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Tattoo art which is increasingly popular these days have the popular designs among tattoo enthusiasts.
The zodiac tattoo designs can be combined with various other images such as flowers, skulls, or the star image. One of the popular zodiac symbols becomes the zodiac tattoo design model is the symbol of zodiac Libra. Referring to Greek mythology, Libra has relation to the goddess of Themis, the first god who set the human to obey the law.

For those who believe in astrology, zodiac symbol shaped scales represent balance, peace, although lazy as well. Sometimes this Libra Zodiac manifested held by men as a symbol of balanced decision-making, while at other times held by women who symbolize justice. Usually people make a tattoo with the symbol of the zodiac because it coincides with a particular zodiac birth or due to simply like a zodiac symbol only.
There are backs, some on the shoulder, ankle, or in places that are sensitive not just anyone can see it.

While the variations are performed, can be libra scales symbol is made with a slant on each scale included images of angels and demons to symbolize heavier where the good or evil, which suitable to the tattoo owner. Perfect for a larger boat , sailboat  tender or just a fun fast play toy!!  4 person capacity or a 992 lb maximun payload.

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