does not like change in their personal or domestic life; they’d prefer to deal with the established over something new. Taurus is often steady and doesn’t mind being impassive and is typically very understanding and isn’t fazed by the occasional outburst Aries tends to have – whether it is impatience, resentment and defeat. Taurus is naturally loyal and has no problem with commitment; Gemini is a bit hesitant to emotionally commit. And, while they often disagree, their commitment to each other is powerful and hardly ever probed. Libra is usually the more communicative, social butterfly; Taurus is the type of sign that stays busy with their hobbies.
On the other hand, Taurus, while understanding and passionate themselves, are reliable and grounded. When Scorpio and Taurus butt heads, it’s only a matter of time before one of them will wear down and which one is the first to go remains to be seen. Both signs share a strong attraction to each other, and if appreciation can be had between the two, Scorpio and Taurus will become extremely compatible.
Taurus tends to be more emotionally steady than the Virgo who tends to appreciate the nurturing nature and soothing quality of the Taurus. Aquarius is different from the Taurus in that they love excitement, always looking for some mental stimulation. Hindu Calendar Today Date Hindu Calenda 2008 Desktop Calendar Calendar For Mac Abacos Fishing Calendar Active Desktop Calendar Torrent Air Show Calendar Ancient Heew Calendar Free utility that tells you punctually about the Hindu horoscope.
Aries can appear and come across as being impersonal and selfish with Cancer, who can come across and appear as being overly needy and sensitive. Your other half is the exact opposite who doesn’t like disruptions in their emotional atmosphere or things that impede on their important partnership compatibility.
Taurus is also resistant to changes in their personal life, often staying with things that are established. Capricorn tends to detach emotionally from all kinds of personal affairs and tends to ignore their partner’s response to situations. Gemini will often give Cancer a witty, playful comment with little emotion being played into conversations. Cancer loves being needed and demands tenderness and emotional support from their beloved, but has a problem accepting and expressing their weakness, sadness and needs. Where the lion often has a sunny disposition and is friendly and emotionally constant Cancer’s emotions tend to fluctuate erratically causing many compatibility problems.
Libra is much more rational of the two and is sympathetic, often staying cool and showing intellect when issues crop up between the pair.
When it comes to interpersonal conflict, they feel threatened and will try to avoid the issues that affect their emotional nature. Pisces tends to have broad and universal sympathies lumps family and strangers together in emotional concerns, whereas Cancer tends to be more concerned with family and people who are dear to them.
This pairing demand a peaceful home they can get to so they can step back from the busy life that envelops them. While the differences can work well with each other, they are going to be instances where the pair will need to be work together to meet the needs of all involved. Whatever the situation, Cancer tends to feel misunderstood or ignored and that the partnership lacks compatibility. A wounded Scorpio tends to be resentful, but will hide their hurt; a wounded Cancer tends to withdraw from life and let the person know how they feel, usually non-verbally.
You do get off on taking care of your lover, but sometimes at the expense of your own needs.
Due to the similarities in emotional needs, they feel comfortable with one another; helpful to their relationship compatibility. For the sake of the sign’s compatibility and well-being, they need to learn how to love and accept themselves and learn to relax and enjoy life. You can read more about your Cusp sign in my article about those born on the Aries Taurus Cusp.

They might go out to watch a movie and end up fiddling on the roadside pretending to be beggars. If I know anything about any of them, they have read up on their page (rather dutiful) and have come equipped with an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of astrology!For the rest of you, it means the goats find something they can learn from Aquarius-even though on the surface it is the water bearer who needs some steady “goaty” help to become successful in life!But that doesn’t mean that a Capricorn doesn’t find a water bearer puzzling and pretty fanciful.
A Sag is an idealist and for Aquarius, it’s very karmic destiny is idealism.They are both sticklers for truth and lastly they are both passionate about their own beliefs, though their motivations may be slightly different. Scorpios may try to maintain the incognito status but an Aquarius gets its kicks shaking up the status quo!Being compatible is not impossible but difficult to achieve. No matter from which walk of life, these sometimes stolid and mostly solid people are ever ready to pick up a new skill and are champions at pruning the necessary from the verbiage. They might get uncharacteristically nasty if they can’t jolt you and may then try in earnest to scare the bejesus out of you! Rabbits are in close bonds with family and friends, the absence of which might result in emotional issues. Cancer places great significance on their family and on compatible surroundings they’re familiar with. When it comes to their relationship compatibility, both want stability and reliability, and these things can be found in both Cancer and Taurus folks.
If they can appreciate their differences in how they approach things, they’ll see that Taurus can bring dependability and constant dedication to Aries’ ideas to ensure they are fruitful. There are instances where Aries wants some type of an emotional reaction from the Taurus but it’s the calm demeanor of the Taurus that soothes the hot-tempered Aries. Capricorns and Taurus love being able to rely on each other, and can get things accomplished with each other’s help. Taurus will take a mental note about things before moving onto other topics especially when Gemini is talking. Taurus is often seen as being more sensual than the Gemini who is more communicative and standoffish.
Differences in how material resources are used could cause real problems with these signs relationship compatibility; more so due to the inflexible nature the Leo and Taurus have. In fact, they’d rather be busy with the hobbies than take part in the social atmosphere that the Libra has created. While one might think that this opposites attract is good for each person, the reality is those in this relationship will need to do things away from each other to be content with themselves and each other. They crave stability, resisting change whenever possible in their personal and home relationships. The even-tempered Taurus and emotional strength they have is a real comfort to Virgo who isn’t the type of sign to easily let themselves go either sexually or emotionally. The interests Taurus has tends to be more intensive, not so widely varied and rarely changes as time passes. Change makes you restless, and you have a tendency to dig your heels in the sand when faced by any sudden changes in the course of your partnership. Both zodiac signs view compatibility, stability and dependability as important, and the two can find it in one another.
When it comes to their personal emotional needs, they are often cast aside for more practical things like work and responsibilities hating and trying to avoid no-nonsense behavior.
When they express their weakness or are moody, Leo can become uncomfortable with it and is extremely dominant and is often seen as the leader within the partnership.
Cancer tends to base their responses on loyalties and sympathies and will respond to matters emotionally. This union’s emotional needs and personalities are very different, leading to aggravation for the couple many times.
They may have extremely powerful hates, loves and emotional reactions but tend to hide these emotions.
Cancer remains attached emotionally to their past – familiar people and places, and will demand some type of security and safety as they like the way things are in their life. It would do you good to detach yourself even just a little from some of the problems of your loved ones, and realize that you are not responsible for the happiness of other people.
Both zodiac signs have the emotional habits of being too concerned and overly worried about their loved ones and about life.
They can go dream-walking to explore virgin terrains which are not present on the physical plane!And argue the merits of the nudist way of way without giving anyone else a heart attack! The lions are too proud to create a scene, so if they are not allowed the driver’s seat, which is unlikely with the charismatic and dazzlingly intelligent Aquarius in the picture, they will sniff in disdain and go back to their royal throne.Thus this opposed zodiac pattern is a lot less “raucous” than other opposed relationships. Mellowing the sharp edges of doubt, adding their mystery and elusiveness to the mix, giving fluid motion to the dreams of the water bearer! Together they may produce beautiful notes of divine joyous music, neither having the restrictive earth influence.But we must remember that a Sagittarius after all is a volatile earth sign and Aquarius is an air sign.
Yes I know that sounds quite rude Virgo…but what is true is true and don’t even try to change an Aquarius. Aries typically responds to situation with action while Taurus takes the wait and see approach.
While they’d rather have harmony and compatibility in their relationship and domestic life, they often cling to their position especially when they feel right about something. One of the bad things about the Taurus is that they can be rather obstinate when talking about changes in their routine or making changes in their personal life. Capricorn may appear as being self-sufficient but has trouble dealing with childish emotional feelings and needs.
When the Taurus must make a decision considered important, they would be wise to take some time away to be alone. Taurus may have no ability to express themselves regarding a stance but are often not willing to budge on it.
Even when there is hate in their relationship compatibility, the resistance to change things tends to work against them to move on.
Both signs are pig-headed but both must learn how to graciously compromise if the partnership is to work. Taurus is usually comfortable with being sensual and can help Virgo in this area of life too.
While these differences to how the two signs approach life are unlikely to cause problems within the partnership, it can be a little annoying.
Aquarius isn’t happy with the conventional way of things; often rebelling against authorities and traditions. If there is to be any relationship compatibility between these two astrology signs, they need to both make some adjustments for it to succeed.
Cancer is more sensitive and emotional than their other half who is often regarded as practical and even-tempered. These differences can actually work in the couple’s favor if they want appreciation and understanding. Libra often wants communication and wants to feel like an equal partner in their union, whereas Cancer likes the idea of being mothered and for that reason they tend to like being financially and emotionally dependent on the Libra.
Both the Cancer and the Pisces share the drive to get away from the pressures and stress of the everyday world. For instance, Cancer may think Scorpio is driven by lust rather than love, which can become a problem in the partnership. Nor do they often reveal the deeper parts of themselves, and when it comes to giving up control in a relationship, they have a hard time doing so. And due to having empathy for each other with similar temperaments, the pair goes well together. This is where the Cancer can come in and help as they are often non-judgmental despite their flare-ups of emotional highs and lows.
So if you see a water bearer pole dancing in the middle of the street, you can be sure that they have procured a license of no objection for it.It’s because they are a sign of very high intellect, the caution and deliberation is over in a moment and a decision is made-an informed one.
And if you are an astrology buff, you can actually time their mood swings by the clock according to the waxing and the waning of the moon.Unfortunately there is no such guide for the Aquarius. One note of caution though to break up the compatible little snuggle fest- The twins need to be very careful of how they present truth to the Aquarius.
However to be truly compatible, the Leos will need to learn humility from Aquarius and they in turn will need to imbue themselves with some leonine warmth. These two are very kindred souls, almost soul mates and very compatible.It is a rare being who can resist the passive yet understanding influence of the fishes!
They are capable of whipping each other up in a frenzy that is detrimental to their relationship and can combust any hopes of being compatible. There is a lot to learn from the mystifying Aquarians and they might give some deep insights into life which only means more power and a definitive edge to the Pluto ruled scorpions. Taurus is seen as practical and steady providing Cancer with security in times when they need it most, but Cancer may often feel that Taurus should be less impassive. For instance, Taurus may decide not to go with Aries when they’re being impulsive, especially when fun would be far more satisfying for both of them. As time passes, the stability and reliability they both have makes the partnership successful materialistically but the interaction between both of them can lead to a lack in enthusiasm and passion.
Taurus needs to pace slowly, going over their emotions and taking in experiences before they go through any action. Capricorn tries to prove their worth through their accomplishments and attain success by way of material means. It’s this stubbornness that makes them slow to hold onto new things, which can be very demanding on the relationship compatibility.
It’s important that the pair doesn’t take each other for granted, which can occur when they’re comfortable in the partnership.
Taurus can become upset by the Leo’s boisterous nature, as they demand a home that’s both peaceful and tranquil.
But overall, both signs regard aesthetics as being vitally important even when they disagree on style issues.
Taurus has no problem letting people know what their likes and dislikes are and usually has tastes that are anticipated. Neither sign can fully communicate the things that matter to them, and because of that, misunderstandings are usually the end result. Taurus is far simpler in nature than the Scorpio and tends to be easily contented with their life. Both are stubborn (Taurus even more so), the problem is often aggravated by the unwillingness to accept and appreciate one another, and the willingness to understand those differences. When it comes to disagreements, it’s Taurus’ need to keep things the same with Aquarius’ desire to change them. How the two signs react to their environment is different emotionally although there’s still something similar about one another reactions. When it comes to security, Taurus tends to be the Cancer’s rock in times of turmoil, who often wishes they were not unemotional during other times. Some of the ways they do this is meditate, listen to music, create music or live with nature. However the powerful emotions and bond of the relationship can foster a long-lasting affection between these astrology signs. In fact, a hurt or upset Scorpio may become vindictive whereas the Cancer tends to take the gentle road wanting an atmosphere that is nurturing and sympathetic; a setting that’s not competitive.
You have a tendency to care for your other half’s every move, and the cherishing quality of your love is a rare find.
They may play hooky from work and go to Alaska on a whim!And ultimately one of them may fall in love with the town’s homeless guy for the sheer absolutely astounding freshness of his views on the proletariat!
To the enthusiastic ram, this seems like impetuosity, very much like them and so we have a common ground for being compatible!
So yes, there is no reason why these two should be compatible in any way.But in general because of some hidden empathy that works in this association, they can get along okay!
It is not ifs and maybes.It is a collection of hard facts that need to be presented to them unvarnished and unadorned in its native state! In short the Aquarius tends to find Virgos a little too dry and stiff and they may be compatible in the work place, but romance is a distant call unless the virgin has a heavy influence of Gemini.
Sophisticated, classy, well-mannered, expressive and stylish, those under the Chinese Horoscope, Rabbit are interested in knowing the cultural side of various countries and people. Despite the many differences in how the Cancer and Taurus respond to things in their environment, they have a familiar quality with one another. Aries is always looking for things to stimulate them, and they love challenges found in new environments. It’s this difference in styles that they must learn to respect if they plan to have a successful relationship compatibility.
They demand peace and harmony in their household as well as their personal relationships, and because of that, they often ignore or disregard differences or arguments between them. Libra has a penance for the arts and theater; things of culture that Taurus can find overly dramatic. They also have a shared interest in the world’s natural beauty: gardening, animals, plants, etc. Taurus is the sign that lives in the now and tends to be considered about their present situation. Both signs look for security from their earthly contact – camping, country living, gardening, etc.
There is a fairly good chance that time will increase the appreciation each of these astrology signs has for each other. Libra would rather have someone love them romantically and is regarded as being level-headed and cool where the Cancer is irrational and emotional. Another trait they share is the quest for the novel- the new!The ram seeks new because that is what infants do with their short concentration spans. In return, the crab may render some service to the Aquarius and thus endear themselves to the water bearers! A true blue association of two wisdom seeking people who can respect and understand each other!
They rely lots on money to give them a sense of security and may substitute material gifts for the emotional affection and sharing.
Taurus loves the things they work for and can assist the Capricorn to love the things they work hard for. The key difference between Gemini and Taurus is that Gemini craves mental stimulation and loves movement. Taurus often thinks Gemini lives in the world of fantasy and would rather have physical closeness with them. Now, these issues don’t have to become obstacles in the way of the Taurus Libra relationship, and with acknowledgement to them, they can deal with any problems that do strike. Pisces, however, takes the more diverse tactic and is sensitive to the various feelings and ideas.
Sagittarius often thinks Taurus has no appreciation for their dreams, with Taurus stifling them with the constant nagging of being in the here and now.
This sign can love intensely, and from that intense love, can also come extreme antagonism and hatred when they’re betrayed. They also have spontaneous impulses and emotional demands that are often at odds with each other. Virgo focuses on communication, our daily routines, health, hygiene, nutrition and fitness.
The Aquarius searches for the new to fuel the passion they have for understanding things and what make them tick!
They are not selfish, like SOME Capricorns can be, but who doesn’t like a little help now and then? Taurus expresses their love and sensuality more openly than the Capricorn; but, can assist them to open up.
Taurus tends to look at Sagittarius’ view of the world as being unreal, ignoring what facts are staring them in their face and leaving them to take care of the daily tasks. This astrology sign tends to have a secretive side, hiding their feelings from people as a way to protect themselves. January 2015 Taurus Monthly Horoscope predicts that you should go in flow with the situations on hand. These signs relationship compatibility will do best if Taurus handles the everyday task of organization as well as the home’s practical dealings.
Still, both signs have a generous attitude that allows them to see past their compatibility relationship differences. Aquarius is more of a philosopher, attached to beliefs and opinions that Taurus feels defies natural wisdom and common sense. Compatible is not a word that is adequate if you want to define the interactions of two Aquarius souls. Taurus can assist Aquarius to be more compatible with the female side of life; not to live solely in their ideas and fantasies.

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