Plot summary: In the fourth of Tinker Bell’s recent films, the famous fairy’s curiosity about the forbidden Winter Woods leads her to discover she has a sister in that world. Plot Summary: The third instalment to Tinker Bell’s saga since her Disney debut in Peter Pan in 1953, this film finds the famous fairy trapped inside a tiny house belonging to a human girl with a fascination for fairies.
Plot Summary: A strange neo-realistic take on Peter Pan with real pirates, real Indians and little in the way of fairies. Plot Summary: A spin on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, feuding next-door neighbours have clans of gnomes living in their gardens and who likewise despise each other. Plot Summary: This comedy stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Derek Thompson, a hockey player and boyfriend to a single mother by day and a tooth fairy by night. Plot Summary: In the second of the Pixie Hollow films, Tinker Bell is given a special task for the coming autumn. Plot Summary: In this prequel to the 1989 classic, Ariel’s father bans music from the underwater realm after a ship kills his wife when she tries to recover a music box.
Plot Summary: The return of Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell with her own leading role, the film takes place in a part of Neverland known as Pixie Hollow.
Plot Summary: A coming-of-age story about a young gnome named Junior who lives in the forest. Plot summary: Leah Carpenter makes friend with Shaily an elf who works in Santa Claus’ workshop and visits Santa’s workshop.
Plot Summary:  A tooth fairy accidentally on purposes leaves far too much money for a tooth and allows the anti-Clause, a fairy-hunter to track her and her kids down.
Plot summary: The sequel to Disney’s 1989 classic, the film features Ariel’s daughter in a full reversal of the original’s storyline. Plot Summary: A very long and often complicated film but one with real intelligence behind it.
Plot Summary: Two exiled American children fight the evil designs of their step-mother and her creepy butler in Ireland.
Plot Summary: A woman descending from a long line of dentists dies of a car accident and finds herself in a purgatory-like place, from where people either ascend to heaven or descend to hell depending on the deeds they perform while there. Plot Summary: Poachers have stolen some animals from Ferngully and the fairies leave their ancestral home to retrieve them.
Plot Summary: Mike Dennehy, an American kid finds himself at Fairyhill (Ireland) for the summer and makes friends with the local leprechauns and fights Nula, queen of the dead. Plot Summary: Not strictly a fairy film, but the description of a tribe of Tokyo raccoons who fight to protect their home from building development has many fairy echoes from the east. Plot Summary: A twist on the old Peter Pan story with an adult Peter Pan determined to take on Captain Hook.
Plot Summary: A gnome’s attempt to gain notoriety among his race and an undercover detective’s sting operation go awry simultaneously, forcing the two to work together as they attempt to fix their debacles. Plot Summary: In Disney’s take on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, Ariel, a teenage mermaid and daughter of the king of the ocean, wants nothing more than to walk among the humans. Plot Summary: Two children go to live in the country with their archaeologist father, while their mother is in hospital trying to recover from a mystery illness.

Plot Summary: This Spanish adaptation of the children’s book, The Secret Book of the Gnomes, follows the adventures of David and several other Gnome, who live in the forest and use their magical powers to battle the damage humans have created on the environment as well as their age-old enemies, the trolls. Plot Summary: DC is set on another world but the parallels with our earth’s fairy lore are striking. Plot Summary Oisin is taken by a fairy to the fairy king to asks for his help against the evil Shadow. Plot Summary: Based on the same children’s book as the Spanish television series, David the Gnome, the film revolves around a family of gnomes living in the forest and who prepare for the wedding of the eldest son in the family. Plot Summary: A millionaire is committed to a mental institution for seeing gnomes and his grandchildren (the Mary Poppins duo) have to both rescue him and save the gnomes.
Plot Summary: Three fairy godmothers help sleeping beauty break the curse and find her prince.
Plot Summary: The classic Disney telling of the Peter Pan story with a particularly memorable and often angry Tinker Bell – who according to silver screen legend was based on Marilyn Monroe. But the other books come out in a week, if there's a pic of her in one of those, I'll upload it!
Epic is interesting for the development of the theme that fairies are the ‘motor’ of nature, found in a slightly tamer version in the Tinkerbell films.
In their attempts to spend time together, trouble ensues as the two realms and respective fairies are unable to survive in each other’s conditions.
The two form a friendship, which is then put to the test by the girl’s disbelieving father.
Following a similar pattern of events as the classic play, Gnomeo and Juliet, gnomes from the two fighting clans, meet and fall in love. Thompson is a minor league hockey player whose misdeed lands him a two-week sentence as a tooth fairy.
In the short time they spend together, the pair inspire each other to have the courage to fight on in the face of adversity. Secret of Kells describes the work of Aidan, a young Irish monk, as he helps Brother Brendan create the Book of Kells, ‘to take among the people’ in the dark days of the Viking invasions. She soon finds herself on an adventure to find a lost wish-granting mirror and teams up with a firefly named Blaze along the way. The story brings to light the world of the magical island’s fairies and their various roles such as fixing things, bringing about the seasons, and helping animals. Continually at odds with his father, the leader of his people, the Junior must put aside his differences when trolls steal the gnomes’ winter food supply and he embarks on a quest to retrieve it. Melody finds herself bound to land and wanting nothing more than to go explore the ocean, which her parents have forbidden out of fear of retribution from the original foe, Ursula’s sister. Jack Woods is an American who comes to live in an Irish cottage that is full of leprechauns. She is then given the job of tooth fairy though quickly breaks the rules by being seen by humans – at first only children, whose innocence allows them to see the paranormal – and interfering in the their lives. The raccoons, doomed to defeat, learn to shape change and to use magic against their human foes.

After making a deal with the octopus-like witch, Urusula, who seeks to depose Ariel’s father and take his place, Ariel gains a pair of legs in exchange for her voice and, unless she is kissed by a human prince within three days, her soul as well. The two slowly make friends with various local elementals in the Japanese countryside and, above all, a friendly troll called Totoro. The ceremony, however, is put to the test by a family of trolls intent on ruining the wedding as well as obnoxious members of Tor’s own extended family.
Graciella can't be evil without some reason; also, another fairies should say, that she was kind, the same with Gaston, lol, I mean Zane.
Through teamwork by all the fairies and the star-crossed lovers ruling the two realms, the sisters secure a future in which they can see each other. However, he campaigns to win her back while being magically transformed into the tooth fairy. But with help from Tinker Bell and her fairy friends, he in turn discovers the truth and a newfound bond with his daughter. A twist on the originals ending, the film ends with the gnomes resolving their disagreements and the couple getting married.
Balancing his new nocturnal activities with his daytime career and romance lead Thompson to realize the importance of being a influence to those around him. In creating the book Aidan makes an unlikely alliance with a fairy, Aisling in the woods outside Kells. Though the pair ultimately finds what they sought, the most valuable things are what they discover of themselves along the way. However, an ambitious servant with an eye for Sebastian’s position ruins their fun by alerting the king.
Tinker Bell’s desire to visit the mainland, or the real world, causes her to attempt the jobs of other fairies, which inevitably brings about disaster.
Travelling to unknown lands and facing various dangers, Junior finds courage he never knew he possessed. In spite of their wishes, Melody runs away to the ocean where she strikes a deal Morgana to turn her into a mermaid.
While Jack tries to relate to these strange creatures and catches the eye of a local girl, a Romeo and Juliet style story is underway as the prince of the leprechauns falls in love with the princess of the fairies and the two tribes go to war.
With the hep of her lively friends from the sea, Ariel attempts to fulfil her to sway the prince and so keep her soul and her happiness. Highlights include the frog with a Harlem accent and the pseudo-science of fairies living at a higher velocity than us mere human beings. These forays lead Tinker Bell to gradually come to terms with her own talents and see them as equal in importance to those bestowed on the other fairies. Notable for Whoopi Goldberg (the Grand Banshee!) and special fairy vocabulary: ‘trooping fairies’ etc etc.

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