As more and more technology is taking the thinking out of the tasks that we do everyday it is becoming increasingly important that we keep our brains active, and this was proven by computer games like brain training and what not so I have to say as time goes on more and more people will be looking at keeping their minds active. In this PLR Package, you will find 10 well written articles on brain power, and you can do what you like with them whether its create a free product or simply compiling them to make a kindle book its up to you, but I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed in them. 1) Meditate:Meditation has been known to increase IQ, relieve stress, and promotes higher levels of brain functioning. 2) Draw A Picture: Drawing stimulates the right-hemisphere of the brain and inspires creativity.
3) Exercise: Long-term exercise has been proven to increase brain power and even create new neurons in the brain. 6) Deep Breathing: Deep breathing actually increases oxygen levels and blood-flow to the brain.
11) Take A Multivitamin: Vitamins are great for the brain, and if it does not get enough of a certain vitamin through daily diet, consider a multivitamin. 14) Change Your Environment: To keep your brain properly stimulated, it is important to keep changing your environment. 15) Set Goals: Setting goals activates areas of the brain associated with positive thinking and action. 16) Listen To Music: Studies have proven that listening to music strengthens the right-hemisphere of the brain and literally changes the structure. 17) Be Empathetic: Being empathetic and trying to understand the emotions of others is a skill that your brain can learn.
20) Brainstorm: A good brainstorming session to think of new, stimulating ideas is a great way to boost your brains ability to think creatively.
26) Eat Nuts: Brazil and South American University students swear by eating nuts before taking exams.
27) Read Books: Reading books teaches your brain to adapt to absorb large amounts of information in shorter periods of time.
28) Listen To Classical Tunes: Listening to classical music activates the left hemisphere of the brain, which is why classical music usually helps students do better in mathematics and writing. 30) Take A Nap: Taking a nap has been proven through research to significantly improve task-performance and thinking abilities.
32) Paint A Picture: Being able to visualize where you want paint to go on paper sparks pure creativity from within.
34) Eat Less: Eating too much food has the effect of decreasing blood-flow to the brain and increasing blood-flow to the digestive system. 36) Go For A Walk: Exercise definitely benefits the brain, and walking is a great form of exercise that is easy and very effective for boosting brainpower.
38) Solve Puzzles: Solving puzzles is a great way to stimulate your brains ability to critically think and process information. 39) Do Neurofeedback: Neurofeedback is a great way to learn to consciously control your brain wave patterns. 42) Drink Freshly Squeezed Juice: Drinking fresh pressed vegetable juice revitalizes the brain and provides cells with a refreshing jolt of nutrients. 43) Be Self-Aware: When you learn to let go of ego-driven and emotional aspects of life, rational thinking kicks in. 44) Take Gingko Biloba: Gingko Biloba has been scientifically researched and documented to significantly increase blood-flow to the brain. 47) Stay In School: If you are in school, chances are good that you will boost your brain power more than the average dropout! A person owes all his achievements in work, studies or society to the hard work of his brain. But how to develop a way of thinking that would activate the parts of the brain that have not been involved before? As a result, this training will allow you to take non-standard solutions and to find an easy way out even in the most difficult situations, which will be quite useful at work and in other spheres of life. Dreams of the Deceased: a Message from the ‘Other Side’ or a Trick of the Subconscious Mind?
When writing in the “opposite” direction does this mean we should write the exact same words from right to left or also reverse the order of characters within each word? Artistic abstraction on the subject of intelligence, consciousness, logical thinking, mental processes and brain power composed of head outlines, lights and abstract design elements. Watching 3D movies is beneficial for enhancing and boosting brain power, new research says.

The subjects’ reaction times were improved by 11 percent and they experienced a ‘brain boost’ for up to 20 minutes after viewing a 3D film, The Guardian reported. Along with professor Brendan Walker of Thrill Laboratory, a London-based company dedicated to new forms of thrilling experience, they found that the improvement in reaction time was five times that experienced by participants, who had been watching a 2D movie. There has been a noticeable decline in cognitive brain function in old age, which can impair future quality of life. For the study, cognitive brain tests and brain-monitoring headsets were used to analyse moviegoers at the Vue cinemas in Piccadilly, London. Enter your email address to subscribe to this Kualalumpurpost and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You can literally build up more control over your life and harness your brain’s potential! 10-15 minutes of daily deep breathing can make a huge difference in the quality of your life and brain’s functioning potential. The 2 primary components of EPA and DHA each act to strengthen both the emotional center of the brain and boost focus. The brain requires a certain amount of energy to reach it’s maximum level of functioning. Setting goals is great for achieving success and prosperity in life and boosting your brain. Those same studies have found that people who listen to music are generally smarter and have more emotional intelligence than those who don’t.
Being empathetic is definitely a powerful trait to have and allows your brain to relate to the emotions of others. Brainstorming is actually a different way of thinking that will equip your brain with a quick creative boost. When you write, you are strengthening your brain’s natural ability to convey thoughts and feelings. You can change aspects of your thought process and learn to shift your focus by taking the time to do some self-hypnosis. The challenge of completing crossword puzzles is definitely mentally invigorating and stimulating. Books challenge your thinking abilities and memorization skills, as well as boost vocabulary and critical thinking skills. These games work wonderful for improving thinking speed and natural problem solving skills. If you are feeling tired throughout the day and have time to take a quick nap, it is recommended.
Painting is an exercise that gets the right-brain fully functioning and improves your creative side. Therefore, if you are able to cut-back on the total amount of food you consume, you will have enhanced brain functioning. Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day — it provides your body with fuel for the rest of the day. Mimicking others, if done in a fun, playful manner, can improve your brain power and the brain’s natural ability to adapt quickly when faced with new situations. Neurofeedback builds brain structure and helps promote flexibility within a brain’s neural network. Most juices provide your brain with vital nutrients which in turn, provide you with more mental energy and focus. Rational thinking will allow you to become self-aware, which in turn allows you to make better future decisions to achieve optimal brain health.
When involved in a loving relationship, having sex improves social connection as well as emotional intelligence.
Keeping up with school work, means giving your brain a good workout in areas of self-discipline, learning, and mental processing.
Start by re-reading this list and highlighting several methods that you can apply to your life.
We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.
If you do your own brain workout, you can get enormous opportunities and achieve success in business, career and communication.

It’s a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about knowledge, awareness and self-improvement. The team led by neuroscientist Patrick Fagan from Goldsmiths University found a 23 percent increase in cognitive processing ability among participants after watching a 3D movie. It may be time for you to take a class or program to supplement your job-skills and brain power! Start popping a vitamin each morning for awhile and chances are good that you’ll notice a difference! Eating chocolate cake and chips instead of fish and legumes, well maybe that’s why you cannot think clearly. Writing is a great way to exercise your ability to analyze and build a thought process with critical thinking. Visualization has been linked to lowered stress, increased creativity, and peak mind-body performance. Getting a good night’s sleep can also be the difference between a sharp memory and feeling forgetful. Hypnosis research shows that by practicing hypnosis, an individual experiences lowered stress, increased pain tolerance, and clear thinking.
If you enjoy reading the newspaper, be sure to check out the daily crossword puzzles section and build up that brain power! Not only do you learn something from reading a book, but your brain power increases as you build up the book load. I’ve had a chance to play these games before and I can personally vouch for their effectiveness! Those who are able to cry are actually cleansing the inside of their brain, which is another very healthy way to increase brain power.
In several lab studies, rats on a calorie-restricted diet had increased blood flow to their brains. If you don’t have time to eat an entire breakfast in the morning, at least have some sort of snack… It could give your brain a powerful edge!
The great thing about puzzles is that they require activity in the left-hemisphere of the brain to work with, and transfer information to, the right hemisphere’s visual center of the brain.
Though neurofeedback is somewhat costly, if you’ve got enough money — it may very well be the best investment you can make for your brain! Depending on the drug, effects can range from brain bleeding, to cell loss, to impairments in neural growth. Activities like meditation, self-hypnosis, and introspection allow us to increase our self-awareness.
Increased blood flow to the brain is correlated with an increase in focus and problem solving. Taking a whiff of peppermint speeds up brain functioning, while other fragrances actually slow things down!
Questions can provoke new thoughts and ideas and asking them is a great way to build up brain power!
As a matter of fact, print this list out and staple it up someplace that you will view everyday.
Think of us as your nutritional consultants and know that we are here with you on your journey to a healthier life.
Everyone knows that learning new things, reading books, watching educational programs have a positive effect on the brain. Journals, diaries, blog entries, and writing stories are phenomenal ways to fulfill your brain. Since scent is the strongest thing tied to memory, some good fragrances can definitely help out brain functioning. That way, when walking past the list, you can take a glance and randomly choose an activity to boost your brain power! She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe.

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