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Ruled by the Sun, Leo worships the Sun in all is forms which is also a metaphorical expression of the state of his ego.
Turn to your friends for a word of reassurance and remember their kindness in the time of need. By the week’s end, you will find a way to resolve some of the issues that were bothering you, and understand how to forgive and mend your Soul from the pain you took on some time ago.
May 2016 You will stumble upon Mercury in retrograde motion, once again, remembering things you forgot, returning to outcomes that need to be rectified and allowing yourself to think about the past excessively.
By the end of the month, the Sun and Venus will move to Gemini, making your mind clearer and putting your friendships higher on your priority list. Leos are full of zest and energy, and they tend to always be busy, no matter what is happening around them. Jobs that allow expression of artistic talent, such as acting and entertainment, are ideal for a Leo.
Men born under the Leo astrology sign are always generous and will shower you with flowers and gifts. People born under the Leo sign are known to be eternal bachelors who are always on the hunt. When it comes to keeping your Leo man, there is only one rule you need to remember: treat him like a king and he will be yours forever.
If you want to seduce a Leo woman, you will have to compliment her often and treat her to luxurious and fine things in life.
Sex with a Leo woman will be passionate, but she is unlikely to be interested in any perverted game. Leo compatibility - the compatibility of Leo with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. Cancerians often have a sense of humor, a feeling for rhythm and music and they are versatile, creative, and artistic.
In matters of love, Cancerians are romantic, sophisticated, patient, imaginative, protective, and warm. Then we arrive at: store manager, salesperson, manager, nurse, nanny, elderly care, mother, performing musician, singer, housewife, midwife, pediatrician, cook, restaurant owner, historian, archaeologist, antiquarian, brocanteur, instrument builder, writer, actor, dancer, all kinds of kitchen and hotel staff (from low to high ranking), world traveler, sailors, fisheries, clairvoyant, clairsentient, medium, card reader, hand reader, psychologist, psychotherapist, helpline or palliative ward assistant. Cancer Sign CompatibilityLove WisdomCancer is the adolescent that teaches love requires devotion and freedom.
I'm a Cancer-Leo and think we Cancers know how to extend hospitality to others, nature, protect & provide. The good news is, you're going to discover the answers to all the above questions in this free, helpful horoscope guide about this zodiac sign.
Men and women born under this sign are are very attached to their home and family and are fiercely protective of them.
One obvious personality trait is that Cancer people are not usually emotionally open in a relationship, because their emotions are guarded in a shell.
But once you win their trust, they will open up and you'll see how emotional and caring they really are.
Very Emotional but May Hide It: Cancer men and women are very emotional and very sensitive, but usually hide their emotions behind a cold mask to protect themselves from getting hurt.
Very Romantic: When they fall in love, they love deeply and strongly and are very romantic.
Very Generous and Giving: They are very generous and give a lot of love, gifts, and help to their loved ones.
Family-Oriented: Their #1 source of happiness and love comes from their family and loved ones.

So have you met an Cancer man or woman that you like and want to make them fall in love with you? As you discovered above about their personality traits and love characteristics, Cancer men and women are family oriented. Simply shower your Cancer man or woman with lots of attention and love, and they will be instantly attracted to you. Also be careful about their feelings, because Cancer male and female are very touchy and get hurt easily. The Cancer is more sensitive about sexual relations, while the Scorpio is more passionate.
Like other fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries, Leo is also able to use his mind to solve even the most difficult problems and take the initiative in solving various complicated situations. This zodiac sign can also be arrogant, lazy and inflexible, because he assumes that someone else will clean up after him. The limits you’ve set for yourself might not be realistic and this is the time when you could discover that you are unstoppable.
If you still feel like there’s a debt to be repaid in a relationship, do your best to finish with it soon enough, so you can move on before current opportunities pass you by.
You are blessed with a few good people in your life and you should cherish them and be thankful for their presence.
With retrograde Mercury in conjunction with your ruler at the beginning of the week, you will find the warmth in your heart you were looking for. If you have people working for you, try to understand their inability to give you their best performance. This will be the opportunity to use your brain for constructive ideas and brainstorm with intelligent people on ways to improve your situation. When you understand that this is a need and not just one of narcissistic Leo characteristics, you can seduce him.
Shower him with admiration, affection, devotion and respect and you can certainly seduce him. However, if you want to seduce him, you will have to prove that you are worthy of his royal treatment. A woman born under the Leo star sign enjoys fine things in life, so you can always take her to an art museum or a fancy restaurant. If you're able to make her feel like a queen, you will experience a deep love accompanied with passionate sex. Even the most business oriented sign needs to be taken care of from time to time mentally, emotionally & physically. Play your song of love, one in which the harp is picked on or gently kneel into the fog into which you crept in on. They may not be friendly towards strangers, but when you are their loved one, they will do anything to help and protect you. So they actually look forward to finding someone they love and having a deep, romantic relationship. Cancers tend to be loyal, not only to lovers, family and friends, but also to their countries of origin.
They often devote their entire lives to their mates and their children, sometimes at the expense of developing their own talents. Cancer admires Scorpio's strength while Scorpio finds a haven in Cancer's emotional commitment. Both need security and a sense of permanence, and both are loving, affectionate, and passionate as well.

The Taurus is capable to understand changes in the mood of the Cancer, and can help smooth the problems if any appears. They can achieve anything they want, whether it's about work or time spent will family and friends. But, on the other hand it can be problematic when Leos ignore the problems and needs of others in order to fulfill their desires.
Self-confident and attractive, Leo is able to unite many groups of people at every opportunity. You don’t seem to understand the logical flow of things in your life, and lose sight of what is realistic and what isn’t.
Still, it might bring all sorts of shady characters in your life and you should set strong boundaries when needed. Once they dedicate to their employers, they will do anything for them, however the best possible situation for them is when they are their own bosses.
He has a tendency to put himself at the center of attention, so you may find yourself competing with a huge number of female admirers. Let’s not forget occupations where feeling and intuition are important, or children and care play a central role. They are not able to allow tautiful things, but will never work with bad people to become rich.heir emotions to flow freely.
Sometimes trying new things is also considered a risk to them so they prefer the same old ways. Then first you want to understand how they think and feel, to find a way to capture their heart. Probably the Cancer will be the leader, because of the the Pisces' inclination for some eccentricity in love affairs. They choose their partners by their willingness to allow him the leadership position and to be independent.
The key to seducing the Leo is to make sure you adore him in the way he loves to be adored. People born under the Leo sign, want partners who are not self-aware and who are on the same intellectual level as them. Some of the best Leo traits is that he is romantic, passionate, but he is also drawn to women that make him look good. Such as mood swings and unpredictability, which can cloud your well-being and your relationships with others. Leo chooses his close friends by their ability to keep pace with his high energy, strong feeling of dignity and commitment to individual values. The home base is cozy and comfortable and a Cancer wants to shine there, and be completely in charge of things. Emotionally,you remain stuck in the past and you sense both the present and the future at once.
Since, just when you think you’re dealing with a timid, soft-boiled little specimen, their perfectionist, efficient, and business-minded side pops up out of nowhere. They like to share responsibility and to make the decisions with their partners or their work team.

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