If all that sounds too pretentious, or if the lyrics themselves fail to say it better and more succinctly, then you might at least be interested to know that the second verse really happened. Turned out it was an old lady who forgot the gas pedal was not the one that made the car stop, no matter how much harder you kept pressing it. Anyhow, that went into the mix as well, because sometimes having a genuine bond with someone – like we now did with everyone else who’d been in the park that day – isn’t so desirable after all. So I don’t self-identify as a geek or a nerd because neither camp would fully accept me as one of their own. It’s always good-natured but it happened again this weekend at the Northern Voice blogging conference. The geek handshake, where there’s a checklist of things you must enjoy, is another example of how we put each other into boxes. I agree that commonalities draw us together, but I countered by saying the most interesting parts of friendship are where the circles don’t overlap. It was one of the first written and recorded after Mutiny, though it was left off …Finally since the groove didn’t really sequence well with the punkier numbers on that one. Since it was written after being dropped by our major label, it was also an acknowledgement that there might not be tens of millions of such connections to be made, and an attempt to accept and, just maybe, even celebrate that fact. My wife Donna and I were enjoying the first perfect day of spring in Washington Square Park.

It is a strange thing to watch actual people actually die, and at moments like that I think the brain tries to construct a narrative that makes sense.
I think at least 10 other people in the park were doing the same (back in those pre-cell phone days, every street corner had banks of pay phones). At most of my workplaces I’ve been considered tech savvy, which makes my truly tech savvy friends laugh. As if any two people have one set of traits, as if we’re not all way more complicated than that. If our secret handshake excludes the rest of the circle, the boundaries of our own circle will never expand. Tough another problem with these boards is that most people, like me, nowerdays never look anywhere else then at the general forums. We did play it a lot on tour in ’94 and ’95, and it eventually came out as a bonus track on the CD reissue of Green Eggs and Crack.
Even when it doesn’t feed you, there is serious joy in the notion that art can help you shake hands with someone you’ll never meet.
We’d just bought some ice cream cones, and sat down on a bench in the northeast corner of the park to eat ‘em. The most logical explanation to me was that the driver was doing it on purpose, that something in his or her brain had snapped, and he or she had decided to run down as many people as possible.

We briefly debated running into the melee in case we could help the wounded, but decided we’d probably do more harm than good. And even in good-natured-ness, it’s another way of dividing people as in the club and not in the club.
My mixed metaphors would have worked better if Venn diagrams were square, but in essence we put ourselves in boxes. Glenn’s career started in 1996 when he began working as script reader for New Line Cinema and Innovative Artists Agency. It was one of those days after a long and miserable winter when everyone in the city was so happy for the nice weather that they make a point of smiling and being polite to strangers, and one of us was saying something about how gorgeous and pleasant it all was when we heard a noise that sounded wrong, heard some screams, and suddenly watched people being flung through the air in a horrifying manner. So we went to a bar on Bleeker Street and drank a bunch of pints of beer, which didn’t seem to make us drunk, or to make what we’d just saw make any sense. It wasn’t immediately obvious what was going on, but soon we saw a car just tearing through the middle of the park, running people over. I remember the bartender was irritated when we insisted he switch away from the baseball game that was on to a local newscast, so we could find out what exactly had happened.

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