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Blue Label Telecoms' group company, The Prepaid Company, is the leading distributor of prepaid products for all SA network operators. 8ta has introduced a self-service application for iPad users that will assist its prepaid and contract customers to manage their data needs.The app, announced by Telkom's mobile arm yesterday, is available for free download from the Apple App Store. 8ta is now Telkom Mobile, if you know how to load airtime online for 8ta you can do the same for telkom Mobile simcard. Below that you will see purchase data bundle select the data bundle you want and click purchase. 8ta On net and Off net are both online self service portals where by you can do stuff like buying data bundles from your internet browser. Since you can only access on net using an 8ta SIM, what if for some reason you want to check your data balance or simply recharge but your SIM is not currently on any internet connected device? Off net – Using the off net portal, you can still do all these things like checking data balance (and more) on your SIM even if you’re browsing using another service provider SIM card. Now that we know which portal we can use when, lets find out more about the services provided. Here you can see your 8ta number, your name and surname together with the tariff plan you’re subscribed to. The default option is to be redirected the page where you are given options to purchase a new data bundle.
I need your help, my simcard report the sim-error now and then, so i want to buy new simcard on 8.ta and swim-swap so that i may get the information as i used it.
The Play Store allows you to add new applications, it doesn’t screw up Whatsapp in any way.

Im sick of certain ethnic groups think they run the show and comment rude and make stupid remarks. It says only postpaid deals in FAQ can add a secondary device, But you should be able to connect to the wi-fi using your ipad via that EAP-SIM . My issue is that the sim card does not fit in my iPad, and I use it in a stationary 3G router at home.
Please send us your affected number, contact number and device used via PM so we that we can assist further. When in Benllech, rent Bryn Eithin 4 Star holiday home with ground floor accommodation sleeping 4 on the Isle of Anglesey; the luxurious holiday home has all the amenities you could ever want.
It will enable users to manage airtime and data bundle balances, redeem airtime vouchers, top-up online as well as purchase data bundles at any time.Telkom's senior managing executive, Amith Maharaj, says the app was created as a tool to make data more accessible and convenient, given the increasing need for data in SA.
Book your free seat at this executive forum and find out how to create the perfect blend to get your hybrid enterprise operating optimally. You may be familiar with the popular version of it known as “on net or onnet”, they do almost the same thing but in different circumstances. Edit your personal detail registered on the 8ta network, this includes – your name, surname and ID number.
You can either choose to be redirected to a page where-by you’re given an option to purchase a new data bundle.
If you have more than one 8ta account (number) or even have a Telkom landline, you can link them in one profile so that you can view and manage information of all your accounts from the convenience of your browser. Share your thoughts on the comments, and DO NOT forget to share this article on your favorite social network, cheers ;). How to go on, ’cause at Shoprite them sad they register a simcard but not swim-swaping it.

I'm on prepaid and loaded up R150 and saw that I got the bonus data but can't link my iPad. I log into my account on TM, I can see all my balances, but nowhere, there is NO option to add a Mac Address ??????
That’s exactly were it becomes very useful – when you run out of data bundles you can still recharge or use your existing airtime to purchase data bundles.
Sometimes your SIM card might be in a router which is used as Wi-Fi to connect multiple devices, to check the balance of hat SIM, you will need Off net.
Or choose to automatically continue browsing whilst being charged at OOB (out of bundle) rates.
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Wi-Fi is provided for those who want to keep abreast of things and there is a Playstation 2 for the young and the young at heart.
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