Today in this article we are going to write an exclusive review of Airtel Digital TV (ADTV) which is one of the most popular DTH service providers in India. In the above article we concluded that Dish TV is better than Tata Sky in number of channels, picture quality, etc but Tata Sky is better than Dish TV in recording feature. If a person switches from Airtel DTH to Tata Sky or vice versa, he'll not face any problem as the user interface and features are almost same in both DTH services.
In fact all menu options are same and present in same locations in both DTH services such as recorder settings, user or system settings, etc.
The hidden secret trick to reinstall or update set top box firmware works fine in both DTH services as both are using same software.
So in hardware, software and user interface areas, both Airtel and Tata Sky earn equal points.
There is no doubt that Tata Sky's recording feature is excellent but Airtel also provides same feature and functionality. Both DTH services allow users to set series recordings in which you can set the set top box to automatically record all new episodes of your desired TV program.
UPDATE: Some Airtel users have reported that sometimes a few series recordings are automatically deleted from Airtel Digital TV set top box. Airtel DTH remote can work for almost all brand televisions but first you'll need to program the remote and pair your TV remote buttons with Airtel remote buttons. Its a quite handy feature as you don't need to carry 2 remotes with you whenever you are watching TV. Airtel also provides one French TV channel "TV5 Monde Asie" and its said that this channel sometimes broadcasts adult stuff but I can't confirm it. When you switch on Airtel DTH set top box, it starts with the same TV channel which you were watching last time. How to Change Power Button Action in Windows Vista to Shut Down the System instead of Sleep?
Dear VG, thanks for this review, I just purchased Airtel DTH after a lot of comparison with Tata Sky & I also found it more value for money as for Rs 350 I get almost all the channels+2 Free regional topups free for life. Different dish provider give channel package,also individual channel selection optn started now. Seems the article was written by an Airtel official, as is the practice these days to promote one's product- "in a different way".
I have been trying to get rid of this Airtel and will soon do so, and that's because of its inability for the last many years to provide a simple 'live pause and record facility'. I had been using Airtel DTH (Non HD )for past 4 years with services on 3 different TV Sets.
Aitels sales representative Jaspreet called me and sold me an HD DTH plan with 1 month mega pack for 1750.
When I called call centre your customer service representatives were rude and then transferred my call to an idiot senior who abruptly disconnected my call twice, sheer unprofessionalism.
Airtel is full of cheats, false sales representatives & unprofessional customer support executives. I repent my decision of buying Airtel DTH and I want to disconnect my plan and want my money back ASAP.
Failing which I am launching consumer court complaint and come what may I will fight till the end with Airtel cheats. Off late Airtel has become worst in providing services i have done complaints for at least 10 times and the problem is not yet resolved . I am planning to move from airtel HD to either tata sky HD or dish tv HD as per your reviews. When I compare online , tata sky and dish tv sounds to be cheaper than airtel, considering my choices of channels. 1) With Airtel HD+ stb(not Hd recorder), can we record one show and watch another show on tv simultaneously? Hi VG, Thanks for detailed breakup and frankly looking through it, looks like Airtel is slightly better if we think about ROI. 3) You have not talked about the features like showcase and video on demand options available in TataSky.. One final question for your VG -- I just saw that Tata Sky HDR box offers Karaoke option - may be useful for kids preparing for Stage speaking..
If i purchase airtel digital TV hd recorder so, can i get HBO hits and HBO defined in true hd? Their Service guys always try to cheat the customers to pluck money by saying that Set up box need to be replaced or receiver is gone or any new reasons.
After that, neither the on line complaint request will take necessary action not the customer support will respond to your calls. Over the last two months I have tried to getn their attention to a problem of my settop box hanging frequently, and I agree that their CC is atrocious, and their technicians are plain liars.

My problemm has not been attended to yet, and I have come to your site looking for alternatives.
Rest every connections r same, same channels, hardware, software it won't make any difference. Hence, I am planning to switch to a DTH connection with max HD channels and recording facility (like inbuilt hard disk). Though they said a "new" box would be provided, the actual box is a second hand with a 1 month warrantee only.
I am fed up now and need some help in deciding which of the DTH providers have a good after service.. If you want maximum channels, excellent hardware and software and are ready to spend good money, then Tata Sky is your best option.
Hi users, i am satisfied with the quality with Airtel digital TV, but they hide some important information which is not trustworthy.
Is there any law or authority to monitor this as this mislead to people as i thought the big amount which i paid is refundable amount as security of STB & DISH. I WANT TO STOP VIEWING ON MY AIRTEL DIGITAL SOUTH & PUNJABI CHANNELS, HOW CAN IT IS POSSIBLE AND HOW MANY CHANNELS FREE TO AIR ON AIRTEL.? I have got a Airtel Digital TV Rs 999 installation kit free with a Panasonic LCD brought last week.
Joining Dish TV and Tata Sky, DTH services provider Airtel Digital TV has launched its television streaming app Pocket TV for Android. The app offers over 150 live television channels, which can be streamed on your Android smartphone or tablet. It is surprising how the DTH service providers are not offering single subscription plans, which integrate DTH access, streaming access on mobile devices and more.
It is only a top-up you need to add once to your Airtel Digital TV account, thereafter you will just need to recharge with your base pack price + Rs. Also one more thing I observed is this app has 4.5 rating and every 5 star rating seems to be fishy reading the comments.
It is a valid point and will also help Airtel as more users are likely to use the service if they are not worried about data charges.
Airtel Digital TV comes with universal remote control which can be used for both TV and Set top box. Airtel Digital Tv - Airtel set top box is 20% bigger than other providers to make sure the service is not interrupted and the subscribers can continue enjoying their tv shows. Give second priority to Net Banking in which you will be redirected to bank website, which is safe. Disclaimer: We try our best to make sure that the information which we provide you is accurate. It might become very useful if you live in India and planning to switch to or purchase a new DTH (Direct-To-Home) television service provider.
We are also going to compare it with another popular DTH service of India which is Tata Sky.
Actually both companies are using same software which has been developed by Cisco company in India, that's why you'll find quite similar user interface in both services.
Since both DTH services are using same software, recording functionality is also almost same in them. Tata Sky remote is not universal but you can purchase a universal remote from Tata Sky but again you'll need to spend extra money for it. Tata Sky provides maximum 63 HD channels, on the other hand Airtel provides only 46 HD channels.
On the other hand, Tata Sky set top box always starts with channel 100 which is actually an advertisement channel of Tata Sky which becomes quite annoying sometimes. None of the available DTH services in India allow you to watch or transfer recorded shows on PC.
If a channel is not available in your subscription pack and if its available as an a la carte channel, you can subscribe to it. If you compare tatasky HD+ set top box with Airtel HD+ set top box tata sky has a good technology. I just asked him what is the signal strength, he replied me 96-99 % out of 100% (same area).
The set top box which you are talking about is Airtel Digital TV HD+ which requires USB drive for recording.
Recording HD on a pen drive is very much there and is quite handy when a program that you like is aired late at night or when one is busy. I've been using Airtel for 2 years now and few days ago we updated our set top box to HD+ and then I got to know how costly it is.
Every time there engineers come take money and go saying that the issue will not come again but it comes again.

So go with the one which fulfills your requirements such as desired channels, packages, etc.
Every online chat guy or girl will respond that they will take special care and get it resolved. We should always throw costly biscuits to their service dogs each and every call they attend otherwise you too would give your comments like this.
I have been using Airtel IpTV since last 3 years on 32 inch LED TV but, I have recently purchased a large 50 inch LED and picture quality has become quite bad. Which HD STB(latest version) has better quality Airtel HD or Tata Sky HD for both SD and HD channels?
Now available for free in Google Play for Airtel Digital TV users, this app requires a monthly subscription worth INR 60, which will be deducted from Airtel Digital TV balance of the consumers. You will also have access to old programming on over 13 channels, so you will able to stream your favourite programs (some of them given the limited number of channels) even after the telecast date. No consumer wants to pay several different subscription fees each month, this is simply bad user experience. Airtel is first company to provide universal remote control in India, in others we have to user different remote for box and TV.
You can watch onscreen account details, book cinema tickets, browse & travel holiday packages, make tele-shopping, get city based information guides and also get the stock updates using widgets along with worldspace radio content, which makes Airtel Digital TV superior than other providers because they offer seriously extra features which others dont offer. Both allow users to watch one and record one TV channel program or record two channel programs simultaneously. User interface is also same but Airtel Digital TV has some plus points such as universal remote, more TV channels, etc which make Airtel DTH better than Tata Sky.
Of course you cannot watch one channel and simultaneously record another one on pen drive recorder,for this you have to buy a recorder with built in hard disk which is expensive. In my home entertainment channels(star plus, sony, colors etc), some news channels and sports channels are viewed. But every time you go online chat some new stupid will come and repeat the same commitments. Actually TRAI has asked DTH companies to work on DTH portability so that customers can use any STB with all DTH services. I was looking for common connection for entire society and they keep explaining about indicidual connection. We hope the other DTH service providers planning to launch similar apps will come up with such plans. If you are talking about hard restart (power off and on using mains), it'll start home channel.
I purchased airtel HD+ connection to replace my Tatasy HD+ but i had to go back to tatasky in just 5 days and had to throw the airtel digital HD+ in bin. However, the feature that when you re start stb you see the last watched channel is is no longer there and the menace of advertisement has won,now when you start STB you will reach the ad channel only. To have all of them is quite costly and to have all normal + HD, it costs around 500 or more. Every 6 months one of my set top box, get faulty and guys comes for maintenance say box has to replace. But they fool later it is Airtel proprty not mine, and all the amount which i paid during new connection is not refunded.
They then told me that the box would have to be changed and as it was no longer under warrantee i would have to buy a "new" box. Also cost wise airtel is cheaper as compared with tatasky(i dont care about the price i am an Engineer and look for good technology and not price, few hundred bugs will not matter). I agreed but the service technicians kept of asking for different amounts, one said 1200, another 1800 a third 3500 and the fourth one said Rs12000 for a new connection!!!!! I appreciate your review and knowledge but i am sure you will like my points if you are at all technical. Just 3 days ago, Tata Sky installed at one TV set and now I regret why did I chose Tata Sky as picture quality and sound quality of Tata Sky HD is inferior to Airtel Non HD. Their customer service is so bad…they say they will take complaint but put you on hold and cut the call.
After completion of 1 month period , I will get back my Airtel DTH as I got message from Airtel that separate ID's have been generated. With immediate effect they change my annual pack to daily basis, and to my surprise they drag everything till end of annual package date.
They have absolutely no record of me paying the money but my credit card has been charged for the amount and I have transaction ID that they gave.

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