Meditation Testimonial Mr.Richard Braun(Germany) Meditation to attain the Dhammakaya has restrained me from having bad thoughts. AS THE WORM TURNS Health and well being are part of the natural birthright of the human being. Is the traditional story presented as an historical event that serves to illustrate part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon. MAKING FRIENDS WITH NATURE AND NATURAL LAW The fall of human society has not occurred overnight.
Whether you see meditation or prayer as the gateway to enlightenment or just a way to stay more focused at work, one thing that's certain is that the practice comes with a whole host of physical and mental health benefits. Hindus have welcomed the idea of Meditation and Prayer Room in University of Wyoming (UW) campus in Laramie. Three leading German universities have closed down pray rooms used by Muslims, sparking accusations they are singling Muslims out for unfair treatment. Other comparisons we can make are to training for physical fitness or learning to play a musical instrument. Kusumita is a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy and lives in New York where she is a member of the New York Sri Chinmoy Centre. Seven years ago when I first started to meditate, it felt like something beyond reach for us, the mere mortals, that only seriously minded individuals would practice.
Meditating every day, on the other hand, can make a world of difference in a relatively short span of time.
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If you meditate for too long, the mind will start to rebel; it will become very difficult to control your thoughts and you may feel a pressure in the third eye, a little bit like a headache. When we have been meditating for a few times, we will soon be able to tell when we are really meditating, and when we are just sitting there for the sake of it. Another factor to bear in mind, is that when we sit down to meditate, in the beginning our mind will be all over the place. When we become more advanced in meditation, we should try to advance the time spent in meditation. Statues and pictures are an important part of many spiritual traditions, whereas other traditions view them as obscuring the real nature of the truth.
One of the main obstacles on the spiritual path is doubt: at times the limiting mind clouds our view and we doubt that God really exists, but more often we doubt ourselves, we doubt that it is possible for us or indeed any human being to overcome the defects of our nature and reach the Highest.
In recent years, photographs of great spiritual teachers have become an invaluable resource for their students, especially when they are physically separated from the master. If we can learn to sit on the floor in the correct way, we will find our meditation improves. It possible to meditate well without using any of these objects, but, if you do use some of these outer aids you will help create an inspiring place and vibration to meditate. Meditation – an effective and simple answer to workplace stress – is fast becoming a mainstream social skill. When I have bad thoughts, I can clear them out very quickly before I end up feeling sorry about doing bad deeds or saying bad words. See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Meditation And Prayer. With all of its organs intact, the right diet, exercise and mental focus, a human body can overcome any disease. Religion is a set of beliefs which allow us to understand and categorize our world and our place in it.
Meditation is absolutely natural and normal, and once we begin it is simple to make it an integral part of our lives. People who can have a meditation room are lucky, but just a corner or small space is all we need. So is meditating when we are very hungry, so a light snack before starting to meditate can be useful at certain times. It also seemed complicated in the sense that you are not supposed to do anything and at the same time something was supposed to be happening.
Perseverance and focused repetitive behaviour consisting of hundreds and thousands of trips to locate, collect and bring the needed building material to the construction site of the nest.
Meditating once a month would not amount to much, although it is better than not doing it at all.
You may or may not notice it yourself simply because of the habit of being with yourself at all times. If we just sit for a long time we may go through different cycles of thoughts and not get anywhere. If we feel an inner urge to deepen our meditation and find the real silence within, then we should definitely follow this. To meditate soulfully for an hour maybe our goal; but, in the beginning we need to focus on the quality of our meditation, rather than the length of time.
Tejvan is a member of the Oxford Sri Chinmoy Centre and gives free meditation classes in his home town. The latter hold that since God is formless and beyond human comprehension, people should meditate on the formless Reality rather than pictures or statues. However, if we know of people who have reached that goal, we become surcharged with new inspiration, and we are filled again with determination to climb the mountain that these saints have successfully scaled. When they meditate on the photograph, they are not meditating on the physical person of the master, they are meditating on the meditative consciousness which through years of meditation has risen above all earthly fetters to become one with the highest.
Even more simple is turning our attention toward our inner being, and, in this way, expanding our consciousness. Burning incense helps to create a meditative vibration, and over time we will associate the smell of incense with meditation.
If we can sit on the floor with our back straight, meditation can become more fruitful than sitting in a chair. This incoming fresh energy does not always coincide with the calendar new year, but often begins before or after the first days of January. They remind us that every soul is unique, a  special dream of God – and that we each have something new to offer to the world, a gift or talent to uplift and inspire others. Contributing writer Jogyata Dallas interviews recently interviewed top Kiwi trail runner and super-fit ultramarathoner Vajin Armstrong, whose happiness formula is a mix of meditation and mountain trails, inner calm and the soothing beauty of landscape. Contributing writer Jogyata Dallas interviews Auckland nurse Cheryll Martin on the topic of food, sustainability and living as a vegan.

Narada is a highly evolved soul who has shunned the world but never understood the power of ‘maya’ – our enthrallment with the appearance and enchantments of the world – and is about to experience this. That is my belief.” In our often violent modern world, his remarks are equally true of that other art form, the world of music with its power to heal, inspire and unite, to break the frozen sea of discord and division that so often blights our world. Ngaruahoe, the Mt Doom of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, dangling my feet over the edge of the crater wall. As one example, in the past twelve months alone there have been many media articles about the growing practice of meditation in schools – not only as an effective antidote to student stress, but in recognition of a need to nourish a deeper aspect of our human nature and of the value of stillness as a creative place in our intelligence. They are everywhere, testament both to a thriving tourist trade and export industry, but also to the living spirituality that pervades Balinese society.
Auckland’s Sri Chinmoy Centre is sponsoring an initiative to introduce these skills and to offer free workplace introductory sessions to ten or more people as a free community service. A set of beliefs which define our culture, our expectations, our views of people and behaviors we expect. Because meditation concerns our own heart and soul, it turns out to be very intimate and familiar to us.
Meditation is spiritual nourishment, and just as we eat daily we should meditate at least once a day. Doing some each day is really effective, while skipping several days and then practicing a lot doesn’t work well. Our outer self as well as our inner being starts to feel that meditation is a totally normal and necessary part of our life.
This spot is set aside just for meditation and perhaps spiritual reading and music as well. Not so for others, who will notice the change or will see something special in you that they normally do not see in others. Generally, it is not easy to give a particular time period; but, in the beginning, it is good to aim for at least 15 minutes. Therefore, if we meditate after coming home from work, the first 10 minutes may be very unproductive. To attain higher states of meditation it is necessary to develop the capacity to meditate for a long time of 1-2 hours.
Even people who have no connection with spirituality whatsoever nowadays often have a Buddha statue in their houses: the statue creates a sense of peace and serenity, and indeed perhaps it may in future inspire them if they decide want to explore the inner life more fully.
Through this meditation, they get a glimpse into this vast state of oneness with God, which inspires them to press ahead in their own spiritual journey until they can reach that state for themselves. When we look at a beautiful flower, we momentarily gain happiness and this helps us to enter into a good meditation.
A candle flame embodies great simplicity; it is simply a flame of one pointed aspiration up to the highest. Sitting on the floor, we are less likely to fall asleep and will have a posture more conducive to meditation. It is like a bell ringing to awaken and re-inspire humanity, and when it comes it can be felt in our lives quite clearly. Vajin is the owner of Gandharva Loka, a store selling unusual musical instruments from all over the world. Rather than the path of seclusion, karma yoga sees in the everyday challenges of life countless opportunities to learn, deepen and multiply our many good qualities – love, compassion, patience, peacefulness, strength – in the face of the many experiences that test our equanimity. At the river Narada sees a beautiful girl, and captivated by her beauty follows her to her village and requests her father for her hand in marriage.
At 7,300 feet up in the sky the view is stunning – as far as the eye can see a panorama of mountains, the violent genesis of recent volcanoes strewn all around, the far-off tectonic upheavals of the central North Island peaks, and further away on the edge of the sea the snow smeared cone of Mt Taranaki. The Montessori and Rudolf Steiner philosophies have long recognised this principle, but a balance between academic study with its focus on the mind – knowledge retention and information –  and the humanities where the ‘heart’ is more important – art, literature, music, creativity – is now being more widely considered and restored. If you stop somewhere to explore, you’ll meet Buddhas and bodhisattvas, Hindu deities – Vishnu, Ganesha, Brahma, Shiva, Mother Saraswati – and fierce Balinese guardians, the serpent Taksaka and Rangda, and Surya the sun god. Like a close and faithful friend, our meditation will be something that we know very well and is always there for us. When beginning to meditate and also as we continue, we should meditate for the same amount of time each day, according to our capacity, and increase the length of our meditations only gradually. We can keep sacred pictures in that place and any other things that inspire us, put flowers there and burn incense.
But even if none of the supporting conditions mentioned here are available, we should still meditate – any way we can, at any time we can. Being complimented on your ability to maintain your calm amidst challenging situations or spontaneously exhibiting unconditional goodwill to people who do not expect it are just insignificant by-products of a major transformative cycle of personal growth you embark upon. Similarly, if we meditate for too long, we will just feel a barren desert and derive no benefit at all. We should always feel we are meditating to feed the inner pilot and strengthen our inner capacities. However, after the initial period of 10 minutes, we may find that we start to really meditate.
And it is also true that in the past, people have engaged in idol worship of statues rather than focusing on their inner life.
The statues and pictures can sometimes pull our attention off, but they can certainly be beneficial in the beginnings of one’s meditativeness. However, if we are a beginner then there are several things that can help us in our meditation.
The second aspect of a candle is light; the outer light is again symbolic of the inner light we seek to discover in our meditation.
Cheryll: I started out on a personal journey of discovery, one that’s really part of a much larger inquiry, a global awakening about health. Living itself is our sadhana – our training ground in selflessness, egolessness, humility and detachment.
Years go by and Narada has forgotten his original purpose and Vishnu’s request – he is immersed in his human life in the world with his wife and family. Blue sky, lakes of silvered sunlight, red earth, green valleys of hard-won pasture, the rumpled earth torn into wild majesty by millennia of  volcanic fire. Golden Grove School in Onehunga is an excellent example of holistic education, recently celebrating its seventh year since opening. Everywhere are the household shrines or padmasana where incense and flowers are offered every morning, and reverence shown to the spirit and ancestor worlds. At that time all of the stresses and distractions of the day have not entered into us and we are fresh.

This place will build up a spiritual atmosphere and associations with our inner life, so that when we sit down there we will automatically feel like meditating. Essentially, it consists of small pieces of wood, straw, dried offshoots and some sticky material like soil or clay.
If we start to feel proud and pleased with ourselves for meditating a long time, we should no this is not a good sign. However, in the highest state of meditation, we lose track of time; this is because the highest meditation transcends concepts of time. However, for thousands of years statues and pictures have served as an inspiration for many spiritual seekers to reach the highest. Although they may only add a little benefit to our meditation, it is definitely worth taking the help of these outer aids. When the new year dawns, we have to make ourselves conscious of the fact that we have to transcend our present capacity and present achievement. I read up on the benefits of a vegan or vegetarian diet which are well documented and compelling and I began to feel so much healthier almost straight away. Sri Chinmoy once offered us a simple exercise in this light: he invited us to imagine a beautiful flower in our spiritual heart and to feel that this flower embodied a quality of our souls, a quality we wished to cultivate. One night a terrible storm comes, sweeping away the village and his family in a flood – desperate, Narada remembers his Guru Vishnu and calls out for his help.
Its principal, Helena Royden, spent some time studying at the Oneness-Family School in Washington DC, a highly successful school set up by students of the spiritual master Sri Chinmoy and one that seeks to value and develop the unique capacities of each child. Real meditation will never give us a feeling of superiority; instead we will gain a feeling of oneness. If we are able to enter into the highest state of meditation, we will become completely unaware of time, it will no longer be an issue.
When we look at a stature or a picture of a great spiritual master, we feel tremendous peace and love emanating from his features, which inspires us to pursue our prayers and meditations to find the Source of that peace and love. Thus karma yoga is the spiritual path that embraces life and everyday living as a way to spiritual development and progress.
Happiness for most of us is usually very dependent on external things like health, job satisfaction, the other people in our lives, income and so forth, and these are all valid. Even recent NZ Herald coverage has looked at the mounting evidence of the health positives, and mentioned the link between high animal protein diets with the risk of colon cancers and numerous other health disabilities. Imagine the flower opening and expanding, he said, until the soul-flower and the quality it embodies fills every part of your being. Music is the perfection of the aspiring heart.”   For Sri Chinmoy, Kafka’s frozen sea was the stubborn self-interest of the human mind, its unwillingness to embrace the incoming tides of change and a growing global oneness.
Golden Grove now has 40 pupils and five staff, focusing on smaller classrooms that enable more teacher- pupil individual time and attention to the uniqueness of each child. An old man was fashioning a serene Buddha face out of soft yellow riverstone, its lovely variegated layers of ancient sediment patiently being transformed into a calm, meditative deity, eyes half-closed as though lingering still in another world, a nascent deity emerging from the mineral world to inspire and uplift the world of men.
Well, consider the constraints a small bird like a sparrow has to face: a small beak, no arms, not much strength. If we sit in meditation for a long time and feel bloated with spiritual pride, this is a sign that we are meditating too long. However, if we use a meditation cushion or meditation stool we raise ourselves off the floor and enable our knees to be parallel to our thighs.
During his life, spiritual master Sri Chinmoy would often describe the unique incoming energies of the new year, enabling us to best utilize these and prepare ourselves, like a weatherman mapping out the advancing highs and lows of the outer weather. Of course I’m always being challenged because the old myths are still there, milk needed for healthy bones and calcium, animal protein for sound nutrition and so on, but they’ve been rigorously disproved – it takes a while though to get past all this to the facts. The fragrance of the flower is the fragrance of your soul – love, peace, inner poise, whatever quality you have chosen. I am still thirsty.’ The distraught Narada is still grieving though for his family, and does not understand. And the metaphorical axe was not a weapon of destruction but the unifying human heart itself, its great capacity for love, compassion, oneness with others. There are people here from all over the world, and it’s wonderful how happy and friendly they all are – we’re a one-world family, happiness is infectious, you can talk to any stranger. The old man was absorbed in his work and I understood that he could not capture the consciousness he was trying to sculpt from stone if he did not feel it within himself. Yet, despite her smallness, it manages to build a nest for herself and her family to last a lifetime. I travel to some of the most beautiful places on the planet and compete against some of the nicest people you can imagine. When you go out into your world, the activities of the day, be conscious of the inner flower, the soul’s quality, and offer it to everyone you meet. Sri Chinmoy had a great belief in the goodness and beauty of the human heart, and because of it an unwavering optimism about a much brighter future for humanity.
Even the astrologers can tell something about the soul of a year, just as they can very often tell about the soul of a country. If you practise this self-offering you will multiply this quality in your nature very quickly. I tell a Canadian couple the mountain will erupt at 2:30pm, they’d better finish their summit lunch and flee.
Like a mirror of another possible self, they encourage us to emulate, remind us of a forgotten divinity that sleeps in every human soul. Vegetarians and vegans are rapidly growing in numbers – it’s part of a consciousness shift that you can see in the bigger global canvas, an incoming tide of knowledge and change, the interest in mindfulness and spirituality, vegetarian schools, the scores of online websites dedicated to raw food, green smoothies, fasting, yoga and health. They respond by throwing snow at me.  They sit on their packs and slide down an ice field for 200 metres, the girl shrieking in terror and delight.
Yet you forgot all about them as soon as you experienced the material world – home, family, children, and village. Your understanding of Maya could have helped you in the tumult of pleasure and pain, but it did not. Its our original home, Mother Earth, and hiking high up on a mountain or walking an empty beach puts our little life into a larger perspective, diminishes the importance of it all and humbles us.

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