This post will look at the most recent studies that continue to show new effects of meditation on the brain, as well as new applications. This Neuroscience review reported additionally that compassion meditation (summarized in previous post and below) increased gamma oscillations and synchrony, as well as increased activity in brain regions related to empathy.  It also emphasized that changes in the brain from mindfulness meditation can occur in just eight weeks. The article raised the question whether meditation research is complicated by the fact that changes in the brain could also be from daydreaming, and self-reflection. Basically, meditation of all types increased focus and self-monitoring of thought and emotion. As the research into meditation has expanded, there are new findings in brain connectivity, neuroplasticity (brain changes and brain region growth), multitasking, and emotional monitoring.  Other research has focused on the specific uses of meditation in cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and war related stress.
As these new results are incorporated into brain science, a broad question arises about the relation of meditation, daydreaming, sleep, physical exercise and creativity. Gyri in the cortex are the folded regions of the cortex that allow for increased complexity and increased connectivity of the neurons.
This study of Chinese mindfulness meditation also found decrease in stress, measured by hormones in the blood. New research with mindfulness meditation shows an improved ability to multitask after the meditation session.  The study included simultaneous work with emails, calendars, instant messaging, telephone and word-processing tools to perform common office tasks.
Meditation has now been used to help treat a variety of medical problems.  The recent studies include anxiety from cancer, cardiovascular risk in teens, and depression. Approximately 40% of cancer patients have severe anxiety or depression.  This increases time in the hospital, and greatly affects quality of life and suicide risk. An analysis of 22 studies involving 1400 patients from Denmark showed that cancer patients had less anxiety and depression with mindfulness meditation.  The result lasted at least six months after the study period. Previous studies have shown that sleep during the time of slow waves stimulates increased memory for learned material. Daydreaming is important because it allows us to imagine future events, to flesh out ideas, and to create. Increased brain coherence is noted in meditation, but is also demonstrated in elite managers, musicians and athletes.
Tai Chi is a meditative physical exercise, which is less aerobic than other forms of exercise. Just as the great American Indian warrior Crazy Horse did many years ago, the new soldier is learning to concentrate his mind for battle using meditative techniques.
The psychological terms used in these military studies include “resiliency”, “psychological hardiness” or “mental toughness”.  The new training called Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program increasingly includes these emotional, and psychological elements. The most elite group remaining after very grueling SEAL training shows more activation in the insula, an area related to self-awareness, pain and emotion.  The insula also helps relieve stress with awareness. Currently, SEALs are using meditation in training, based upon neuroscience data of increased gray matter volume and better synapses in the pre frontal cortex.  These brain changes lead to improved ability to have attention control triggers of the amygdala fear responses.
Another meditation study for eight weeks, using fMRI, blood markers and saliva markers, showed a better recovery from stress.  After the study period soldier’s brains were more likely to resemble the brains of elite SEALS and Olympians. In normal function any mental event creates rapid changes in neurons, including building and rebuilding very complex structures almost instantly. Meditation is a specific training that builds a “muscle” of mental concentration with increased memory, creativity and cognitive abilities.  These new abilities include being able to control the effects of severe stress and include a variety of different subjective internal states.
As mechanisms of these changes are elucidated in the future, hopefully the details of subjective meditative states can be correlated with molecular changes in the brain. This entry was posted in Blog, Human Brain and tagged Daydreaming increases creativity, Meditation and brain changes, Meditation counteracts stress, Meditation helps anxiety, Meditation helps anxiety with cancer, Meditation helps depression, Meditation helps hypertension, Meditation helps multitasking, Meditation helps stress of war, Meditation increases axons and myelin, Meditation increases gyrus, Tai Chi increases brain size. The researchers propose that this is evidence of some kind of unusual standing wave in the brain, but I prefer a simpler explanation: the DMN is known to send synchronization signals every few seconds via the thalamus to the rest of the brain. The typical explanation for how TM works is that effortless thought of any kind in any circumstance tends to set up a feedback loop in the thalamus that starts to inhibit sensory input from the outside world, as well as sensory-feedback loops back to the thalamus from the cortex. With TM, the theory says that conditions have been set up to facilitate and reinforce this wandering mechanism so that the feedback loop in the thalamus becomes more localized and stronger until no normal data is flowing to and from the thalamus, leaving the brain in a purely self-reflective mode with no thing to reflect upon.
At this point, the only activity going on is the default resting activity of the DMN itself.
Ghost meditators next to the Devils lake.Meditation is one of the ancient Chinese way of practice, make body and mind to find rest.
A Organizacao Mundial da Saude (OMS), define saude como sendo um estado de completo bem-estar fisico, mental e social, e nao apenas a ausencia de doenca. Neste sentido, o tema alimentacao saudavel apresenta a cada dia sua real importancia na saude do ser humano e cada vez mais a midia vem dando a relevancia a esta modalidade de tratamento natural e preventivo que realmente funciona. Porem, assim como e divulgado informacoes verdadeiras tambem encontra-se uma proliferacao cada vez maior de livros e artigos sem nenhum embasamento cientifico levando a populacao, que acredita em muitas sandices e dietas milagrosas, a ter serios problemas de saude e ate a morte do usuario. Uma boa dieta e aquela que nao causa ao seguidor transtornos metabolicos ou de saude, que consiga incluir um programa alimentar adequado e uma mudanca estavel no peso do paciente e e clinicamente favoravel pois vai melhorar muito a qualidade de vida da pessoa. A hipertrofia muscular e o aumento do tamanho da fibra muscular em resposta ao treinamento com cargas elevadas.
As proteinas quando consumidas na forma de aminoacidos exogenos com ou sem carboidratos estimula a sintese proteica apos os exercicios.
Utilizando suplementos o ganho e maior, o recomendado sao 6g de aminoacidos essencias e 35g de carboidratos antes do exercicios de 1 hora. Os melhores aminoacidos sao os de cadeia ramificada (leucina,isoleucina e valina), e consumo de carboidratos previne a degradacao do glicogenio muscular e acelera sua ressintese. Apesar dos efeitos serem comprovados cientificamente, cada corpo responde de um jeito devido a fatores geneticos, mas dentro das suas possibilidades essas dicas farao grande diferenca, e o que e melhor sem danos severos que ocorrem com anabolizantes esteroides.
Alguns estudos indicam que as primeiras utilizacoes da expressao "arte marcial" se deram no oriente, provavelmente na China.
Duvida: De que forma a relacao entre mente e corpo e estabelecida no treinamento de artes marciais? Durante o treinamento de artes marciais o praticante desenvolve - consciente ou inconscientemente - diversas facetas mentais e psicologicas. Juntamente com a disciplina vao tomando forma outros aspectos do treinamento mental e psicologico. Alcancar um equilibrio entre a mente e o corpo e uma tarefa que abrange inumeros aspectos do ser humano.

Uma vez iniciado o treinamento com seu mestre, todo praticante deve ter em mente que encontrara limitacoes ao longo dos treinos.
Neste sentido, qualquer pessoa - independentemente da idade, porte fisico, forca, capacidade de concentracao, etc.
Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. One group of cancer survivors went to a weekly, 90 minute meditation meeting, a second group discussed their feelings (and probably felt awkward) for 90 minuted per week, and a third just went to a since six hour stress reduction workshop. After three months, the first group’s telomeres were the same length as they were at the beginning of the experiment, while the last groups were significantly shorter. We know about this amazing Christian evangelist and his genial Chinese hosts because in 1623 graver diggers working outside of Xian dug up a stele weighing two tons and carved with 2,000 Chinese characters. The translation work on his scriptures took place in the Imperial Library and the Emperor studied them in his Private Chambers.
We have contemplated the birth and growth of the tradition from which these teachings sprang. Following the Emperor’s orders, the Greater Qin Monastery was built in the I-ning section of the Capital. For more than 1,300 years, scholars and missionaries have searched for the lost scriptures that Aleben translated into Chinese — and for his monastery. Of the 50,000 manuscripts discovered at Dunhuang, only eight comprise what are now known as the Jesus Sutras. What This Woman Did To These Rooms Will Make You Jealous, Especially When The Light Goes Out. A Cool Dad Bought Some Old Car Parts For Her Daughter, What He Did Next Will Make You Jealous! Scientists knew that there’s a mummy inside, but what the CT scan revealed swayed them off their feet.
According to Erik Bruijn, a Buddhism expert, who led the study the Buddha mummy statue, the mummy was the Buddhist master Liuquan, who belonged to the Chinese Meditation School. They believed that the mummy was the body of Liuquan, an ancient Buddhist master from the Chinese Meditation School. Master Liuquan’s statue is the only Chinese Buddhist mummy available for research in the West. This may be one of the greatest discoveries, however I find enclosing a man inside a statue too weird and creepy. It Looks Like An Oil Spill and It’s Quite Terrifying, But I Was Speechless When Zoomed In! Daydreaming has been recently linked to creativity (see research and discussion below) and self-reflection might also cause brain changes. This new default network caused by meditation now included new brain centers (dorsal anterior cingulate and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex) and was associated with increased control of behavior and thought.
A recent study showed that with all of the different meditation techniques there are increased folding of the cortex, that is, increased “gyrification.”  Significantly, the longer people had practiced the various forms of meditation, the more this effect of increased cortical surface area was evident. This correlates with improvement in depression, because depressed people have hyper connectivity between these two areas. Martial arts, such as Tai Chi, Karate, and Kung Fu, have always used meditative techniques for superior focus, balance, power and muscular coordination. Most soldiers have signs of stress, but only 20% have great difficulty in dealing with it.  Training in elite forces, like the SEALS, simulate severe states such as near drowning to see who can tolerate this very high level of stress. The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program showed decreased stress, and improvement in concentration, memory, performance of complex tasks, and regaining focus after stress.
The recent understanding is that the brain is much more “plastic” or changeable than previously thought and will change in any way that we choose to exercise it. One could say that this global sine wave pattern is what it looks like when the DMN is synchronizing with itself.
Nao nos interessa, neste momento, discutir a validade desta definicao em termos tecnicos,  mas sim analisarmos os efeitos da insercao deste modo de pensar saude na nossa vida cotidiana. Em praticamente todos os grandes jornais impressos existe ao menos uma coluna semanal que verse sobre saude, e que nao traz somente definicoes de doencas, mas sim dicas de como ter uma vida saudavel.
Edson Credidio, adotar dietas da moda nao e a melhor estrategia para quem pretende emagrecer e manter a nova silhueta para sempre. E importante que a pessoa tenha consciencia de que a unica forma de ter exito em obter um corpo desejado e comer de maneira moderada, balanceada e cuidadosa e ser fisicamente ativo, sem por em risco sua integridade fisica.
Essa hipertrofia pode ser temporaria ( apenas durante a pratica do exercicios) ou cronica ( quando permanece quando em 3 ou mais dias sem atividade). E recomendado tambem um consumo de 1g de carboidrato por quilo de peso corporal imediatamente apos o exercicios e depois de 1 hora, isso resulta em maior glicemia e insulinemia, trocando em miudos, voce preserva as proteinas miofibrilares ( do seu musculo) e aumenta a taxa de sintese proteica para aumentar a musculatura. Durante o treino e importante ingerir 0,3g de carboidrato por quilo de peso, isso aumenta a disponibilidade de glicose associado a mais insulina o que favorece a gliconoegenese. Tradicionalmente, entende-se que o termo Marcial e relativo a Marte, Deus da Guerra, e portanto as artes marciais sao artes de guerra.
Tradicionalmente, o termo "guerra" no oriente representa tanto os conflitos belicos quanto as batalhas pessoais dos individuos. O ideograma que forma "wu" (guerra, marcial, etc) e formado por outros dois simbolos que individualmente significam "evitar" e "conflito".
O auto-controle emocional e necessario para aprender a lidar com vitorias e derrotas, conduzindo o praticante a um entendimento maior a respeito do equilibrio entre seus estados emocionais.
Qualquer pessoa pode alcancar este equilibrio se dedicar o esforco necessario para tal, e as artes marciais sao certamente um excelente caminho para isso. Cada pessoa e diferente e possui suas proprias peculiaridades, desenvolvendo o treinamento de forma individual e unica.
At the beginning of the three month experiment, scientists from the Tom Baker Cancer Center looked at their telomeres. Long story short, go meditate and just be mindful of yourself and the world around you; do it for the telomeres. More than 1,300 years ago, a Persian Christian monk named Aleben traveled 3,000 miles along the ancient caravan route known as the Silk Road all the way to China, carrying precious copies of the New Testament writings (probably in Syriac).

He created prosperity and encouraged illustrious sages to bestow their wisdom on the people. 650-683] reverently continued the tradition of his ancestor and enhanced the Luminous Religion by building temples in every province. A breakthrough finally occurred in the late 1880s when a lonely Taoist monk named Wang Yuanlu discovered 50,000 lost Chinese manuscripts hidden away in more than 500 caves in Dunhuang. After the Messiah had gathered 12 disciples, he concerned himself with the suffering of others. Just like when this Buddhist statue from the 11th or 12th century undergoes a CT scan, scientists were shocked when the scan revealed what’s inside. Inside the mummy, they found hidden paper scrolls, an ancient Chinese scrolls instead of human organs.
Instead of human organs, hidden paper scrolls, and ancient Chinese scrolls where found inside the mummy. The meditation group showed an ability to stay focused on a task longer with less distraction. A specific mantra is used that allegedly has beneficial effects as this process of localization occurs.
It is conceivable that as this pattern is repeatedly experienced during TM over months, years, decades, that what can be thought of as the DMN starts to cover the entire brain. Na televisao este tema tambem esta sempre em voga, seja de forma formal (reportagens) ou informal (incutidas em dialogos nas novelas, por exemplo). Sem contar que, por serem temporarias, provocam uma supercompensacao, que e um aumento muito grande da capacidade de absorver e reter calorias. Isso acontece porque seu corpo tem que se recuperar do estresse sofrido aumentando o tamanho para suportar mais peso. Neste sentido, arte marcial pode significar tanto a arte de guerrear quanto a arte de se desenvolver enfrentando seus desafios, medos e limites pessoais. Assim, uma analise etimologica do termo "arte marcial" em chines nos levaria ao sentido de "arte de evitar conflito".
A medida em que o treinamento avanca, o mestre, professor ou instrutor vai demonstrando ao aluno que os bons resultados sao obtidos apenas atraves do treinamento disciplinado. Juntamente com cada tecnica ensinada e tambem passada ao praticante a responsabilidade pelo uso e preservacao daquela tecnica, estabelecendo assim uma relacao de amadurecimento e crescimento moral do praticante. Logicamente, muitos cuidados deverao ser tomados, sendo o mais importante deles a procura pela orientacao adequada. Alguns possuem grande poder de concentracao, outros desenvolvem a forca fisica com muita facilidade, e outros ainda possuem uma flexibilidade natural que facilita muito seu desenvolvimento. Telomeres are strands of protein that waggle around on the ends of chromosomes for protection. Aleben and his fellow Christian monks stopped in the Chinese city of Chang-au (Xian), where, under the protection of the Tang Dynasty Emperor Taizong, he founded a CHristian monastery and began the arduous task of translating the Christian texts into Chinese. There was a saint of great virtue named Aleben, who came from the Qin Empire carrying the true scriptures. The Emperor sent his minister, Duke Xuanling, together with a contingent of the palace guard, to the western outskirts to accompany Aleben to the palace.
Amazingly enough, it wasn’t until about a decade ago, in 1998, that the full story was told. They bound the Messiah to the pole at the time of the fifth watch of the sixth day of fasting. It is yet another reminder of the universality of the Gospel message, how it transcends all culture and language and philosophical concepts. The CT scan and endoscopy was done at the Meander Medical Centre at the request of the Drents museum in the Netherlands. Outro fator que influencia e a genetica de cada individuo que interfere no ritmo do metabolismo. Existe porem uma interpretacao diferenciada: a de que se trata de uma guerra individual, contra suas proprias barreiras e limitacoes. Este conceito tambem e passado pelos proprios colegas de treino, pois o praticante pode distinguir claramente o nivel de seus colegas e relacionar este nivel ao grau de dedicacao e compenetracao de cada um.
Somente chega aos niveis mais altos de treinamento o praticante que demonstra sua responsabilidade nas praticas diarias de sua vida. Encontrar um verdadeiro mestre de artes marciais e um passo essencial nessa jornada, pois mesmo a semente mais forte nao consegue brotar e sair do solo se nao houver um sol radiante para lhe indicar o caminho. Cada pequena caracteristica do praticante e levada em consideracao pelo mestre, que orienta o treinamento de forma a maximizar o desenvolvimento destes potenciais e superar os obstaculos e limitacoes.
The Luminous Religion spread throughout all ten provinces, the Empire prospered and peace prevailed.
They bound him at dawn and when the sun set in the west the sky became black in all four directions, the earth quaked and the hills trembled. Christian yogis, above all, who seek wisdom from the East as well as from our own traditions, should appreciate this. Esta interpretacao e adotada por muitos praticantes, pois a maior parte deles nao faz seu treinamento visando atitudes belicas, mas sim o desenvolvimento pessoal. Temples were built in 100 cities and countless families received the blessings of the Luminous Religion.
A auto-disciplina e sempre mais valorizada do que a disciplina imposta, pois acarreta mudancas internas no praticante que permitem a ele desenvolver as demais habilidades. When the Italian explorer Marco Polo arrived in China nearly 600 years later, he was astonished to discover that a tiny Christian community had existed there for centuries.

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