Do you worry that if you say “No” you will damage a valuable relationship or cause an argument? Our assertiveness workshop is different from the usual lecture type workshops that you might have experienced in the past. In this short workshop, you can expect to learn different forms and styles of communication and find out how you will be able to recognise them in yourself and other people. It will help you assess your personal style and get a complete look at your rights in communication.
You will discover the best assertive communication strategies that can help you interact with others effectively and with confidence.
You will improve your assertiveness each day with the use of strategies and tools introduced. This workshop is for you if you want to have open and respectful communication with others and learn the skills for assertiveness that are useful and practical for both workplace and personal relationships.
Before going through this activity, you should have talked about assertiveness in detail along with giving examples so that delegates know what is expected of them here. Being able to have an opinion about important subjects and defend that position is an incredibly important skill in life. Many countries around the world regularly broadcast soap operas on TV; social programs which usually contain a lot of angry and emotional discussions between various extreme characters. This exercise helps delegates to use the scenarios on such programs and turn them around with assertive communication. Being assertive is not just about expressing your rights; it is also about increasing the efficiency of your communication with others. This fun exercise shows the effect of assertiveness in achieving goals by presenting a combination of passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours in the task. Download a free comprehensive training package including training guidelines, soft skills training activities, assessment forms and useful training resources that you can use to enhance your courses. To be successful in your personal or work life, self-confidence and assertiveness are indispensable. In the Assertiveness and Self-Confidence course participants will be taught communication skills such as listening and hearing, asking questions and body language. It was extremely pleasant to meet and be trained by somenone honest and genuine and know entirely the subject matter and more. Great course, good pace, easy to follow and great that personal issues were so well covered. We have specially designed the certification process so that you leave the course knowing you have an excellent understanding of Assertiveness Skills. Assertiveness is the ability to express yourself and your rights in an open, non-confrontational way. When you train with  Vita online Learning and Education , we teach you how to apply appropriate assertive communication skills in your day-to-day work  and life situations: you will acquire practical techniques which will increase your effectiveness and productivity, and help you gain control of daily activities. The course is designed to give students the appropriate tools to assert themselves in a wide range of situations at work. The Vita online Learning and Education  Assertiveness Skills course is approved and recognised by the following organisation: IANLPC (The International Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching Course delegates are welcome to attend. Course materials include a complete assessment which consists of questions and case studies relating to your study material.
There is no time limit for completing your assessment; it can be completed in your own time as your own pace. All students have their own tutor which they can access should they wish to ask any questions throughout the course.
I have learned a great deal of powerful personal development techniques, which have helped me to overcome adversity in my personal life and, in turn, I have been able to help others, who needed my help to improve their quality of life; a veritable virtuous circle. I recently attended an NLP practitioner course which Jimmy and one his colleagues delivered.

Jimmy was pivotal part of all the football programmes broadcast on Sky Sports Radio between 2006-2011.
Assertiveness training may be able to offer you direction in how to handle these situations with greater confidence.
Assertiveness Courses – If your company is considering conducting in-house corporate assertiveness training , then have a look at the website Performance Development which offers a detailed assertiveness course overview.
If it is just yourself and you are seeking a short public training course to attend, then you might consider some of the local TAFE colleges that offer assertiveness training courses, as does the Council of Adult Education. The 30-page e-workbook explains in a simple, clear manner what it means to be assertive – and how you can achieve greater self-empowerment over time. The e-workbook is written by a psychologist who has over twenty years of counselling and coaching experience, in guiding people to achieve their potential and to develop their assertive skills.  The personal development e-workbook comprises a personal journal with a series of self-reflective exercises, that encourage you to actively embrace assertive principles into your life.
Brian is a qualified psychologist who works in the field of management training, leadership development, interview coaching and assertiveness skills training. Learn sales and assertive communication and improve selling techniques with selling skills training.
When Frank Pacetta took over as district sales manager in Xerox’s Cleveland office in 1987, the district was in a shambles. What are the odds of a 33-year-old self-avowed graduate from Springsteen U turning around the sales performance of a Xerox district office so spectacularly that it makes national headlines?
Probably about as likely as Ed McMahon showing up on your doorstep with that sweepstakes check in hand. Pacetta matured enough to guide Xerox’s Cleveland sales office to a first-place regional finish within a year. Entrepreneurs looking to improve their management skills will learn from and enjoy Pacetta’s words of wisdom. It is a unique form of communication that will create enough space for everyone’s needs, wants and personal points of view.
After the end of the workshop, they will walk away with practical and real strategies that can apply in their daily lives.
Join us today if you like to have a more respectful and open communication with the people around you and learn the best skills for assertiveness that are practical and useful for both personal and workplace relationships!
A great way to learn how to be assertive is to know how it contrasts with being aggressive or submissive. Often, we come across such potentially heated debates during the course of a day, but the subjects are mainly to do with practical daily tasks rather than deeper philosophical issues.
The negative emotions and feelings generated by these experiences can stay with us for a long time afterwards and make us feel overtly emotional, weak, stupid or even unworthy. Assertive communication as opposed to passive or aggressive communication is usually the best way to handle aggressive communication. It can accurately spot activities in the collection which are similar to the one you are currently viewing. Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses.
Not feeling worthy and not being able to express your self-worth will hamper you in every area of your life. They will learn to identify their own worth, create positive self-talk as well identifying and addressing strengths and weaknesses in themselves. Whilst we will do everything possible to assist you in meeting our required standards, not every student meets our standards. Yet assertiveness does not come naturally because we have all learned passive behaviours to stave off confrontation. They will learn how the proper use of assertive behaviour enables people to deal with work colleagues, clients, suppliers and personal contacts in a way that is productive yet maintains and improves relationships.
We run free monthly practice sessions for all students doing the home study courses, you will be notified monthly with dates of upcoming practice sessions.

Jimmy's knowledge on the subject is extensive however he can easily translate this into every day experiences making him an excellent teacher.
Although assertiveness training might not be a solution to all of your interpersonal problems, you should however gain a deeper insight into the type of assertive skills you need to apply, enabling you to regain some control over your life. The one day assertiveness training  is delivered in-house for organisations within Melbourne in a highly interactive and engaging way. Do your research however, so that you can have some confidence that the course content is in line with what you are wanting to learm, and that the course presenter is well-experienced in delivering assertiveness training As a guide, the cost of attending a one day assertiveness training course can range from between $250 to $450. Strategies you can start using immediately to help boost your self-esteem, develop your self confidence and take control of your thinking. Considering the office was nearly dead last when Pacetta took the helm, that’s no small achievement. His management tips run the gamut from practicing what you preach (walk the talk, as he puts it) to backing up your people. This activity helps delegates to analyse a given situation and analyse various responses delivered and see how their feelings are affected as a result of each response. Through these discussions delegates can see if their views are markedly different from those of others and if so what it may suggest when they interact with others.
The solutions to such issues are usually non-obvious where many thinkers have been putting efforts in exploring them and providing insights. One way to deal with this emotional baggage is to acknowledge it and take responsibility for it.
The focus of this exercise is on learning how to constantly use assertive communication and not necessarily only at the beginning of a conversation. This article suggests a few useful sentence formulations to help you express yourself assertively and increase your confidence in dealing with potentially aggressive people. Other subjects covered in the course includes What Does Self-Confidence Mean to You, Obstacles to Our Goals, The Importance of Goal Setting, Feeling the Part, Looking the Part, Sounding the Part, Powerful Presentations, Coping Techniques and Dealing with Difficult Behavior. Our online courses are exactly the same as the classroom version, but include a range of supporting study material.
Without exaggeration the NLP course that Jimmy Petruzzi taught and his methods have changed all aspects of my life for the better.
The course was well-structured, professionally run and content rich but the crowning glory of it all was the interpersonal skills and the knowledge that Jimmy has. I have already used a number of the strategies taught by Jimmy in my work place and seen great results. He put the district near the top and kept it there until he left in 1992 to turn around Xerox’s Columbus district and repeat the miracle. The idea here is that sharing difficult experiences and the feelings generated by them will allow delegates to acknowledge them to another person and therefore more easily come into terms with them. Having a positive self-esteem is strongly linked to psychological health, body image, physical health and the feeling that you matter to others.
He is gracious, determined, unjudgemental and extremely generous in sharing his experiences with the people he works with. This book contains his tried-and-proven strategy to business success that has worked for Pacetta and Xerox. The book contains tips on how to build a team that won’t be satisfied with anything less than total success.

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