Check out the show and Silva, and you might look at yourself a little differently after watching. The host is Kal Penn, who is known for his role as Kumar in the Harold and Kumar movies, but who also spent time working the White House Office of Public Engagement. The Parents' Choice blog is a place to read more, play more and learn more about children’s media and toys, and the people and policies that shape them. Reading is Power, What-Kids-Who-Don't-Like-to-Read, Like-to-Read are trademarks of Parents' Choice Foundation. From the creator of Sesame Street® Potty Time with Elmo, Brain Games for Kids : Preschool is a visually engaging, quick-paced way to learn basic skills for reading and math.
Every week we’re bringing you recommendations for great movies or TV shows streaming on Netflix. On average, the human brain makes up about 2% of overall body mass, or roughly three pounds, but that small percentage of your overall mass is responsible not only for regulating and controlling your body’s functions but also taking in all of the internal and external stimuli to create a picture of reality. Due to the massive amounts of data it is required to process in real time, you brain takes short cuts based on previous experiences to create the consistent streaming story that is your life and experiences.
All things considered, your brain is incredibly impressive; it is a massive achievement in biological computing power unmatched by even our greatest technological efforts. Using the fourth most advanced computer in the world, The K computer at the Riken research institute in Japan, containing 83,000 processors, researchers were able to mimic one second of one percent of a brains processing power, it took forty minutes.
But in some ways your brain is inferior to even antiquated technology because the world and challenges by which it evolved were and are very different from what synthetic computers have been developed to deal with. The first season, only three episodes long, focuses on the weaknesses in your memory, the suppression of details when focusing on a task, and optical illusions, all of which are examples of how your brain constantly rewrites your history in order to maintain a cohesive reality. The world got a pretty big taste of this when a picture of a certain dress was posted to social media and went viral when viewers couldn’t agree on its color.
In the image on the left the orange square in the center of the front pane and the brown square in the center of the top pane are actually the exact same color, in the image on the right both sections of the monolith are the same shade of gray. I was watching once TV show named Brain games where were presented different proactive games and situations trough which where shown some unconscious and mechanical brain actions. Like Nintendo’s Brain Age series, Puzzler Brain Games is a collection of daily brain training activities designed to stimulate the mind and keep you mentally alert. Anyone that has played Puzzler Mind Gym 3D – a previous entry in the Puzzler series – should know exactly what to expect here.
The activities here are broken up into four categories; visual, numerical, memory, and word. Some of these activities are a quick test of your cognitive reflexes while others ask that you slow down and assess a slightly more complex scenario – but don’t misinterpret that, these games are all designed for quick, short bursts of attention.
And that’s another thing; even though you’re provided with brief instructions to introduce you to each activity, they can still be a bit bewildering and many will often require trial-and-error until you figure things out. It’s also worth mentioning that there are a few puzzles that suffer from slight detection issues.
If you’re in dire need of cerebral stimulation for a budget price, then we’re sure you could get some pleasure out of Puzzler Brain Games. Throughout the years Dave has sworn that the SNES is the queen of his castle, although as of late, he's been sneaking off and spending an obsessive amount of time locked away with his 3DS. Send in questions that will blow the mind of the mind-blower on Mind Blown: Hangout to explore how your brain works.
Send in your questions and you could be invited to join the Hangout and ask your mind-blowing, thought-provoking, curious questions LIVE with Jason Silva. And how can it not be given that our world today is constantly bombarding us with choices we can make.
And if you visit Nat Geo’s Brain Games site you can take some simple decision-making tests and play some fun interactive games.

Child-friendly narrators read aloud questions and instructions for early learners who are not yet reading, encouraging independent play. In short, it’s pretty easy to trick those feeble few pounds of gelatinous mush, and it happens all the time.
This discrepancy in subjective experience occurs because vision doesn’t actually happen in your eyes, it happens in your mind. Your brain is making assumptions about the shadows present in the images and color correcting accordingly. It was amazing to me how trough that concept my brain was foxed by this games even everything was happening on TV screen. Though instead of feeling like a curriculum of exercises you’d learn in school, Brain Games is presented in a game show-like format and is a more light-hearted affair overall. Many of the same exercises have made it over from that game, and while some have been dressed up as something new, there are a few originals exclusive to this version.
Each day you’ll be asked to partake in one activity from each of these categories, and then you're scored on your performance. For example, in one activity you’ll find an antsy clown bouncing all over the screen and you’ll have to determine in which hand he is holding his horn. For the sake of our review we passed off the 3DS to a couple less experienced gamers to see how they fared. The first that comes to mind is an exercise that asks you to find the correctly-spelled word floating around a snow globe. However, those looking for the level of quality found in the Brain Age series, or expecting to gain insight into their intellectual shortcomings, should probably steer clear altogether. This LIVE Google+ On-Air Hangout will dive deep into how this secondary force of evolution, technology, is moving our modern world and how it is allowing us to extend our reach as explorers and augment the human brain. See how savvy your brain is and take the Brain Games Challenge to reveal your total brain profile.
They had to come up with a way for a pickup truck to crash without detonating a box of dynamite. When you look at an image your brain has to make assumptions about what you’re seeing and plugs in data from previous experience to create a picture. It is common that while is focused on one thing, our brain is possible to completely turn off our visual or other kind of perception which is in that moment unnecessary for what is subject of that focus.
Think of this as the same game as Mind Gym 3D, but with a slightly different coat of paint and a far more reasonable price tag. The game keeps track of your progress over the course of 90 days and allows you to compare your day-to-day results to see where you’re excelling and where more work is needed. Being that this is a test of a visual nature, it’s a quicker process and more reactive than anything. While the majority of their time spent with the game seemed to be enjoyable, there were many puzzles that took a couple sessions to fully grasp, and even then, they still found that finding the correct solution was a bit obtuse when compared to some of the other activities. Now, this is an activity that we rather enjoy, yet we tallied many wrong answers because the game determined that we were choosing words in close proximity to what we were actually selecting. There are some enjoyable activities here, but due to a handful of stinkers and a lackluster progress tracker there just isn’t enough to guarantee any real lasting power. Aside from consistently dropping awe-evoking facts and exercises to give your brain a mind-bending workout on National Geographic Channel’s series, Brain Games, Jason has also been an orator at TEDGlobal 2012 as well as captivated the audiences of IBM, Google, Intel, and Microsoft – and now, you. Winners move on, competing for $50,000 and a one-year contract job with WET (Water Entertainment Technology) Enterprises, the company that devised the famous choreographed fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.
The majority of people (over 70% by some estimates) perceive the dress as being in shadow, your brain knows that shadows make things appear darker than they actually are and corrects for it, this is why many people see the dress as white and gold.
Below is the exact same image except that using the wonders of MS Paint I have removed the offending stimuli responsible for the cognitive glitch.

Simple example for that is that we don’t hear what other people in coffee shop around us are talking while we are focused what people from one particular corner or table are talking, or just while we are reading, or thinking.
So the puzzling question is; will this candy leave a bad taste in your mouth or is it something of the sweetest kind? So if you’ve already sunk money into the previous edition, there isn’t much of a reason to reinvest in this offering – but you probably already knew that because you’re so smart from playing so darn much Mind Gym 3D, right? Completing these tasks on a daily basis only takes about five minutes but if that’s not enough, you’ll be able to advance to the next day’s activities or enter practice mode to keep your skills fresh.
Thanks to this simple approach, we found this to be one of the most enjoyable and immediately rewarding exercises of the lot.There are a handful of other activities that we found to be genuine fun as well – like counting the number of stacked blocks as quickly as you can, memorizing the locations of rats on an illuminated grid, and finding the last puzzle piece missing from a puzzle – and then there are others that are convoluted and frustrating. It’s safe to say that things aren’t always as balanced as they should be.Where the game lets us down the most, however, is in the way it presents our results – or doesn’t.
It’s just a poor design choice on the developer’s part that could have used more fine tuning.
Brain Games means well, it just never puts forth the effort needed to earn marks as high as its classmates. Viewers can see the competitors’ minds at work, get to know their personalities, see the design theories the teams come up with and then watch to see how successful the projects are at the end.
A smaller percentage see the image as being exposed to a light source, if your brain makes that assumption it color corrects in the opposite direction and you see it as blue and black. Actually, we are able to hear all of them as a crowd, but also singly group by group, just focusing our hear on them eliminating others while focused.
One of our least favourite was an activity where you’re presented with up to three scales holding coloured balls of different weights, you need to determine which coloured ball is the heaviest. After completing your daily activities you’ll be shown your percentage scores for each individual category, but you’re never provided with an analysis of your progress.
None of these issues are game crippling, but they’re definitely annoying when you’re going for a high score.Visually, Brain Games is a satisfactory yet generic affair. While most of us are tired of seeing, hearing, and talking about the dress, it is a perfect example of the subjective nature of your reality and the viral nature of it makes for a statistically significant sample size, which makes it work talking about at least for a little while. We’ve seen this similar exercise executed well in other games over the years, but here it’s dull and often deceptive. You’ll certainly experience many jagged edges and the intro cinematic involving a 3D rollercoaster ride through the mind is nauseatingly bad, due to a choppy frame-rate.
Additionally, it never really explains what it means to be proficient in certain categories but not others. The presentation would have benefited from more refinement and diversity, but at the same time it gets the job done.
And regardless banality of previous sentence I will not press backspace, I am writing this hoping that the end will bring even small benefit for reader, or simply for myself, by putting one of those positive thoughts on paper.
Considering every brain functions differently, we would have liked to know what our particular strengths and weaknesses actually mean.
While the 3D provides no gameplay benefits, it’s still surprisingly effective for a budget title.
I was thinking about my problems, things I must do, but in one unexpected moment I felt enlightening…. My mind turned on awareness, in that moment I felt happiness for being in that street, in this town, going in my nice little rented apartment… Because only six years ago I came here with only hopes and dreams, and most of them came true, and I am still walking these streets, with new dreams.

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