What I also mentioned back in that post, somewhat shamefully, is that I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Okay, I can’t take credit for the actual scribble, that was done by the little person that snuck into some of the pictures. Practice breathing while child joins in on the action (take notes on how child stays in the moment). In a really interesting coincidence, this story was being shared on the radio as I was typing this up. I’ll include a link to the audio as soon as WPR gets it up! The scribble art therapy directive is a nice way to let your brain relax and simply allow things to happen.
I'm a registered art therapist and licensed professional counselor in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Quick summary: it involved talking to my baby boy, Liam, who passed away in 2005, and some crying. I know if I have a cut on my finger that as soon as I put a band-aid on I will feel better. Over the last couple-few weeks it’s come into my awareness that maybe I count on this show to do this thing for me. I love the geese, the first cardinal, hanging clothes on the line, hands in the dirt, crocus shoots. Then I wrote it down on my paper…not necessary, but I felt like I needed it to keep on task. This is about movement, clearing out the brain, and simply allowing whatever wants to happen happen.

I also feel a sense of confidence in what I’ve been doing professionally and on the home front. It can also work as a journal, a sketchbook, an art journal, a cookbook, a pop-up book, a children’s book, an erotic book, a comic book. Sitting in my office today I was digging through some blogs, trying to figure out my blogging bend, trying to figure out how to make money, and I was feeling lost. I find that I like to doodle in mine when I’m working out my thoughts on something else.

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