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For me, financial literacy, way back, is you get a good paying job, give your tithes, help others and save a portion in the bank. Overall, this is a book for those whose still contemplating to try dip their feet on {Philippines} stock market (or other entrepreneurial grounds, for that matter). Many Filipinos who want to learn how to invest in the stock market still wonder if the return is worth the pain. Another question most new investors have in their mind is: Where can I find someone to teach me how to invest?
If you’re reading this, chances are, you are still trying to find the best advice to become a successful stock market investor in the Philippines. You may already read many resources online but is still unsure whether or not they are giving you the right information. What Warren Buffet actually means “never lose money” is that, every time you lose, it should be an insignificant loss and should not outweigh the gain. If you are winning 100 every time you invest and losing 20 at the same time, you are not losing money. Dennis notes that young investors commit the mistake of selling their stocks at the first sign of profit. Investors and traders should know how to wait for the right timing; when to hold and when to withdraw their profit.
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal emphasizes to hold stocks for a long period of time, and taking the dividend while waiting. Successful investing does not only require money and knowledge; it also takes someone who knows how to control his or her emotion and fear especially if the market is already going down. The best way to do was to find a trusted mentor to teach you step by step until you learn to do it yourself. Before putting your money in any stocks, you should take a closer look at the company’s performance.

Putting your money in stocks requires you to delay immediate gratification and wait for the right time to reap the gain.
Michael Steinhardt is a son of Sol Frank Steinhardt, a compulsive high-stakes gambler, New York’s leading jewel fence. If you are still hesitant to invest in the stock market, you may want to visit the Truly Rich Club (click here) by Bro.
Stock market should not be a complicated thing; we can learn from the experts and apply them to help us succeed in investing. Never did I expect that the financial literacy I've been searching for so many years are to be found on this book. Similarly, Bo shared the life of some once-poor-who-persevered-and-now-is-wealthy success stories that we can very well relate.
Bo Sanchez have acquired a huge chunk of information from his mentors, and they're big business tycoons mind you!
So instead of listening to unknown resources, let us instead learn from the world’s greatest investors! He is a frequent guest on financial gatherings, and his letter addresses daily commentary about stock market investment and trading.
But if you are a long term investor, it feels like buying a company’s share at a cheaper price which will eventually bloom in five to ten years. With discipline and diligence, long-term investors will surely gain their hard earned investment.
Icahn has made a number of enemies over years, investors should still listen to this man’s advice. Towards your journey, you may hear news and read articles about what stocks to buy and what stocks to sell.
The firm is a holding company that invests in real estate, rail cars, metals and auto companies. But what makes it harder was when you don’t know how to tame your impulses of getting ease a bit.
Sure, some stock market terms can intimidate you, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot learn it.

His hedge fund, Tiger Management, became the world’s largest fund, which peaked at over $23 billion invested. He emphasizes that any investor should make sure that what they will earn should justify the time and effort of waiting.
If you are just about to start, you may want to know where to find a person who can teach you to start the right way.
After reading this book, I've been awakened by the fact that the money I have in the bank has so much POTENTIAL. It's also one of the reasons why I think this book is valid and relevant in terms of financial literacy. While it provides a disclaimer that there's nothing sure in every business, I've discovered this formula: TIME + Little Investments = Richer You.
He is known for his insistence, in numerous media appearances and in writing, on the superiority of index funds over traditional actively-managed mutual funds. Sure, in any investing comes possible risk, but you can reduce the risk by researching and analyzing before investing. I believe that you are looking for ways to learn the step by step process with whatever amount you may have today.
That small amounts of money plus the passage of time can be a powerful tool for anyone (including Bo's maids) to be rich. While I adore writers with profound techniques, seeing easy to digest vocabulary in an otherwise complex topic (Finance) is like a breath of fresh air. Book also emphasized that while there are uncertain factors in business, the failure of NOT TRYING is the worst of them all. I have surrendered to the fact that there will always be negatrons (people oozing with negative vibes) along the way, but I have decided to not LET them bother me. As long as you conduct your due diligence (sosyal na term but it's more of masigasig na research) before plunging in any unfamiliar ground, you'll be F-I-N-E.

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