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Since the dawn of civilisation, gems and crystals were considered valuable, be it because they are beautiful or because of the properties they were believed to possess.
Over the centuries many correspondences have been made to the gem and crystal world, there are stones for every zodiac sign, planet, chakra, season, day, hour, state of being etc. We find gems mentioned in the bible, the breastplate of Aaron, the high priest with its 12 gemstones representing the 12 tribes of Israel in Exodus 39 and the list of foundation stones given in Revelation 21. In the 11th Century Al-Biruni, the Persian mathematician, philosopher and astrologer wrote a treatise on Mineralogy and classified gemstones using scientific methods. In 1647 the English Astrologer, William Lilly published Christian Astrology where among other things we find lists of gemstone rulerships for zodiac signs and planets. The belief in a connection between astrological signs and meanings, the cosmos and earthly issues has played an important part in human history.
In short, Astrology is the study of the positioning of the celestial bodies in order to foretell futures and predict upcoming events and an Astrologer is someone who interprets these phenomena.Over the millennia astrological signs and meanings have had a close association with astronomy because they both deal with celestial phenomena, though astronomers do not traditionally ascribe any sort of divine or supernatural power to the stars themselves, but study the stars and their movements in their own right.
Over time the study of astrological signs after that time frame branched off into three main studies: Western, Indian and Chinese.

The branch of astrology that we are most familiar with today in Western societies is the Western branch. As it has been said, Egypt inherited its astrological concepts from Babylonia and, when Alexander the Great invaded Egypt, the Hellenistic world was introduced to the meanings of astrological signs, and soon turned it into an art form.
In fact, it is the Greeks and Romans whom we have to thank for today’s concept of Astrological images as well.The both sorts of astrological and horoscope symbols that we use today come from a combination of the Greek and Roman, with the Greek letters and the Roman symbol used interchangeably to represent each of the twelve zodiacal signs. Meditation Logo Object Collection, es a collection of vector logo objects that perfectly fits any logo project related to yoga, relax, meditation, spiritual science and many other projects of that kind.
Usefull health and safety signs free vector - warning, health and safty, attention, alert, running, fire exit. Signages - Prohibited signs vector: no smoking symbol, no mobile phones sign free clip art images. Free vector money symbols: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen, Philippine Peso and Cent. From the very earliest times the movement of the stars and planets has fascinated mankind and made him see the connections between all things and, with time, the concepts of Astrology  and Horoscope was born.

This time you can see abstract images, globe and a soft-smooth style that convey safety and reliability. This collection of arrows are designed for environmental graphic design, signage and wayfinding.
Indeed, with just a few touches from the Romans (who inherited the Greek concepts of astrology) the astrology that we practice today is not at all very much different than that which was practiced in ancient Greece.
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