DAILY NEWS New York News Politics Sports Entertainment Opinion Living Autos Search U.S. Four Secret Service agents on their way to a Hillary Clinton event in New Hampshire were seriously injured in a head-on collision with another car, killing its driver, police said Wednesday. Police said the agents were heading south on Route 16 when a northbound Mercury Sable crossed over the double-yellow solid line into their lane, hitting the Taurus. A Secret Service spokeswoman said the agents suffered serious injuries, but they weren't considered life-threatening.
Hillary Clinton was campaigning at a town hall meeting that night in Berlin, a town about 80 miles north of Wakefield on Route 16. The agents were only assigned to Hillary Clinton that night, and have protected other presidential candidates during the campaign trail, Secret Service spokeswoman Nicole Mainor told the Daily News.

Police said two passengers in Danforth's car were also seriously injured: Kristina Buswell, 21, and Natasha Meroski, 35. The sassy star made fashion history as the first African-American woman to feature both on GQ and Sports Illustrated covers. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Clinton sent her condolences to the four agents assigned to her campaign event injured in the deadly crash. One agent still remains at the hospital for his non-life-threatening injuries, Secret Service officials said. Since then, the supermodel mogul has been running and co-hosting her wildly successful America's Next Top Model show, and will be working on its 21st cycle this summer.

The four agents were assigned to protect Hillary Clinton during her campaign event that night.
She also announced earlier this year that was would be appearing in a sequel to Disney's cult hit, Life-Size, due out next year.

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