3 Crucial Signs Your Business Needs a Brand Makeover Most of us, when we first start out in business, usually have very specific goals for what we want to accomplish and the work we want to be known for. 10 Simple Keys to Building a 7-Figure Brand RESERVE YOUR SPOT for the 7-Figure Brand Master Class on December 12, 2015 to gain first-hand insights, resources and tools to help you simplify and demystify how to build a profitable brand!
6 Branding Lessons You Can Learn from South Africa I returned from my transformational trip to South Africa on Friday, October 30th, and spent most of my plane ride back to DC scheming about how to return to South Africa ASAP. The Major Mistake You’re Making with Your Brand That’s Costing You Money **Get your brand ready for a successful 2016!
3 Lessons from Hyundai on Turning Around a Failing Brand How do you go from being synonymous with shoddy, sub-par engineering to becoming a Top 100 Global Brand? 6 Major Mistakes Bloggers Make With Their Brands (and How to Fix Them) I love all things branding and believe that we are all “brands” whether we realize it or not. A Media Expert Shares Her Top 5 Secrets for Creating Irresistible Videos If you’re working on building a successful brand or business, the reality is you also need great content that will help you stand out from your competition. 10 Simple Ways to Give Your Brand and Business a Boost What makes the biggest brands so successful? ABOUTBold & Fearless is a chic lifestyle brand and online magazine for professional women of Africa and the Diaspora who are passionate about faith, purpose, service and leadership. Make sure your online shop looks like a shop, link to your products as soon as your visitors hit the site.
Highly successful websites not only look professional, they sound and behave professional too. In summary: avoid the Do It Yourself option, highly successful websites are built by professionals.
In summary: make sure your website is focused on what your clients need, not what you need. One of the hallmarks of the Amazon website is that at every point there is a clear course of action for the visitor.
Design Inspiration have a friendly and honest way of communicating, allowing clients to feel confident.
If you want to maximise your marketing for 2013, you need to be integrating email into your marketing mix. Email marketing takes you directly to your customers, every time you have a product to sell or a message to get out there.
And with the rise of mobile internet, email marketing lets you grab your customers’ attention on the move.
With a great message, winning design, and solid campaign; including email into your marketing mix can be hugely powerful and beneficial.
But in an age of online and email spammers and scammers, your business needs to tread the fine line between being informative, and being a pest. So how can you increase open rates, click through rates (CTRs), and the all important conversion rate? If you want to increase your open rate and get the biggest bang for your email marketing buck, you need to hit ‘send’ at the optimum moment. By taking the time to tailor your marketing message to specific sections of your audience or prospect list, your eshots become more personal.
Check out our blog post on creating emails your customers will love for more tips on targeting your message. If you’ve taken the time to construct an eshot, you want your customers and prospects to perform a certain action. By making it clear exactly what they will achieve by contacting you – and how you want them to convert – you can increase your CTR and conversions. To make this easier for your recipients, include social sharing icons and an ‘email to friend’ option. Ask your designer to create a custom template for your email campaign that features your company branding. Because of this, your text needs to stand alone in case your readers don’t download the images.
Perhaps the most important secret for email marketing success we can share is to always test your campaigns. Test sending them at different times of the day, different layouts, types of copy, and different calls-to-action.
If you’re thinking of implementing an email marketing campaign for your business, our online marketing team can help. As a leading marketing agency, we can work closely with you to produce a winning design, killer copy, and help you send them at the best possible time. With the latest news about Kraft and Heinz merging to become the world’s fifth largest food and beverage company, it got me thinking about the secrets of successful strategic business relationships. Over the years, I’ve supported many companies with their strategic partnering to leverage one another’s complementary strengths (think alliances, joint ventures, partnerships, consortiums and other company structures), and the majority have either met or exceeded performance expectations. Now that you have developed a clear vision you should also have an understanding of what the combined team brings, the scorecard, the strategic initiatives and the ways of working together. The business blogs can start up right from the fact that your regular blogs are becoming popular day by day and you can think of using them to earn a good monetary profit from this. Advertisements on your blogs can be helpful for you as when your readers will find more and more interest in your blogs – they may reach your site for reading them regularly.
There are different Affiliate programs that can help you to sell products or books of other company and for that you can write informative reviews in your site.
You can write about any humanity related issues in your blog and then ask the readers for a small contribution for the cause. You feel your blogs are becoming interesting to the readers and they are trying to keep reading the blogs regularly.

The readers for your blogs can be anyone but you need to be conscious about the age group and the general choice and the requirements of the readers.
Be consistent about what you are publishing in your blogs and then try to keep the quality of the blogs.
Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
COMMENTS ABOUT ACM Entrepreneur Series-March 15th: Secrets to a successful blog and making money! They follow some of the most important rules of developing and cultivating an incredible reputation. There is no point in their user experience where the visitor is left without a Call to Action of some kind. We work with small and medium sized businesses in Plymouth, Exeter, Devon and beyond who prefer to work together for success.
Rather than relying on them finding you through SEO, or interacting with you on social media, sending an eshot gives you another chance to reach out to your customers on a personal level. Your customers are bombarded with hundreds of emails a day, and you need to make sure yours withstands the spam test.
Send your eshots too early in the day, and they risk getting lost in a mountain of overnight messages.
People will have already worked their way through their inbox and replied to messages from the day before or lunch time. By sending a targeted message to a specific and segmented contact list, you will have increased success compared to sending a single message to a blanket audience.
By producing something unique, interesting, controversial, funny, cute, or usual; your audience are much more likely to share it with their friends.
Whether it contains a discount code, special offer, or something really memorable; include something your customers will want to pass on. Completely image based emails look great, but they’re not exactly functional for all browsers, devices, and email providers.
You will experience different levels of success, and find that different emails will work better for different audiences. When two or more companies partner (or merge like Kraft-Heinz), there is always the risk of failure. So even though partnerships often mean increased complexity, multiple languages, differing operating cultures and delivering on a mega scale, coupled with the frequency of failures and disappointing results, what are the secrets to success?
Have a Strategic Plan – In a recent study by the CMO Council, 85% of respondents viewed partnerships and alliances as important or extremely important to their businesses, yet only one third of respondents had a formal partnering strategy. You’re clear on your strategy, you’ve picked the right partner, and your management team is committed.
Define and map the ‘core value offering’ – Once the partnership has been formed, make sure that the leadership team and then the rest of the organisation is crystal clear on the value that the partnership offers, with particular consideration to the unique value that the partnership offers in the eyes of the client or customer, and how the partners combine to offer a value greater than the value they would offer in isolation. Establish the ‘where’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and the ‘ways of working’ – to energise and unify multiple partners, set the vision, the scorecard and the strategic initiatives to provide common focus.
Next are the most crucial steps for taking the partnership off the paper and making it come alive. Develop trust – Let me be clear – without trust the partnership will most likely fail. By following these fundamentals you will be in good stead for creating a business that is aligned, committed and high performing. You can think about different ways to earn the profits through this blogging and some of them are discussed below.
This traffic can be channelized to different advertisements on the page and the money comes in when the clients click on the ads to read more about it. Your popularity as a writer will attract the readers and then they can read all about the product and get interested to buy. Your words must help the readers to create an atmosphere to be able to understand the issues and then it becomes easy for them to come forward to contribute.
You can share your deep feelings with your customers and bring out the fellow feeling with them.
Keep bringing in new and interesting topic and keep the same design and color for the pages. The marketing ideas through the blogs can be more interesting as they get to read about something new and informative and even get the ideas for marketing and feel a closeness of a community, online. Take a look at your website through the prism of the seven secrets of highly successful websites and see if you can make yours just as effective. Okay, I know that’s not the most original joke in the world, but the first time we hear it the joke works because it plays with our notions of reality. If your website is a place to buy screwdrivers, you’d better make sure that the shopping cart works. These websites are created by professionals who choose colours and layouts for more than just aesthetic reasons. At one time I became fascinated by the lives of people who had made a difference in the World.
From now on, your website will be increasingly viewed by people when they’re out and about.
Pretend you are building a completely new website and go through each of these Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Websites. Send them too late in the day, and there’s a chance your recipients will just hit ‘delete’ before reading. This will help increase brand awareness, cement your status as an industry authority, and boost your conversion rate.

Success will depend on how well the partnering companies can align their once separate strategies to create a new business or partnership more successful (and profitable) than before.
Having defined the core value offering of the partnership, methodically identify the primary outcomes that it must deliver to bring that value, and the drivers of those outcomes within the business. Make sure the ways of working together is clear including decision-making, collaboration, problem solving, conflict management, how performance of individuals will be managed, technology and systems etc. If you have a link to connect to the different sites, then the selling is done through that site and you can earn a commission. If they find something suitable for their requirements, then they can opt for the service and your site earns the profit margin for the sale. If they are mostly students, you can bring in topics that will discussion about future profession or choosing the schools to study.
Make sure that product descriptions explain things in ways that your buyers can understand. Highly successful websites use words that have been crafted by professional copywriters who know the difference between a comma and a semicolon. How many people would genuinely regret it if your website crashed tomorrow and was never restored? As we sit on the sidelines watching the Kraft-Heinz merger unfold, we can only hope these two giants understand the secrets required for a successful partnership.
In this way, all activities and elements of the organisation can be aligned to the core value offering and steps can be taken to ensure the capability to deliver that offering is developed and not eroded. One of my all-time favourite books, The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni, shows why trust is so important in teams.
The blogs can also guide your customers to get over some personal issues and then they will feel more grateful to the blogs.
You must try to prepare them for the topics that you like to write about and at the same time find what they like the best so that the blogs do not becoming less interesting for both the parties.
Invite new topic ideas and session of discussion and commenting on the blogs that you publish so that the readers feel needed and important.
Una de las ventajas que te ofrece internet es que no necesitas ser una empresa muy grande o con muchos recursos para conseguir llegar a tu publico objetivo, pero si es importante saber como encontrarlo, que busca y como escribir para los buscadores ademas de para tu publico. When the joke reveals itself as wordplay we laugh, but websites don’t work like that. Importantly, highly successful websites contain photographs that have been taken by someone that does it for a living.
Don’t just spend time in meetings or over lunches – spend time in the ‘pressure cooker’ solving real challenges (will blog about this is the future). The ‘core value offering’ and ‘role clarity’ impacts everything – the new team’s identity and every subsequent Contracting Strategy decision. Add to the mix multiple companies, cultures, languages and interests and the importance of trust is amplified. The leadership team must authentically lead, develop trust, engage, connect, listen and model collaboration in the ‘pressure cooker’. These will make them a trusted friend of yours and will start depending on your opinion on everything. This will make the readers become a regular visitor of your pages, increasing the popularity of the blog and site. Una vez que tienes tu texto publicado, es importante saberlo divulgar y medir las estadisticas para aportar valor en lo que la gente realmente busca. This 4 inch long screwdriver will reach into most household spaces and the specially-toughened flat head means it will give you years of service. It was a small thing, but one that their contemporaries felt set these people apart from others.
Invest as much time as necessary to be crystal clear on the offering – grab this opportunity to align. Trust is genuinely seeing differences as strengths, encouraging creative challenge, fostering diversity and collaboration. Esto y mas es lo que trataremos en esta charla, apoyando las diferentes claves con ejemplos reales del caso de exito de Oh My Fiesta! Imagine what you’d think if the next time you visited the Amazon website it turned out to be a website about the River Amazon? This model has been the choice of professionals and DIY enthusiasts for over 10 years”.
Oh and if your website  isn’t integrated with your social media strategy, you need to talk to us at Design Inspiration. Trust within partnerships should develop through the earlier fundamentals, and trust is best reinforced when the ‘pressure cooker’ is on full throttle and problem solving constructively together. It might be amusing for a while, but pretty soon we’d be annoyed at not being able to buy that book or DVD we wanted. When they said they would do a thing, or agree to meet at a particular place and time, they invariably came through. Being clear on the objectives and then having a clear strategy of what the partner(s) need to bring, is essential.
Actualmente es CEO de Oh my Fiesta!, empresa fundada por ella misma que comprende un grupo de 32 blogs con exito internacional tanto en espanol como en ingles.

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