On the death of his father, Tim Webber returns to his childhood village in Somerset to find something sinister is disturbing the idyllic peace of the villagers. Monele LeStrat, Linden Baker, Kennie Benoit, Hollie Anne Kornik, Eva Kwok, Logan Russell, Gary Martin, Ania Marson, John R.
In May 2015, an extraordinary conversation took place in the White House as President Barack Obama interviewed Sir David Attenborough. As their surrounding community has taken a turn for the worse, the crew at Calvin's Barbershop come together to bring some much needed change to their neighborhood. Tagline: The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants. As Sir David Attenborough turns 90, this intimate film presents new interviews, eye-opening behind-the-scenes footage and extraordinary clips from some of his most recent films. The doc, which was made for the occasion of Attenborough\'s 90th birthday, was shot over seven years and follows him as he travels to Borneo, Morocco and the Galapagos to shoot wildlife specials.
Tara Wadia (Farah Karimaee), a singer and girlfriend of a gangster Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya) lives with her mother (Shernaz Patel).
Clara Randall (Tatyana Ali) is living in a waking nightmare, haunted by psychic visions of a kidnapped girl. In partnership with Tricycle Magazine we offer PMI and Tricycle Meditation kits for download.
Tricycle Meditation Kit 21 page pdf file with various meditation instructions as well as a short yoga session instruction. Being a Source  by our founder Acharya Fleet Maull, encouragement for prisoners on how to start a meditation group.
PDN provides bulk shipments of books on meditation, Buddhism, and other contemplative practices and teachings from the world’s great faith and wisdom traditions to prison chaplains and prison libraries. Donate!Please join us in transforming lives by helping to expand and nurture the growing prison mindfulness movement.
Mindfulness-based practices (MBP) are being applied in school settings with growing interest and increasing frequency.
JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. In A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook, two mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) experts present a step-by-step, eleven-week program for effective stress reduction based on the concepts in Jon Kabat-Zinn's groundbreaking Full Catastrophe Living.
A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files.
Together, they candidly discuss the future of the planet, their passion for nature and what can be done to protect the environment.
Social and emotional learning (SEL) is a paradigm in which schools are planning and implementing prevention and intervention programming to mitigate risk factors and positively affect the well-being of all students.
But nestled among the concrete is an urban wilderness - places where crocodiles, monkeys, otters, snakes and hornbills sit right among the skyscrapers and boardwalks.
This intimate film includes behind-the-scenes footage of his latest project on the Great Barrier Reef, and some rarely seen moments from Attenborough\'s career. MBP can be used with SEL programming as a novel adjunctive approach to fostering resilience. An investigation of the impact of a social-emotional learning curriculum on problem symptoms and knowledge gains among adolescents in a residential treatment center.
But along the way, devastating secrets are revealed about the people she loves most in the world.

This article reviews SEL and highlights the theoretical basis for and the practical integration of MBP into existing SEL curricula, Strong Kids and Strong Teens. Recommendations for the continued use of MBP in school settings and within a SEL framework are discussed. The role of teachers’ psychological experiences and perceptions of curriculum supports on the implementation of a social and emotional learning curriculum. Improving classroom learning environments by cultivating awareness and resilience in education (CARE): results of a randomized controlled trial.
Mindfulness meditation may lessen anxiety, promote social skills, and improve academic performance among adolescents with learning disabilities. Sustainable schoolwide social and emotional learning (SEL): implementation guide and toolkit. Examining the role of implementation quality in school-based prevention using the PATHS curriculum. Implementation matters: a review of research on the influence of implementation on program outcomes and the factors affecting implementation. The effects of a multiyear universal social–emotional learning program: the role of student and school characteristics. Feasibility and preliminary outcomes for move-into-learning: an arts-based mindfulness classroom intervention.
A still quiet place: a mindfulness program for teaching children and adolescents to ease stress and difficult emotions. Primary prevention mental health programs for children and adolescents: a meta-analytic review. Mindfulness training and classroom behavior among lower-income and ethnic minority elementary school children. Effectiveness of the mindfulness in schools programme: non-randomised controlled feasibility study. A survey of programs using contemplative techniques in K-12 educational settings: a mapping report.
Educating the heart as well as the mind: social and emotional learning for school and life success.
The impact of enhancing students’ social and emotional learning: a meta-analysis of school-based universal interventions. State standards to advance social and emotional learning: findings from CASEL’s state scan of social and emotional learning standards, preschool through high school, 2014. Reducing test anxiety among third grade students through the implementation of relaxation techniques.
The benefits of mindfulness meditation: changes in emotional states of depression, anxiety, and stress. Effects of Strong Kids curriculum on students at risk for internalizing disorders: a pilot study.
The missing piece: a national survey on how social and emotional learning can empower children and transform schools.
Developing a blueprint for education in social and emotional learning, preschool through high school: the case for state learning standards. Integrating mindfulness training into K-12 education: fostering the resilience of teachers and students. Mindfulness-based approaches with children and adolescents: a preliminary review of current research in an emergent field.

Feasibility and preliminary outcomes of a school-based mindfulness intervention for urban youth.
Arnold (Eds.), The educator’s guide to emotional intelligence and academic achievement (pp. Linking prevention science and social and emotional learning: the Oregon Resiliency Project. Effectiveness of school-based universal social, emotional, and behavioral programs: Do they enhance students’ development in the area of skill, behavior, and adjustment? Investigating the effectiveness of an arts-based and mindfulness-based group program for the improvement of resilience in children in need. Mindfulness in school psychology: applications for interventions and professional practice. Promoting emotional resiliency through classroom instruction: the effects of a classroom-based prevention program.
Inside the mindful mind: how mindfulness enhances emotion regulation through improvements in executive control. Promoting social and emotional learning in the schools: an investigation of massed versus distributed practice schedules and social validity of the Strong Kids curriculum in late elementary age students. Mindfulness for teachers: a pilot study to assess effects on stress, burnout, and teaching efficacy. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental Health.Weare, K. Developing mindfulness with children and young people: a review of the evidence and policy context. Preliminary development and validation of the social and emotional health survey for secondary students. Social and emotional learning in the classroom: impact of Strong Kids and Strong Teens on students’ social-emotional knowledge and symptoms. Building inner resilience in teachers and their students: results of the inner resilience pilot program. An exploratory study of mindfulness meditation for alternative school students: perceived benefits for improving school climate and student functioning.
Enhancing school-based prevention and youth development through coordinated social, emotional, and academic learning. The effectiveness of a social and emotional learning program with middle school students in the general education setting and the effect of consultation on student outcomes. Social and emotional learning as a universal level of support: evaluating the follow-up effect of Strong Kids on social and emotional outcomes. Acceptance and commitment therapy and the new behavior therapies: mindfulness, acceptance, and relationship.
Reflecting on social emotional learning: a critical perspective on trends in the United States. A controlled trial of mindfulness training in schools: the importance of practice for an impact on well-being.

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