This practice combines awareness of the breath, psychic passages for the breath and psychic sound (mantra So Hum). When these three components are practiced together, the awareness, breath and mantra become one. The whole body is recharged, psychic toxins are eliminated and blocks in the nadis (energy pathways) are removed. Check the alignment of the body and make any adjustments to the position to bring a sense of balance and ease. Remain in this state for as long as desired, to end the practice gradually externalise by noticing the subtle sensations and moving to the more gross sensation. Like we already know, concentration is a very important if not the most important practice to help us reach meditation. With Ajapa japa practice we’ll be consciously repeating the mantra So-Ham using the breath and the sound to focus our mind. Those deep rooted memories have significant influences on our behaviour andour way of thinking and deeling with our environment. Before starting Ajapa Japa Dhyana do a short kaya sthairyam (body stillness) practice, Be aware of your body posture, make sure your body is still, relax and grounded. Imagine the breath in moving from the navel to the throat and the breath out moving from the throat to the navel. Feel the energy moving from mooladhara chakra to vishuddhi ksetram(passing all other ksetram on the way) to bindu with the breath in and down from bindu to ajna chakra down to mooladhara chakra (passing all the other chakra on the way) with the breath out. Continue this practices of SO-HAM keeping ujjayi, ketchari and awareness on the movement, breath and sound.

After about 5 to 10 minutes stop the practice, breath normally and focus on chiddhakasha, the screen in the dark space at the forehead area.
Then go back to SO-HAM practice for another 5 to 10 minutes, then again take time for chiddhakasha dharana. Then you stop SO-HAM practice, focus again on the breath, again become aware of the breath in and out of the nostrils.Then become aware of the outside sounds, then bbring your awareness on your body sitting in the studio or your room. End up the practice by chanting Om three times, do palming one time and open your eyes slowly when you feel ready. As the breath flows in the energy rises from the navel to the throat, as the breath flows out it moves back down to the navel. She is the director of Satya Live Yoga and specialises in online yoga courses to help people find their own home yoga practice.
A third factor will be use to increase our focus and this will be according to the movement of the breath and energy in the body.
By allowing them to surface and acknowledging there presence we take a step to understand our self and subsequently to modify our own attitude, pattern and behaviour. The energy of the IN flows up from the navel to the throat, the energy of the EX down from the throat to the naval. This pathway begin at mooladhara chakra (perineum for man and cervix for women) and end up at ajna chakra (pineal gland). Like looking at a movie screen we'll let our mind play its deepest and far rooted memories film. Stay focus on your breath for a while, you can even feel the hair of you nostrils moving with the breath.

Keep the feeling of Joy, Harmony, Happiness, Love and Peace with you and spread it to everyone you’ll meet. Continue to feel the breath moving through the frontal psychic passage between navel and throat. She is a dedicated teacher, authentic and compassionate, who puts her heart and soul into every class. With this practice will be visualizing the energy moving up from mooladhara  to ajna and down from ajna to mooladhara.
Taking a witness attitude, we’ll learn about our unconscious self and its surprising content.
Your spine is straight the shoulder slightly back and relax the head is straight and chin slightly in. Then move your awareness to the outside sounds, move from one sound to the other without trying to identify the sounds but just by observing the different sounds.
Adopt ujjayi breathing (restriction of glottis) and if you feel comfortable adopt ketchari mudra (tongue fold tip on soft palate). It is a time of purging, your mind has deep rooted memories and it is a perfect time to allow them to surface and show themselves to you. Now you see them with different eyes and it is time to redigest them with awareness and compassion to you and other.

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