Balancing the 9-to-5 grind and family time isn’t just a concern for moms but for dads, too. In tragedy we see the strength of the human spirit as we face seemingly overwhelming circumstances and odds. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInStaying healthy, fit and motivated to achieve goals is every bit as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one. There are those who don’t want to hit the gym before the sun rises, but every evening, after a long day of work, those same people find the energy left in them to push through those reps, run those hills and complete their workout routines. Mental fitness can translate to how well you can rely on yourself, and self-efficacy lends strength to physical health. The next step is setting your expectations and plotting out the steps you’ll take to achieve that goal. This might seem like it doesn’t even need to be said, but achieving your goals doesn’t naturally follow setting them. Start by setting a few goals that are easy to achieve and with their finish, begin to develop a history of positive reinforcement. Seven minutes of snoozing isn’t as restful as seven minutes of real sleep because of the point in the sleep cycle in which they occur.
Resilience isn’t facing difficult situations or decisions with apathy; rather it’s meeting those same problems without antipathy. Careful planning of decision-making, reactions, attention and movements are all parts of mental dexterity. The brain relies on many factors to maintain physical balance, and cognition tends to be one of the last skills developed. Practice being mindful of your moments with a simple five-minute exercise where you mentally or vocally say each movement before you perform it.
Taking the time to practice even one of the examples given every week, or possibly even one every day, will start to strengthen and increase your mental fitness. Mike WinesMike Wines is a strength and conditioning coach and content editor for muscle and strength.
AboutOur mission at Addicted2Success is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. I was feeling nostalgic, so I did what my dad and granddad used to do: I went out my front door to fetch my mail.
It wasn’t long ago that sending a letter (with an actual stamp!) was a great way to grab someone’s attention. A diverse staff brings a patchwork of perspectives excited to generate creative, inventive solutions. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedInI speak to a lot of people that want to leave their day job to pursue their dream. Each of these small steps may seem insignificant but when you add them all up, they become one giant step that will get you closer to your dream. Someone close to me said to me a few months back, “I love to travel, but I can’t make money from it.” There are two things that are wrong with this statement. The second point is that you can’t just go from your everyday job that you hate, to your dream overnight. In this example, it would require you to consider doing a day job in the travel industry to begin with where you get to talk about your dream every day. To be able to get closer to your dream you need to decide today to stop doing the day job or work that you hate. What Joel did though was take small steps each day and incorporate his dream in with other tasks like his day job. So I mentioned earlier about spending time each day doing something that involves your dream.
It’s very easy to get caught up in the noise of your day or distractions from other people, but you need to realise that unless you develop a habit around spending time each day on your dream, it will never happen! See, to achieve most dreams you have to achieve tasks that are difficult and require hard work. You will only stand out if you outwork everybody else and be disciplined about taking daily action.
If you find that taking daily action towards your dream is hard, then it may not be the right dream for you and you may want it for unfulfilling reasons like money or fame.
One of the biggest barriers I see people facing when they try and get closer to their dream is they lack the trait of open-mindedness. Talking to these successful people though is useless if you are not open minded to what they say.
This doesn’t mean you need to listen to every bit of advice they give you, but you should, at least, consider some or all of what they have to say. You will have what we call “skin in the game.” What I mean by this is that you will have invested some of your hard earned money that will create a feeling of loss if you don’t take action on your dream using your investment. You may want to be an online entrepreneur, so go out there tomorrow, buy a domain and commission a website designer to begin.
Pain and a sense of loss from your investment will move you much closer to your dream than what doing nothing will. Tim DenningTim Denning is a former entrepreneur turned intrapreneur, working daily with fast-moving tech companies. After reading this article, I’m ecstatic to spend more quality time with my dreams and use the proximity effect in order to get closer to my dreams. Charlene the fact that reading this article has got you into action straight away is the whole point. I am on the edge where I have to make a choice how to find a balance to do what I really want to and enjoy and to be able make money of it. Also to be able to listen to people and keep your mind open is quite an important part, it is vital.
Thanks Tono for the detailed comments and your continued compliments of me and others around you. Do all of these five things and not only will you be on top of your coursework, when it comes time to study for exams you’ll find you only need an hour or two to review course materials, instead of cramming as if you’ve never seen them before. It is generally acknowledged that it costs much more to gain a new customer than it does to retain existing customers.

For most wedding businesses your key product is something that a customer will only require once. You have already built up a relationship with them and they already trust you to do the work. New products – Could your products or services be adapted for other life events such as christenings and birthdays?
All these options are building on your relationship with your customers and will build up your word of mouth recommendations. It is not necessarily a quick turn around, but I know of a disco company who have done weddings, 40th birthday parties and are now even onto silver weddings as repeat custom. Keeping in touch with previous and existing customers is a cost-effective way of marketing your business. This is a guest post by Samantha Lyth – a freelance administrator offering support to many clients in areas such as database management, email marketing and website updating. In-Office Yoga and ZumbaTry bringing in a yoga or Zumba instructor once a week to engage employees who care about fitness but aren’t interested in bulking up or whose reconstructed knees can’t run on a treadmill. Wearable WellnessStudies are starting to prove that the accountability that comes with wearables and tying technology to fitness goals can improve overall fitness. Organic CSAsMany enterprises are arranging for their offices to be pickup spots for local organic CSAs (community supported agriculture).
Check out 10 health hacks for busy bodies—sneaky ways to look great, feel great and get happy. The fortitude it takes to get up with your alarm clock, get yourself to the gym before work, and achieve your set goals can be considered a herculean effort – yet, every day, the same people get up and get it done. In other words, knowing you have the power of choice is closely tied to your commitment to overall life goals, as well as fitness. A goal could be getting faster at hill sprints, doing more pushups in sixty seconds or solving critical thinking problems more efficiently. Even if it’s a physical challenge, the mental fitness comes with defining the benchmarks toward reaching the finish line and devising the metrics to compare your progress. Just like salespeople are trained to ask a few easy ‘softball’ questions to get you saying ‘Yes’ and thinking positively, you should train your brain to get used to success. Being able to not only handle them as they arise, but to also continue life in a positive way afterward is resilience. Training for resilience consists of building supportive relationships, accepting change without anger, setting realistic goals, developing a positive view and being decisive. Active meditations like Yoga Nidra (a spoken guided meditation which is sometimes known as the ‘science of psychic sleep’) along with the practices of Tai Chi and Qigong are great for developing dexterity of the mind.
Primarily, the inner ear, the body’s somatosensory system and vision contribute to how we move within the world around us. He received his Degree in Exercise Science and seeks to combine personal experience with practical application to provide programming and movement based solutions to match each individual's goals. I was aiming to complete a 30 day push-up and squat challenge and failed to meet my daily expectations.
I’m going to add a few easy goals to my list today in order to prepare my mind to accomplish bigger goals. With new motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favourite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world. The first one is that you should never do something just because you want it to make you money. If your dream is to travel the world then, you need to apply the principle of the proximity effect.
Now if this seems impossible then start with a small step and get within proximity of everyone who loves travel. The crucial part of getting closer to your dream though is that you need to block out time every day for it. The chances are that you are not the only person that has this same dream, and you are going to be competing against others to reach your goal. Commit yourself to mastery and to being the very best at what it is that your dream involves. It’s pretty obvious that on the road to your dream, you are going to want to speak to people who have successfully achieved something similar to what your dream consists of. So often I give out what I think are golden nuggets of advice from my own life experience, and people completely dismiss them without even thinking about the idea or, at least, doing their own research. If you want to be the next Youtube sensation, then go out tomorrow and buy yourself a good camera to record some videos.
Don’t spend crazy amounts of money too early on, but spend enough that it will create some pain for you if you don’t take advantage of the money you have spent.
But when you really want something, you make it a priority no matter what you don’t have. Most people claim to have no time but will watch 3 hours of tv each night or sleep for 10 hours each night. Transition period may and will take time and yes, taking the small steps we can achieve big things. Change is the only thing that constant in our ever evolving world and we shold learn to adapt and take and use new ideas.
We also know that avoiding procrastination can be quite difficult when faced with the huge transition that is the college living experience.
Go to Class – By far the most important thing you can do in college, no matter how tempting it might be to ditch, is to attend class. Pay Attention – It’s not enough to just plop your butt in the seat and expect to do well. Try to Make Connections – As I have progressed through my college career, I have noticed how often the discussions from one class relate to another, or how the discussions from class relate to my own life, my own experiences, or how some of my favorite things in the world came to be. Avoid Procrastination – Aside from the stress caused by always waiting for the last minute, procrastinating is going to have deadly consequences for your ability to foster your own love of learning. Make Your Class Schedule Work for You – By far the most important skill in college, or in life for that matter, is time management. How much more will depend on the business, but on average it is probably 7 times more expensive to get a new client than sell to people you already know.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and birthdays are all times of the year when your services could be appropriate. Offer to send them a voucher or a bottle of champagne when they refer a friend, it is probably more cost-effective than an advert or attending a wedding fair. To make the most of this approach you will need to record the relevant information from your clients, particularly their email address, married name, wedding date, home address and dates of birth.
She is part of York Wedding Network and  is a member of the Steering Committee for Fashion City York.
Many tech companies and global enterprises such as Google and The Huffington Post have outfitted their headquarters with nap rooms to help employees recharge and refocus after a long night of coding or catching a red-eye.
Companies such as Virgin Pulse and Apple are creating devices to bridge the gap between corporate wellness programs and wearable fitness tech. This approach promotes healthy choices for all employees, and makes CSA participation more convenient for employees who work long hours.
As one bleeds into the other, the anxiety can pile up, affecting performance and happiness at work and at home.
By setting an alarm that you can ‘snooze’, you don’t just disrupt and reset the circadian rhythm; you actively train the brain to be more tired. By working on mental dexterity early to become more in tune with our bodies, we condition our mental fitness and train our brain to maintain our balance longer – which is especially important later in life.
But in today’s world of Twitter hashtags, text messages without vowels and a generation of people who don’t ever listen to their voice mail, it’s time to try something new—especially when it comes to starting and advancing business relationships. I love striking up a conversation by email or in person with a give-first opening such as, “Here are three obscure facts I found that are likely to impact your business.” You can bet that when I ask if they want our team to share what else we found, they take the call (or Skype invite!). I see so many people using scheduling software to secure a meeting, but how does it look when you have no other meetings set that week?
You should never spend a day of your life doing something for a living that you don’t love. It’s not difficult to achieve your dream, but you need to understand that getting closer to it will involve lots of small steps. This is where you get ideas from, and you can start building relationships with people you share your dream.
You can never move forward or closer to your dream when you’re stuck in the frustration of hating what you do every day. This job wasn’t his dream, but it was closer to something he was good at and helped him develop skills relevant to his overall dream.
Don’t make the mistake of setting a monthly or a weekly allocation of time because it’s not specific or close enough to the present moment to get you closer to your dream. After all, if this dream is really something you want then having the motivation to take daily action towards it shouldn’t be that hard. You learn how to focus on what you do have and are take full advantage of every moment when you can spend time with your dream. If you want to achieve an above average lifestyle or level of success you have to commit the time.
This helps tremendously in giving me a reason to care about what I’m learning beyond merely the concern for a good grade.
One of the best college success tips is to become excited about your field and to exercise your own passionate exploration of the knowledge related to your chosen degree path. We all know how much fun there is to be had at college and how exciting this new bigger social environment can be, but we’ve got to set aside the time to get things done; after all, the real reason we go to college is to learn. When companies can provide solutions, such as helping the employee hire a housekeeper or providing emergency child care, it removes a layer of stress and helps employees focus on their  duties.
Mel Robbins’ TEDx talk about “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over” mentions this specifically. Instead of sending traditional email introductions to connect people, he records a quick audio file and sends it within the email. If that means 4-5 hours of sleep each night and not catching up on your favorite tv episodes then so be it. It is impossible to feel good about learning when you constantly put things off to the last moment. Send them offers, incentives and ideas to encourage them to use your services again or to recommend you. Fill in those blanks with meetings that show you’re busy—even if it’s a meeting with yourself to think about how to get more meetings.
That’s because time is a currency and we all have that in common except none of us know how long we have. Try to envision how what you’re learning in each class can improve the quality of your life, your understanding, and your own sense of well-being and fascination with the world in which we live.
This gives you the chance to personalize your message, walk clients through each step of your proposal and close the sale—all of which they can view as if it were live at any hour of the day. The key is to share something unexpected and different than what every other marketer or salesperson is sending. I certainly have been faced with this very real event recently and it gets you into action.
You’ve got your whole life to work, so my earnest suggestion is to keep on top of things and enjoy your college experience with the secure knowledge that classes are going well.
Rather than doing a typical email intro, I thought I’d record a quick audio about why you two should know each other.” #brilliant! Make sure to bring your reading assignments for the next day of classes with you, so you can use your gaps to get some work done. I really love the idea that money should not be your main motivation and I see you totally support this as well. And, if you really want to make life easy, spend an hour or two at the library after your last class to get some more work done. You’ll still get home before 5, only now you’ll have the whole evening to do as you please.

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