Abundance and riches on all subjects - including health, happiness and wealth - are your rightful heritage! To claim your wealth using The Secret, The Secret Team has created a powerful visualization tool to help you attract riches into your life.
To experience the full power of The Secret to Riches, be sure to read every word and feel it as much as you can.
The Secret to Riches visualization tool was inspired by one of the great wealth teachers from The Secret, Bob Proctor. Bob travels the world teaching millions how to bring riches into their lives, through his books, seminars, and his coaching programs. In honor of Bob Proctor, and of all The Secret master teachers, we give you the gift of The Secret to Riches visualization tool.

Don’t try to¬†affirm from a place of that lacks positivity or is full of¬†negative emotion. This Abraham-Hicks video has Abraham telling us how to turbocharge our affirmations by only doing them when the time is right.
Being depressed and being a man doesn't mean you have to pull up your panties, suck in the pain, and keep supporting others. Click Sign Up above to start receiving our newsletters, updates and special offers from Beliefnet right away. It has been intentionally created so you will receive the maximum benefits through the law of attraction. Every single time you watch it, you will be deliberately focusing all your energy and powerful attracting thoughts on magnetizing riches into your life.

The intent is to uplift your spirit, rebalance your inner soul, and attract positivity towards yourself. For more information on how you can participate or, to help someone who has mental illness, visit Mental Health America.
Abraham-Hicks isn’t a single person, but a group of spiritually evolved teachers who collectively are called Abraham.

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