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Success Academy charter schools in New York City garner praise, scorn For eight years, ex-New York City Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz has been the lightning rod of the charter movement, raising millions from hedge funders and foundations as she aggressively worked her close connections to the Bloomberg administration to take over space in public schools. One morning last month, fourth-graders at Success Academy Bronx 2 critiqued a classmatea€™s parable about how the tiger got its stripes. In a second-grade classroom, groups of eight students, sitting cross-legged on the carpeted floor, discussed a story theya€™d read and traced a charactera€™s journey from anger to gratitude.
A class of intent third- and fourth-graders cheered as they performed an energetic group hip-hop dance.
It was a typical day at a New York City school where more than 77% of third-graders passed the harder state reading exams last spring. The reading exam results for city charter schools on last springa€™s new, tougher state test were disappointing a€” dipping just below public schoolsa€™ results.
But at the seven Success schools where the exams were taken, 58% of students passed, while just 26% of city public school students did. With even higher math scores, the results are so impressive that a skeptic might question them a€” a possibility the charter chain anticipated, hiring outside auditors to monitor the administration of the exam, Success officials said.
It wouldna€™t be the first time that Eva Moskowitz, a former city councilwoman who heads the Success chain of 22 charter schools, has encountered antagonism in the face of stunning results.

For eight years, shea€™s been the lightning rod of the charter movement, raising millions from hedge funders and foundations as she aggressively worked her close connections to the Bloomberg administration to take over space in public schools.
Moskowitz, 49, who earned $475,244 during the 2011-2012 school year, also took on the teachers union a€” asserting her schools provide a better education than unionized schools. Last springa€™s reading scores are just the latest in a string of Successa€™ topnotch test results and came as new, tougher exams revealed weaknesses at schools that had focused more narrowly on test preparation. At Success, the school has vigorously kept up its history and science classes as well as dance, chess and other electives. The new tests are designed around the more rigorous Common Core curriculum, which aims to teach kids higher-order thinking skills. Teachers earn at least $61,000 in their first year, compared with as little as $43,000 in district schools.
Critics charge that Success scores higher on tests because it drums out the most challenging children.
The Daily News has documented cases of children, particularly those with special needs, being pushed out after multiple suspensions a€” charges the charter chain rejects.
At the seven Success schools that took state tests last spring, just 7% of students were learning English as a second language a€” roughly half the rate of public schools.
Moskowitza€™s foes question her results and portray her as a hard-charging foe of public education. Because of Moskowitza€™s fiercely combative relationship with the teachers union and with some of the public schools that share space with her network, her schools may never serve the original mission of charters a€” to be laboratories for strategies to be duplicated in public schools.
But some colleagues say shea€™s ahead of the game in the effort to raise standards a€” and they credit her incredibly high expectations for students.
Big problems mean big business and diabetes is a big problem, says Canterbury Scientific chief executive Dr Neil Pattinson.
Project management experts share their tips on how to ensure your IT projects are completed on time and on budget. For John Robert Wooden, 'being at your best when your best was needed' was just as important in the game of life as it was in the game of basketball.
Coach Wooden's 'Pyramid of Success' is his 15 building block initiative in the form of a pyramid. Just as Coach Wooden will forever be in the sports history books for leading UCLA's men's basketball teams to 10 NCAA Championships in 12 years (1964-75), his 'Pyramid of Success' has set the standard for corporate leaders in the business world and for many of us in the world of life. Throughout his early years, even in high school, Coach Wooden was unsure about the definition of the word 'success'.
In 1934, as a 24 year-old high school coach in Dayton, KY, Coach Wooden began writing down his ideas that would lead to his definition of success and more importantly, how to achieve it.
Coach Wooden worked on his 'Pyramid of Success' for 15 years, while a high school coach in Dayton, KY and at South Bend, IN Central HS and for two years (1946-48) as the men's head basketball coach at Indiana State Teachers College.

Deciding to use a pyramid as its basis and deciding on what human traits and values to select to make up the pyramid, it took Coach Wooden many years to find the correct formula. As the years went by, Coach Wooden built his Pyramid, 14 building blocks of human determination, leading to the apex, the 15th building block - Competitive Greatness.
Coach Wooden completed his 'Pyramid of Success' in the spring of 1948, and the original Pyramid drawing was on his office wall after he accepted the men's basketball head coaching position at UCLA that same spring. If you’ve spent hard-earned cash buying ads on ezines or on websites, you may have been disappointed with the results. You’ve probably realized by now that the internet is about information, so content brings visitors to your site. An author may ask to use one or more of your articles in an e-book and you’ll be credited. After you’ve submitted twenty or so, you may become a household name — at no charge to you! If numerous sites point to your website without you linking back, Google rewards you with a higher rank.
These materials are intended, but not promised or guaranteed to be current, complete, or up-to-date and should in no way be taken as an indication of future results.
But Moskowitza€™s foes question her impressive results and portray her as a hard-charging foe of public education.
Records show that Success Academy Harlem 1 suspended more than one of every five students at least once during the 2011-2012 year. The cornerstones were Industriousness and Enthusiasm, climbing to such strived-for human traits as Intentness, Team Spirit, Poise and Confidence, all leading to the top of the pyramid to reach the ultimate goal of Competitive Greatness.
In 1934 he decided on the cornerstones, Industriousness and Enthusiasm, the two most important building blocks of the pyramid. On both sides of the Pyramid, in essence holding it together, are 10 words, including Ambition, Honesty and Integrity, once again all leading to the top, where Faith and Patience watch over Competitive Greatness. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without written permission of the author.
It was about the hard work and effort that was put forth in the journey to get to the final score. If you did your best in preparation and during the contest, in whatever it was you were doing, both on and off the basketball court, then it was a successful journey, regardless of the outcome.

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