As a self-improvement marketer or service provider, you know your customers are smart – smart enough to realize that with the right information they can become even smarter… better informed, more productive and creative … with the right support, they can unlock their potential and reach for their dreams. Give them a great course of instruction, a well-designed program for self-study and they'll run with it. And you offer the products and services that can help them grow stronger, faster, calmer, more confident … you’ve developed systems and techniques to make their lives richer in information and abilities – you help them learn to be their very best. Convince them, in a matter of seconds, that you know what they’re seeking … that you understand the things that may be holding them back … that you can guide, prepare and nurture them along their path to self-improvement. Together, these three steps ignite interest, expand awareness and nurture growth so you can build meaningful, lasting relationships with prospects and customers - relationships that will enrich their lives and yours. For the past twenty years, we’ve been combining research, writing and storytelling techniques to craft messages and spread ideas.
We’ve worked with a wide range of clients: major consulting and PR firms, independent service providers, internet startups and even one of the world’s premiere hedge funds. SALES LETTERS (Long and Short Form)Attract new business via Direct Market and Online Sales Letters that capture attention, inspire trust and build enthusiasm for your brand. CONTENT AND CONVERSATIONInform customers and prospects with case studies, articles, blog posts and special reports. INFORMATION PRODUCTSInspire your customers with Workshops, E-Books, E-Courses and Webinars that help them develop their skills and follow their dreams. Judo was introduced into the Olympic Games in 1964 and is practiced by millions of people throughout the world today.
As in all sports, Judo has a strict set of rules that governs competition and ensures safety. Judo is best known for it's spectacular throwing techniques but also involves considerable grappling on the ground utilizing specialized pins, control holds, arm locks, and Judo choking techniques. Judo is unique in that all age groups, both sexes, and most disabled persons can participate together in learning and practicing the sport.
Judo created the system of ranks, now used in most other martial arts, that recognize a person's degree of knowledge, ability, and leadership. The pictures above were taken in the Kodokan - Judo's International headquarters where Iizumi learned and taught as a young man.
Gary Goltz - 7th Dan Judo Black Belt - Over 40 years of experience in Judo - Chief Operations Officer of the US Judo Association. As a six time World Jiu-Jitsu Champion and a two time ADCC World Submission Wrestling Champion, I strongly recommend the Legendary Soft Judo video series to anyone interested in pursuing a competitive grappling career, or simply learning to defend themselves.

I've been practicing Judo for over twenty years, and to me, Shihan Iizumi's instruction is invaluable.
Put up rosy gloss, extended mascara and fine eye liner to elevate your appearance immediately. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. You have to show them the entrance to a cave of intellectual, emotional or professional treasures. Smart, compelling copy that piques their curiosity - that gives them a taste of how much they can learn - will inspire them to open your emails and keep them riveted as they read your promotions. Today’s customers are used to getting a lot for free … which means you have to give (as in inform, instruct, empower) before you can ask for the sale in return. It is a fun sport, an art, a discipline, a recreational or social activity, a fitness program, a means of self-defense or combat, and a way of life.
People practice Judo to excel in competition, to stay in shape, to develop self-confidence, and for many other reasons.
For those who want to test their skills, Judo offers the opportunity for competition at all skill levels, from club to national tournaments, to the Olympic Games. Judo is an inexpensive, year-round activity, that appeals to people from all walks of life. Judo provides the means for learning self-confidence, concentration, and leadership skills, as well as physical coordination, power, and flexibility. This is the flexible or efficient use of balance, leverage, and movement in the performance of Judo throws and other skills.
The ultimate goal in Judo is to develop oneself to the maximum extent possible, always striving for perfection, so that you can contribute something of value to the world.
Unkempt hair will certainly give an awkward look and leave poor impression on people you socialize with. Wear stylish pumps, sandals or court shoes that fit rightly into your feet and also look attractive.
They long to become more efficient and better organized, to gain self-esteem, remove obstacles to their creativity, turbo-charge their business or improve their backhand.
And once they see you as their source for ongoing personal growth, you will become an essential part of their life. And for you, that creates a lifelong opportunity because when it comes to your customers: the more they learn, the more they want to know.

We specialize in generating compelling content that stirs emotions without compromising clear communication. As a sport that has evolved from a fighting art, it develops complete body control, fine balance, and fast reflexive action.
Judo ranks are identified by colored belts, and ten degrees of advanced grades for black belts. Skill, technique and timing, rather than the use of brute strength, are the essential ingredients for success in Judo. No matter what natural features you have, you can still enhance your beauty by trying out various tips and techniques that can hide your flaws and highlight your best parts. Make them see you as a trusted authority - their secret weapon, personal coach and cheering section - and you will build powerful relationships to keep them engaged and connected. But at the end of the day, it’s the product you sell or the service you offer that enhances your customer’s life. For example, in Judo classes you may learn how to give way, rather than use force, to overcome a stronger opponent. Because Iizumi was trained by Mifune (direct student of Kano - Founder of Judo), he has insight others do not.
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And since nothing brings them back like a winning result, you want your e-book, your webinar or workshop to be the absolute best of its kind. Kano, President of the University of Education, Tokyo, studied these ancient forms and integrated what he considered to be the best of their techniques into what is now the modern sport of Judo. You will be exposed to the full spectrum of Judo throws, as well as important Judo pins and submission techniques from Shihan Iizumi. When wearing all these together, make sure these are of the same color and style to create harmony. Iizumi Sensei has finally produced a DVD series that conveys these ideals in a easy to follow format.

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