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LEO GEMINI Love Horoscope CompatibilityThis is a very intuitive and compatible association.
LEO LEO Love Horoscope CompatibilityAstrology is replete with examples where two same signs do not have an instant connection and even fare better with other signs that with their own. LEO LIBRA Love Horoscope CompatibilityGenerally the fire and the air element signs share a fair bit of chemistry between them.
SUMMARY:Leo forget about sex….if its friendship you want…the scaly Libra can make you really happy! LEO SAGITTARIUS Love Horoscope CompatibilityWhen the sun ruled Leo and the Jupiter ruled Sag meet, the bystanders also have a good time. LEO TAURUS Love Horoscope CompatibilityThis astrological association is not the most compatible one in the block.
LEO VIRGO Love Horoscope CompatibilityIn a relationship between Leo and Virgo, it is expected that Leo will play the card of domination. To be honest though sometimes the Virgin with its analyzing and nit picking can put out the Leo fire with mounds of earth. LEO AQUARIUS Love Horoscope CompatibilityAstrology may fall short to describe the reaction that takes place when these two signs get together!
SUMMARY:If you want knowledge in its purest form, the Aquarius is the one to provide it to you!
Fresh Ideas for Your Love LifeAnyone born under Leo zodiac sign are dominant in whatever they do.
To understand more about your present and future love life, read your accurate Leo Love Horoscope Compatibility.To get a fuller, more personal, insight of who, what and when is in store for your love life take a look at our Astrology Reports page. Aries and Leo Astrological CompatibilityDrama and adventure are elements that both these signs share, which can mean a very wild romance might be expected.
Capricorn and Leo Astrological CompatibilityThere is an undeniable attraction between these two signs.
Gemini and Leo Astrological CompatibilityThe physical and emotional demands made by the Leo astrological sign come from the fact that it is a fire sign. Leo and Leo Astrological CompatibilityTwo Leo astrological signs can make a very dynamic or equally destructive couple. Pisces and Leo Astrological CompatibilityHere are two signs that have a good chance at lasting relationship compatibility, if they can understand their differences. Sagittarius and Leo Astrological CompatibilityBoth are fire signs, which make them complementary and volatile at the same time.
Scorpio and Leo Astrological CompatibilityThe Scorpio and Leo astrological signs tend to be sexually and emotionally charged.
Taurus and Leo Astrological CompatibilityAnger and head-butting are commonly found in both of these signs. Virgo and Leo Astrological CompatibilityLeo the lion is considered to be strong and independent, but just as in the animal kingdom, he needs a little support.
We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. The Gemini twins wonder if the poise and the arrogance of the Leo is a facade to hide the quivering mass of doubts deep inside which is a carryover from the adolescent Cancer incarnation. That is because air and fire can get together in alchemic magic and produce light, joy and warmth!
Just remember that the fish needs a prodding from time to time to really perform its duties. They are enveloped in this aura of warmth (thanks to the sun) and benevolence (thanks to big and comfy Jupiter!) and it sometimes seeps out and even permeates others at a distance.
If one of the two signs is younger then you can witness a rare cherished love and respect between the two.
They like things to be done the way they like and prefer and to do jobs and activities that will interest them. Leo is the sign of self and is out to get as much and do as much for him or herself as possible.
The Leo astrological sign loves to have all eyes on them, while Aries seeks to be head and shoulders above the crowd. What you have to remember, though, is that a Leo and Capricorn attraction is almost always purely physical at first. Gemini is an air sign that flies like the wind and can touch many parts of life at the same time. The problem is that both want romance to be uninterrupted bliss, they ignore the difficulties and try to cover up disagreements with a sugar coating. Get more photo about Quotes related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. The big cats on the other hand wonder if the incessant activity of the Gemini is not an over compensation of some sort to make up for the fact that they are quite lost as to what is the meaning and purpose of life! But because Leo is positioned in such a way to the fish that it will throughout life willingly and graciously serve the Pisces.

This maybe because of the fact that when a lion is a cub it is more tolerant to the advice and the teachings of the scorpion! If the lions however maintain their sunny disposition, their tendency to stand up for the down trodden, then the association is sweet, mellow and compatible.
At first glance it may seem quite a difficult proposition with a big lion lounging in the horizon. One of those weird astrological mysteries that we can’t solve!The crab is a persuasive and quite possessive creature.
Aquarius is the possessor of far more knowledge than all the sun signs put together and that gives it a quiet dignity that any king would kill to have! In regard to relationships, they prefer to make any decisions and have de facto control of every aspect of it. Leo likes to be the center of attention and needs, nay demands, physical intimacy, with Gemini also having a keen sense of passion. They can get along, providing there is enough ego stroking and each can refrain from being critical of the other. Leo astrological sign wants to be loved and admired and Libra wants a romance straight out of Shakespeare. Of the two, Sagittarius is more practical minded and will tend to assume the leadership position.
Since both signs like to be in charge, this pair will be constantly trying to assert control of the relationship. Yes, that may make for some excitement in the bedroom, but it makes love in the long term a real stretch. This is why a Virgo and Leo pairing often doesn’t go well, as Virgo is very good and finding and pointing out faults.
It’s a big problem.Who drives you wild, who sets your sheets alight and who turns you cold? They are both very near the mark with their observations and it is this intrinsic empathy that can overcome the differences that are glaringly obvious between the cats and the twins! The chemistry between Leo and Libra is lukewarm at best when you consider love and emotions! This is why even though the clashes are frequent, they are more good natured than quarrelsome and always end in laughs. And many a baby scorpion may find it easier to bear the benevolent and sometimes patronizing gestures of the lion! A baby ram with infant intuitiveness can understand this and make the Lion eat out of its hand! It is strong willed on many occasions and with its quite demeanor and its excellent manipulative sense can wear down the fiery Leo into a kind of stupor or fatigue which greatly hampers the warmth and the confidence of Leo. However, beneath the egotistical nature is a beating heart and they tend to like all people, even upon first meeting. Aquarius isn’t all that interested in self but will go to extremes to criticize or reform any group. Relying solely on the physical aspect of their relationship compatibility can be a problem. Gemini often finds their attention drifting in a number of different directions, which is not something that is very comfortable for their relationship compatibility.
Ironically, this willingness to set aside the reality that nobody’s perfect can actually keep the romance going for quite a while. At first this seems like Pisces will willingly follow Leo to the ends of the earth, but this is an illusion.
If the two signs can sit down and decide who is responsible for what, the partnership compatibility can be a good one, with real personal fulfilment and financial gain even likely to occur. Leo astrological sign is a peacock that struts and needs their ego massaged regularly, while Taurus is very adept at digging in their heels. Leo can take all those comments to heart quickly, which means Virgo zodiac sign will need to learn to put aside perfectionism if they want their relationship compatibility to work. The only thing one can be sure of is a grand roaring bon fire of happiness, laughter and protectiveness when the fire of the Leo and the gusts of breeze which the twins bring mingle together in a balanced way! But sometimes Leo will just march right in and with uncharacteristic insensitivity take all the credit for a venture that has been put together with great caution and deliberation by the bull.
Even though Virgo is right after Leo in the astrological sequence, this doesn’t guarantee empathy. Even though both the water bearer and the lion are just, right and defenders of truth and the minority….the fact that they are opposite to each other on the astrology wheel makes each jealous of the virtues of the other and unable to admit it!
Their actions will often be ruled by their feelings, this usually leads to a creative soul.
The Leo astrological sign is out to get as much as possible and Aquarius is out to reform the world. Getting to the heart at the same time almost never happens, since the Capricorn zodiac sign is careful, while the Leo astrological sign likes to operate at full speed ahead levels. Gemini will need to learn to pay attention to and praise Leo, while Leo will need to realize that there are more important things than their own needs.

Leo men have a strong sense of entitlement and can be lazy, while Leo women have the passion of the huntress and are always out looking for new accomplishment or just something new to buy. Pisces is intellectual and often insecure, Leo had better present good reasons for moving the relationship in a particular direction or Pisces will object or maybe even break it off.
Praising Leo astrological signs and acknowledging his or her contribution is all that’s needed to keep the lion purring like a kitten.
This usually means a clashing if flawed relationship compatibility union with willpower and charisma that would end up making headline news if this were a celebrity pairing. And they can live happily ever after toasted to a nutty brown in the glow of their ruling body-the sun and their larger than life personalities. Leo is much too proud to admire and learn and the virgins start out all wrong….submitting too easily to the leonine will. They will always find the most unique way of dealing with a situation and bring bright and fresh ideas to outing or date.
This is a relationship that can actually work well if both sides can agree to work together towards a common goal in all that they do. Since you are both materialistic, you can either work together compatibly and become wealthy or drive each other crazy and go broke, the choice is up to the two of you. The two of you may seem like motor oil and water, but it’s more like olive oil and vinegar. And Leo needs to realize that Sagittarius brings high potential and quality skills to the relationship compatibility and not be worried if Leo’s advice is not always acted upon. Both sides will have high demands of the other, which is something that needs to be kept in check. The best hope this pairing has of survival is if they can combine their energy and point it at a shared goal. They may even open an orphanage together and give an Aries-Sag couple a run for their money where doing good is considered! To be compatible the Leo must understand that there is a limit to the Pluto patience of Scorpio and the scorpion must simply relent to the fact that the noble lion is a free creature and cannot be tamed!
If they show a little bit of spine and not wait till the water is up the nose to react, the friendship or the work relationship can be saved and molded into one that is desirable! It can’t break that crabby claw to get away and becomes sadder day by day, longing to get away from the mood swings and the deviousness. Capricorn needs to talk to Leo about consequences, while Leo needs to help Capricorn get off the sidelines and into the action. These two can balance each other, Leo brings the courage and Sagittarius brings the planning. It’s a tough road ahead to be sure, but one than can prove dynamic if the pair can work together. So, to say that your relationship compatibility will be interesting would be an understatement. But, you both have hair trigger tempers and although Leo is the one with the ego, Cancer is emotionally sensitive and easily offended. If the qualities are reversed and the woman is not a pussy cat and the man is not a virile lion, then the relationship becomes somewhat of a caricature of how things should be. They may be told something, they may appreciate it as the best advice ever but in the end they either just don’t do anything or forget about it completely. But as long as they are together and understanding each other…these tiny bouts of crossness will not hamper their being compatible! Capricorn is much wiser and practical, just as proud and more focused on success than the pleasure and friend loving Leo can ever be!
Aquarius had better find a way to keep Leo satisfied and Leo needs to understand that Aquarius doesn’t necessarily put their relationship at the center of existence. This means that you’ll both have to tread carefully around each other and take things one day at a time. If they are of the same sex, gradually the chatty Libra and the haughty Leo will start liking each other’s company! If they both realize that the karmic destiny of the crab is to lead but from the background with tact and caution and the Lion is born to organize and pave the way to success with its flamboyant personality and determination, then the relationship may be smooth and compatible. A Capricorn is also quite self-centered (read selfish) and this is sacrilege to the royal Leo who loves to look out for its masses or subjects!
This is a danger unique to the Leos because frankly no other woman can be as blatantly overbearing as the typically dominating lioness! And it is likely that the Lion will be the one to gracefully walk away when it realizes that the twinkle in the eyes of the Goat is actually not admiration but amusement at their grand speeches and flamboyant clothes!

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