Jawa Timur, Wisata Murah Batu Secret Zoo: Wisata Batu Secret Zoo MalangThe interesting of Wisata Murah Batu Secret Zoo picture above, is a part of Wisata Batu Secret Zoo Malang writing, which is arranged within Jawa Timur.
Popular on This Week Wisata Air Tejun Curug Sewu di Kendal Kabupaten Kendal terletak di sebelah Jawa bagian utara berdekatan dengan Kota Semarang. Welcome to the Indonesia Tourism Forum, Where You Can Find Any Information About Indonesia. Batu Secret Zoo is an official site of Jawa Timur Park or Jatim Park 2 that located in Batu city, East Java.
By lying on 2 hectares land, there are three sections become the visitors' route during the exploration to this zoo. While enjoying the exotic animals, the visitors can also experience the beautiful sceneries along the uphill and down road.
This hotel is having the 'tree house' concept, which is designed similar to the real trunk and walled by solid material look- like wood.

Batu Secret Zoo is your safari-in-town recreational site that highly recommended for families, group and personal. Batu Secret Zoo is a modern zoo, complete with the high architectural design and numbers of animals' collection. The content of this museum is about the bones of the animal, like, dinosaurs; the artificial pre historic animals, the artificial of the extinct animals and the preserved animals like butterfly, civet, deer, some of fishes and more.
Pohon Inn is a hotel within the zoo areal, it standing in front of the main location, next to the main entrance gate to the zoo. Beside the architectural, this 'tree house' is the only hotel in Indonesia that facilitated by moving fast food, forest nuance and surrounded by living animals.
It contents of educational, fun and togetherness among the warm hospitality, yet chill nuance. This zoo can be accessed for about 30n minutes from Malang city or 90 minutes from Surabaya.

The animals are placed into the glass cage, so the visitors seems having close distance to the animals around.
Moreover, this location is also near to other recreational park, which is Batu Night Spectacular or BNS.
The animals are taken from the entire endemic world and divided into some sections like Tiger land, Savannah Land, Hippo and Croc Garden, River Adventure, Safari Farm, Reptile zone and so on.
Furthermore, this hotel is surrounded by the view of Arjuna Mountain, Banyak Mountain and Panderman Hill.

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