La noche de los martes en National Geographic Channel estara dedicada a los juegos de la mente y a la ciencia explicada de una manera sencilla. Ahora en la revista en espanol y a traves del facebook de National Geographic, nos invitan cada mes a votar por la portada que mas nos guste. Este mes, de entre los distintos reportajes que contendra la revista del mes de marzo, se han seleccionado fotografias referentes a ellos, por una parte los secretos de la construccion de la cupula de la catedral de Santa Maria del Fiore de Florencia, por otra el apasionante misterio de los agujeros negros o por ultimo el aumento del area de distribucion del puma. Blogger desde hace 7 anos, apasionado de las series, los videojuegos, el cine, el anime y en general del mundo del entretenimiento. So this comes from a place of great respect and understanding about the difficulty of making good TV and getting good TV made — the genre is home to programming that ranges from life affirming and inspiring, to guilty pleasure, to this-is-a-gravely concerning-reflection of our society. One thing we’ve really got a hankering for is innovative, entertaining, educational content.
Brain Games, hosted by Jason Silva, unlocks the reasons we think, feel, and act the way we do. Men often crack the jokes on women’s intelligence and this the time to prove them wrong. As always I am not posting the answers and you can get them in mail just be leaving a comment below in the comment box.

Hey Maya, will post some games soon, although I have many such games suitable for Indian housewives. But the question was, How Many Squares Can You MAKE, The answer is 27 oh wait, 26, im sure its 26, can you get an odd number out of a shape that is evenly divided? Each letter is translated into its binary equivalent based on its position in the  English alphabet.
Desde el 18 de febrero a partir de las 21:40, un nuevo episodio de la nueva y tercera temporada de Brain Games (esperemos que esta vez de manera ordenada segun se emitieron en USA, parece ser que si). We help networks promote and market their shows, and we’re busy creating a few of our own. Each episode covers a subject like superstitions, anger, or passion, breaking down the biology and sceince of what actually is happening inside our brains. Packed with (um, brain) games, perceptual illusions, and other things that will stoke your nostalgia for 6th grade science (what up Mrs.
This is the hardest test to date we have put on the site and you both have proved to have great skills. Las dos primeras temporadas se pasaron volando y los 25 minutos que dura cada capitulo duran un suspiro por lo divertidos que son.

La del agujero negro me parece demasiado simple para la portada y la de la catedral de Santa Maria del Fiore pega mas para una portada de la revista de Viajes NG. El extraterrestre', mi anime tengo unos cuantos aunque ahora estoy con One Piece y Naruto, mi videojuego preferido es 'Uncharted', cualquiera de los tres y referente a la musica soy fan de Marta Botia y Marilia Andres, ex componentes de Ella Baila Sola. But it’s an uphill battle to create and produce that sort of programming these days — and an even tougher challenge to do so in a way that keeps audiences engaged and tuned in. Wilson, you were the best) the show has a companion interactive website that allows you to challenge yourself while watching.
My party experiences and ideas that were earlier scribbled in a diary, now are on this blog. Hasta esta percepcion de que el tiempo pase rapido o lento esta explicada de una manera amena en uno de sus episodios. I tried to guess if first before uploading here for my online kitty members and honestly, I didn’t get all the answers right but I scored 6 out of  12.

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