Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The most important factor in organizing a successful project (as well as in real life) is thepeople you work with. Most etwinning projects include some kind of introducing ourselves toothers (our hometowns, schools, favourite music, postcards etc).
Needless to say that you need to have a good mastery of at least one language broadly spoken, such as English, and preferably of others as well, eg French, Spanish, German etc, besides you native language. However, good chemistry is often hard to find!There are projects consisting of only two partners and others consisting of many !Both cases can be tricky!
Attend online e-twinningseminars, search the e-twinning platform, joingroups, make friends, join projects as membersto see how things work and how other peoplework, make new acquaintances and formalliances for prospective projects.It is advisable that as a newcomer you participatein projects led by more experienced partners sothat you pick up the know-how.

It all depends on the kind of communication you haveestablished with your partners.As in all kinds of teamwork (face-to-face or virtual) the key is cooperationamong partners.
Arrangeregular meeting (eg once a month) to talk about anythingthat concerns you relating to the project or have a nicechat with partners who can become friends!Clear roles in the team are also necessary.
To makea difference you have to come up with a theme that is original, interesting,and interdisciplinary. This does not entail that only language teachers can undertake such projects, but it does explain the reason why such a great percentage of them do. If you are involved in a bilateral cooperation you should becertain that your partner is a person you can trust and that you have the same goals andaspirations.
Later on you cancome up with your own original ideas and beexperienced enough to lead your project!

E-projects are even harder because you have to deal withpeople you’ve never met before with whom you have to produce a decentresult.
However most teachers have a limited range of tools that they use (eg power point presentations) continuously thus getting their students bored.
The e-twinning platform is not such a page, since you need to have passwords and usernames to access it.

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