But, what do you do if you are fresh out of ideas and still dona€™t feel like a million bucks? If you want to walk a little taller and be able to keep your chin up, this is one way to do it.
Just writing down what it is that you want to achieve goes a long way as youa€™ve committed your goals to paper, making them more real. Very quickly you will feel the transition not only in your spirit, but also in the results youa€™re able to achieve. This party is different than other get-togethers though, as the focus is to encourage an environment of blessings and increasing self-worth. Yes, this sounds kind of sappy and definitely unconventional, but sometimes it is nice to hear how others view you. Nothing can shake your self-esteem more than doing things that you struggle with or that are hard for you. So, if youa€™re suffering from low self-worth, ita€™s time to reinforce your positive qualities by choosing to do something that you know, without a shadow of the doubt, that you rock out of this world.
This is exactly what happens when you do something that you know you do well at and that makes you feel good about yourself.
Changing careers mid-life from law enforcement to writing, Christina spends her days helping others enrich their businesses and personal lives one word at a time. Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions black students will make in their lifetimeview gallery.
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As we charge through life trying to be "strong Black women," it can be tough to acknowledge when our self-esteem is low.
So….when you feel dissatisfied, it is a clear message from your Spirit, your truth, that it is time to spread your wings and grow. To be clear, you could be feeling rather happy with your life but that doesn’t mean that you will not still experience dissatisfaction. It’s a powerful motivator, forcing you to create goals and achieve them which means you are moving forward.

Even if your comfort zone is uncomfortable, you may prefer to stay put because the fear of the unknown can appear to be even more uncomfortable. A ‘story’.Know that your fear only serves to confirm your limiting self beliefs and keep you in your comfort zone. Katie is the founder of Daring & Mighty, this initiative is here to support you on your journey of change and growth. Get exclusive access to interviews with leaders in the transformational industry, special invites, & promotions. If you have a low image of yourself, it can keep you from being happy and reaching your full potential. It seems simple (almost too simple to work) but once you try it, youa€™ll see that it really does impact how you feel about yourself – immediately. Maybe you want your a€?I ama€? to be followed by a€?a person that exercises every daya€? or a€?patient with othersa€?.
But, there is something else you can do with the list that will actually bring them into reality. You are essentially training your mind to make your dreams come true a€“ with minimal effort. You can create games in which people assign different pleasant or enjoyable traits and qualities to each other.
Title their papers, a€?What I wish (insert name here) realized about herself.a€? Have each gal write about a different pal and, when youa€™re all done, let them share them in front of the group. And, when someone else points out something about you that makes them smile, how can that not do your heart (and your self-image) some good? Maybe you are extremely proficient with a musical instrument or youa€™re an avid runner with the best form on the block. Feel like the expert that you are and youa€™ll instantly start walking a little taller and speaking with a little more authority. Even though you dona€™t feel it at first, your mind recognizes that your body is in a stature of happiness so it tries to realign with that thought. These towns and villages really do exist, and you really have to visit at least one of them. The first step to boosting your self-confidence is recognizing that you may need a little jolt.

They are terrified that if they leave the job that is making them unhappy that they may not ever get a better job, that they will never earn enough money if they follow their heart, that perhaps they are not clever or capable enough to do anything else. Here’s what to do to look into the mirror and smile at the image staring back at you.
It can stop you from achieving your dreams and cause you to live a life that doesna€™t live up to your expectations. Dona€™t worry about editing your list as you go-just include everything on it that, to you, would create a perfect you. And, you will feel so good about yourself, youa€™ll start to wonder why you ever had low self-esteem to begin with. See who can collect the most different ones or even who can collect the fewest (as this would mean that they have them at stronger levels). It reminds you that, although youa€™re not good at everything, there are some things that you have mastered. As you pledge to be fierce and fabulous, Yahoo Shine has come up with three great ways to boost your confidence.
They would rather stay unconscious and ‘comfortable’ than conscious, in connection with the voice of their truth, and therefore risk having to CHANGE. Notice the stories you are telling yourself and consider that they are more than likely NOT TRUE. It will move you away from fearful thoughts and toward creative, supportive, positive thoughts. Imagine that you are the person that you desire so much to be (which, you are but you just havena€™t let her out yet).
That is your purpose for having this human experience – to remember the truth of your Soul and have a unique experience in this lifetime. Yahoo Shine suggests "running a 5K or organizing your digital photos." Smaller goals -- like going to the gym five times a week or cleaning out that front hall closet -- can give you a boost too.

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