This leads us to the question of why self-harm is more widespread in those with BPD than those afflicted with other disorders. To some, the self-harming behaviors of those with BPD come off as attention-seeking or manipulative.
This entry was posted in Self-Injury Awareness, Stigma of Self-Harm and tagged borderline personality disorder, borderline personality disorder and self-harm, self-injury and borderline. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. I cant stand the way ive made my life become, ive turned into everything I said I wouldn’t. Im here to offer my advice and share the wisdom i gained within my 8 years of self harm and depression. This past year, I’ve spoken to numerous Syracuse high schools about my novel, Noon, and the self-injury topics discussed in the book. Recently, I spoke to a high school about the book and realized, again, how useful it is to talk about the struggles you’ve gone through. This entry was posted in Self-Harm Disclosure, Self-Injury Awareness and tagged managing self injury, speaking out, spreading awareness.
This entry was posted in Mental Health Issues, Self-Injury Scars and tagged avoiding self-harm triggers in the workplace, self-harm and a triggering work environment, self-harm and triggers in the workplace, self-harm in the workplace. I have been in schools as a teaching assistant sub over the past couple of weeks and one thing I have noticed is the overuse of cell phones in class and in the halls.
By constantly checking social media and “Snap Chatting” friends throughout the day, the possible level of stress and anxiety can rise.
And we know that when something brings you down, it could lead to unsafe behaviors – such as self-harm.
However, people find a need to vent about other people and the way many may do this is on the social media by “cyber-bullying.” This can make people feel upset and for those who do not have healthy coping skills, self-harm can be the go-to behavior. For those who struggle with self-harm and mental illness, things as simple as a teacher taking away your phone may lead to anger and anxiety.
It’s sad to say that not much can stop us from letting the social media stress us in such a powerful way. This entry was posted in Mental Health Issues, Self-Injury Awareness and tagged cell phones, self-harm, social media, stress. Interpersonal skills focus on your relationship with someone else, but intrapersonal is the relationship you have with yourself. The SACRED self is a skill that many DBT skills  trainers don’t always utilize, and from my personal experience many clients find it hard to use. This entry was posted in Boosting Self Esteem, Low Self Esteem - Building Self-Esteem, Positive Thinking and tagged acceptance, building self-confidence, DBT, DBT skills, how to be more confident, how to like yourself, how to love yourself, radical acceptance, Sacred self, self care, self esteem.
When you’re in the phase of depression that you feel nothing, no to little emotion, it is difficult to push yourself to improve your self esteem. According to the National Institute of Mental Health’s website, borderline personality disorder (BPD) consists of unstable moods, behaviors, and relationships, with trouble regulating emotions and thoughts while exhibiting impulsive behavior.

There seems to be a belief that the suicidality and self-harm exhibited by those afflicted with this illness is done to manipulate those around them. When psychiatrists see that I am a cutter, they may conclude that I have some trouble regulating my emotions or moods and use cutting as a coping technique. Triggers can come in many different forms, from overhearing a conversation, to coworkers asking questions about your scars (or talking negatively about them), to the items we work with on a daily basis. I decided to put my mental health before my job (which I understand is not always an easy or available option). If you hear your coworkers talking negatively about your scars or about self-harm and mental health in general, see what activities you can do after work to get your mind off of it.
It has become such a habit that when I try not to press the screen to check for a text, I get anxious. Other people talk to her about their problems.  We extended to say that she is also a trustworthy person if others are confiding in her and has a positive presence. This week, I have been tweeting about the kind things I am doing for my body and mind.  DBT says when you are around positive people, you treat yourself with respect. Right now, if your mind can move towards acceptance, the less power the negative thought has. Again, clients complain of having very little to like about themselves.  This piece can be a day-to-day shift, noticing what parts of yourself you like, what do you enjoy, what did you feel you did well that day. I have pushed away the things and many of the people in my life that I used to care about so in a sense that includes me too. DBT, CBT, ACT, mindfulness, etc are not going to help when you are in the midst of an issue. Self-mutilation can be a way to gain control of our feelings and emotions when we can’t seem to reel them in.
Since this is an illness that heavily manifests through borderline and relationships, it may be natural to think of the self-mutilation in terms of how it affects others. Considering that self-injury is a borderline trait, they probably use that as a catalyst to build a full diagnosis upon further evaluation. Write a fictional story and put some of your past experiences into that character – like what I did in Noon.
If your scars are clearly visible, they can attract attention and it may not necessarily be positive. In a typical office setting, there are scissors and staplers, both capable of inflicting pain. I told my manager on duty that I couldn’t do the project and I asked to be assigned to a different project or area of the store, and he obliged me. No one wants to miss out on something that happens in their group of friends or in their community. Even creating a space in your home, your purse or wallet or desk can be reflective of being kind to yourself. Compare how you may accept someone in similar circumstances and notice how you would accept them.

Cutting and other forms of self-harm are so prevalent in borderline that they seem to have become indicators of it. We are able to determine the type and amount of pain we feel, instead of letting it emotionally take advantage of us.
Is it possible that someone diagnosed with BPD self-harms to get an emotional reaction out of someone? No matter what diagnosis is given to me, I still carry on and find ways to stay in recovery.
It would be great if people didn’t ask questions or, at the very least, showed compassion and understanding when told the truth. If you have a manager who is not this easy to work with, I would use your break time to practice some calming techniques, like deep breathing, to ground yourself. We know these coping skills are not healthy, but it’s hard to realize how petty it is to let the social media affect us in such a way. For me, cleaning up my desk and organizing papers is a kind act that helps me later in the day. Of course, not everyone who self-harms has BPD, and not everyone with the disorder self-harms. Since borderline personality disorder is characterized by emotional dysregulation, those with the illness may use self-injurious behavior in an attempt to regulate, or gain some control of, their emotional turbulence.
Everyone should have the chance to speak about his or her struggles and about how they survived those struggles. The simple stress of our job may find us triggered enough to feel like using these objects on ourselves, or may send us home to the temptation of self-harming. However, it has become such a natural part of our lives that simply seeing someone you don’t like post a picture can make us angry. Thus, it is essential for us to find ways to minimize stress and stay on the course of recovery from self-harm in a triggering environment like the workplace. I was fortunate enough to have compassionate coworkers and supervisors at my previous job, but with the stigma surrounding self-harm and mental illness I doubt that this is the rule instead of the exception.
I vividly remember working in retail, and having to use an X-Acto knife for a custom printing project.
The trigger of the moment will have subsided after a while, and you will have survived another scare. I, myself, am guilty of asking questions at work when there appeared to be a self-harm scar on a coworker. An X-Acto knife had been my weapon of choice for years, and just having one in my hand made me sweat.

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