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By nature Aries are adventurous and where sexuality is concerned, they are turned on by hunt as well as the conquest.
Astrologer Navneet Khanna, is a former World Bank & SIDA consultant, he has held many prestigious projects in India and Africa before settling down in his native place, near Chandigarh and following his passion in Vedic Astrology. Navneet believes that Vedic Astrology is a vast subject, it is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. Navneet Khanna believes that the energy and inspiration behind him is the Blessings of the Almighty. When aroused, they are more excited than any sign in the Zodiac, except Scorpio which is the other sign of Mars.
A fearless lover, they have great stamina when it comes to love and romance, which can keep them interesting in a relationship for long.

In Marriage Matching he does analysis of Guna Milan and also Grah Milan (Matching of the Planets) and will tell you effects and remedies of Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha & Gana Dosha if present. They are practical and seek the best from their partner and do not hesitate to let you know when things are not right.
Their ego is rather fragile, they have their way or no way when it comes to dealing with their partner. He reasons his predictions because of which he has a worldwide following and people from many countries solve their problems with his help. With his vast experience on occult subjects he has been associated with leading astrologers in India to promote astrology. It is therefore important that you be little flattery and diplomatic when it comes to handling an Aries person.

They are fond of praise from their partners and females born under this sign expect good care and intimacy. They like to give rules and take pride in dominating others; it can be generally in life and even in the bedroom. Being ruled by Mars Aries people are highly romantic and like to wear fashionable and sexy outfits.

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