We are called into action to initiate a mass clearing of our living etheric records still causing roadblocks into our greater potential. Before listening to this transmission, please be prepared with a main question that you want to ask. Through meditation and prayful intent, ask a pertinent question about a limiting pattern in your life. Invoke violet light into this living imprint, to both consume and requalify it through the action of love, mercy and compassion.
Repolarize the active charge of the discord contained in this record by seeing the benefit of any related trauma or painful experience, and WHY it has greatly served you. In the name I AM, by and through my sovereign divine birthright, I command that this imprint and its active charge of discord be completely removed from my soul record.
Disclaimer: Although the audio downloads on this site contribute to health and wellness, they are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.

By doing this as a collective, we can add great propulsion to the global housecleaning while elevating the awakened group consciousness to its next level of ascending frequency. By doing this as a collective, we can add great propulsion to the global housecleaning while elevating our group consciousness to the next level of its ascending frequency. This question relates to limiting patterns in your life and WHY they still linger, pulling you out of divine alignment.
Dissolve the core cause, all effect, record and memory from my energy hologram across all time and spaceā€¦ including any binding soul contracts, agreements and karmic vows. Place a big circle of violet fire around it and then a slash right through the middle from top to bottom. You have permission to share our free public information as long as it is offered at no cost, it is not altered, and the proper credt is given to this Foundation.
I hereby re-qualify this record and all associated imprints in divine harmony and pure love.

This includes all self-created suggestions for mood altering, brain wave states altering, and for self-improvement or motivation. Do not listen to any audio from childrenofthesun.org while driving or operating machinery or other mechanical devices. Exploring the secret hidden ancient records of information that are buried within our subconscious is one of the most freeing, healing, and completely natural, spiritual inner experiences you can have.
People who have accessed the Akashic Records like Nostradamus, Quatzlcoatl, Rudolph Steiner, Mary Baker Eddy, Emmanuel Swedenbord, Edgar Cayce were "normal" human beings like you and me who decided to work this inner muscle and focus the direction of their mind is a way where this greater vast knowledge and consciousness was given freely!.

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