This book went through a lot of design changes until I finally hit upon a simple leather wallet that holds the bound journal, and loose documents. Starting in July of 2007, the United States Mint issued the first Presidential $1 Coin of George Washington to kick off their Presidential Dollar Program. Get FREE Christian eBooks and Christian book deals via email when you subscribe to our website updates. Get Daily Book Deals by EmailOnce a day we send a list of FREE and DISCOUNTED Christian books for the day. Library Lists - All About Learning Press - All About Learning Press You are using an outdated browser.

This President’s day, we decided to look for a few quotations from the presidents on books and reading.
This is the President’s Book of Secrets, also showing a few of the dozens of extra documents, photos, letters and papers that were stuffed in the pages. Since then, four coins have been introduced each year depicting each American President in chronological order.
I’ve been watching the Presidential debates from both parties, ignoring the news media speculations, and educating myself on the next potential president. REMINDER: The ebooks are free or discounted at the time of posting this article and only for USA Amazon.

Post a comment below if you have READ one of the books and let me know if it’s worth reading. If you do buy an ebook and you do not like it, Amazon allows you to return the book in 7 days for a refund.

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