Brain-training applications, and the science behind them, can sharpen your memory, raise your IQ and help improve your focus so that you can stay on task. Eidetic focuses on a particular area that everyone could use some help with as they grow older: memory. Fit Brains is a project by Rosetta Stone, the company famous for its language-learning software.
Connected Rogers™ is a trademark of Rogers Publishing Limited or an affiliate, used under license. The Elevate process starts with you choosing what aspects of your mind you’d like to improve, like your boosting problem-solving skills or retaining information that you hear. You can create an account and start training with Fit Brains for free, but to unlock all the games, you'll need to pay a monthly subscription fee.
The free version of BrainHQ comes with 4 brain-training exercises, 5 courses and challenges.
Brain Workshop is what's called a dual N-back game, a type of memory game that recent studies suggest can improve short term memory and fluid intelligence. I LOVE Luminosity!  I had dappled with their free account for about 6 months last year which gave me limited access. It’s the game which trains multitasking, attention, mental endurance, memory and calculations. Hieronder deel ik 5 van mijn favoriete gratis apps om je hersenen te trainen, allemaal geschikt voor de iPhone en de meeste ook voor Android toestellen. Brain School geeft je een beetje het gevoel alsof je terug in de schoolbanken bent beland, maar dan op een leuke manier. Een app waar je niet perse je hersenen mee traint, maar wel je kennis mee kunt vergroten is QuizUp. Een app waarop je kunt quizen met vrienden of onbekenden van over de hele wereld.
Ook deze laatste brein app is gecreeerd door neurologen, en biedt je een breintrainingsprogramma aan.
Your Windows 8, Windows 10 tablet or Windows 8, Windows 10 device can be used to train your brain’s activity if you know what are the right apps to be used for this. And good news for Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows RT users who are interesting in gaining some extra brain power – the Windows app stores features some interesting apps that might help them in that endeavor.
Aptly named after one of the most brilliant scientists of the modern era, this app allows users to exercise most parts of their brains. Each game under any of these categories will feature a comprehensive and scientific description of the exercise. This app features a collection of 12 games that will help the user challenge his memory resorts.
A brain training app that offers the possibility of playing the games at three different difficulty levels: Easy, Advanced and Genius. This app is built on the assumption that the children’s right hemisphere is used mostly for learning and that simple games might help improve that process. Their service offers over 40 games to improve mental skills, such as memory, mental flexibility and problem solving. It uses a technique called spaced repetition, which tests and refreshes your ability to remember a set of facts or numbers over a growing period of time.
It also focuses on an area that is both useful and not covered by many similar apps: attention. The app tracks your progress across different areas, such as memory, concentration, speed, logic and language. The app comes with games to hone your visual and spatial skills, language processing, arithmetic, logic and memory. Age makes us wiser, sure, but it also makes it harder to recall words and process information. Just spending 15 minutes a day will not only help you relax and destress, but also improve your brain's health by decreasing brain excitement.
Fotuhi recommends looking for a program that you enjoy, works your memory, provides plenty of variety to stimulate your brain and is challenging enough to work your mental muscles. Thankfully, there are no shortage of apps available that offer daily exercises designed as games, so its never been easier to find the program that feels right for you.
After a short opening test, the app will serve up your choice of 3, 5 or 7 training sessions a week, tailored to your goals. Elevate Pro members get an extra 10 pro-only games (with a new game added monthly) and access to a member ranking feature that compares your progress to others. The Lumosity website and app features a series of online games that have been specifically designed to boost your brain muscles, improving memory, speed, problem solving, attention and flexibility—core cognitive abilities that Lumosity says will help you with practical problems like remembering names and even driving better. A 1-year subscription will average out to $4 a month and a 2-year subscription will cost you $3 a month, and if you decide to make a lifetime commitment to Lumosity, you can pick up a lifetime subscription for $239.96. Like Lumosity, Fit Brains aims to improve your mental performance by running you through a series of brain games that are selected to help you improve areas you're weaker in. If this is a problem for you too, check out BrainHQ, a new app available from Posit Science. The subscription version, which runs $14 per month or $96 per year, offers a far more expanded range of 29 exercises and 16 courses.

Though it doesn't offer a variety of games or a personalized program like Lumosity and Fit Brains, this open source application is entirely free for Macs and Windows PCs. You should watch the several flows or food and open and close the mouths to eat the exact quantity of food bits. My students in Air Traffic Control managed to reach the top score of almost 300 in hard mode. Of het nou is om je meer te kunnen focussen op je werk, betere resultaten te behalen tijdens je studie of om gewoon scherp te blijven; het kan nooit kwaad om je hersenen actief te houden en deze regelmatig te trainen. Below you can find my 5 favorite brain apps to stay sharp and improve your mental health, which are both fun and educational. Deze app kun je tegen je vrienden spelen, of je kunt ervoor kiezen om random met iemand anders op de wereld gekoppeld te worden.
Desondanks is het een erg gelikte app geworden die wereldwijd ontzettend populair is geworden.
Kies zelf een onderwerp uit en je wordt random gekoppeld aan iemand anders waar je tegen gaat strijden. Think of practicing an arpeggio with your guitar over and over again, after a while you will be able to do it in the dark. There are four categories offered from which to choose from: Logic, Memory, Calculation and Vision. Each day the app will prepare a special set of games that constitutes the player’s daily workout. Games include: Speed Math, Balloon Burst, Card Count – each tapping into different sectors of brain activity. Therefore it brings a selection of 15 animated stories which unravel into 56 sets of quiz games.
If electronic devices can make decisions, solve daily problems, and memorize data to consult at any time, what’s left to our brains? Lumosity also collaborates with neuroscientists at a variety of universities on a project called the Human Cognition Project, which serves as the basis for the design of their games. What sets this app apart is that allows users to determine which facts they want to remember. The app’s games have a variety of levels to focus on your particular needs; the games grow more difficult as your ability improves.
Use it or lose it, they say – those with the best brains as older adults are those who take the time to engage their mental muscle regularly whether through crossword puzzles, Sudoku or through specially designed brain-training smartphone apps. Majid Fotuhi , a neurologist who chairs the Neurology Institute for Brain Health and Fitness. How much time you spend will depend on how much improvement you want to see, but the average person should make brain training a daily habit of 15 to 20 minutes. Free brain-training app Elevate, an Apple App Store Editors’ Choice, aims to help you improve your processing, memory, brevity, processing and more through simple-but-mentally stimulating games. Pro members can also choose to play Elevate games whenever they want through the app, rather than wait for daily sessions. Lumosity personalizes your training program based on how you're performing and what you want to improve and gives you a daily routine of different brain games to help improve performance in your target areas. However, unlike Lumosity, Fit Brains feels a lot more like a video game, which may be just what you need to stay motivated and on track. It offers a series of training exercises to work out your eye for detail, your ability to process visual scenes and, yes, your skill in matching people’s names to faces and biographical details. Subscribers also get access to personalized training, which tailors your experience to your goals. As new squares and accompanying letters pop up, you have to say if they match the previous ones.
En hier hoef je helemaal niet urenlang de boeken voor in te duiken of saaie opdrachten voor te doen. Het leuke aan deze app is dat je het niet alleen tegen de ander speelt, maar ook tegen jezelf. Je kiest zelf van tevoren de doelen waaraan je wilt werken en de app schotelt je dagelijks vervolgens vijf oefeningen voor waarmee je aan deze cognitieve vaardigheden kunt werken.
Elke keer wanneer je het goed doet ga je een level hoger waar het telkens een stuk lastiger wordt, totdat je het eerste jaar hebt voltooid en doorgaat naar het volgende jaar.
De gratis versie is ook hierbij wat beperkt, je hebt namelijk slechts de keuze uit drie verschillende spellen waar je uit kunt kiezen, of je krijgt random wat spellen voorgeschoteld. Brain training specialists argue that if you engage daily in games that are especially designed to enhance certain abilities (like spatial visualization) , you are bound to perfect them. Preschoolers will have no trouble playing this game, since the game play only involves choosing pictures. To keep cobwebs from gathering on your mental agility, we provide a list below of some of the best Android apps to train your brain.LumosityA proper institution, with millions of players on both its official Android app and its web client. The app, which consistently receives five-star reviews, is free with a subscription to Lumosity. Students can put away their flash cards and, instead, enter facts and dates for their next test as a study tool.

The app tracks progress and provides analysis on where you are improving, and which areas still need work. Also available within the app are a variety of “brain food” recipes that are meant to promote mental health via nutrition. So if you want to help your brain, be sure you're not playing brain training games on the couch: whatever your favorite physical activity is, make sure you're doing something to work up a sweat regularly. In the Brevity game, for example, you need to tap the unnecessary word in each sentence – a good way to help you become a more effective communicator. With over 35 million users, who range from the ages of 8 and 108, Lumosity is definitely a popular choice in the brain training field. And as you play Fit Brains games, they'll become more difficult, so you're always getting a challenging brain workout. You can also work out your working memory, practice dividing your attention, improve your cognitive flexibility, improve your reaction times and more. The system is configurable to make it more or less difficult and also includes statistics tracking so you can monitor your improvement.
Er bestaan namelijk ontzettend leuke (maar tegelijkertijd hele leerzame) apps voor je smartphone waarmee je je hersenen kunt stimuleren zonder dat het voelt als een last, maar juist als ontspanning. Je persoonlijke resultaten en bevorderingen worden elke keer getoond en zo kun je naast jezelf te verbeteren ook hoger op de ranking te komen. Jammer aan deze app is dat de gratis versie erg beperkt is en je je eigen ontwikkelingen niet kunt bijhouden. Voordeel ten opzichte van Lumosity is dat je hier wel inzicht krijgt in je ontwikkelingen, maar ook deze app kun je niet onbeperkt gebruiken.
Multiple players can simultaneously engage in gaming on the same computer while the levels’ difficulty mode can be altered. The graphics are simple yet colorful and attractive, attracting and keeping your attention. It has you do a series of minigames every day to stimulate certain aspects of your intellect. If you have a hard time remembering your family members’ birthdays or phone numbers, Eidetic will help you memorize them so they are always at hand. Fotuhi tells us, "these games are helpful, but they're only a part of what you need to do in order to have a stronger brain.
In the Processing game, you’re asked to recall the facts from sentences served up to you one word at a time at 270 WPM. En het hoeft ook helemaal niet veel tijd te kosten, want de oefeningen en uitdagingen die deze apps jou voorschotelen kosten hooguit een aantal minuten.
The brain as an organ operates by making use of its synaptic connections (connections between two or more neurons). The graphics are really endearing and remind me of Japanese manga, so the app is very suitable for children of all ages.
You can later view stats on your progress and as you use the app you’ll discover new games. Users can also determine the length of time they have to memorize things, from a day to a month. Ideaal om even snel te doen als je ergens staat je te wachten, bijvoorbeeld in de rij voor de kassa, op je trein of gewoon op de wc zit. Je speelt elke keer 3 rondes tegen je tegenstander en in totaal duurt zo’n rondje hooguit een paar minuten in totaal. Everything is scored so you can see your improvement from week to week, and tests automatically adjust in difficulty to keep you on your toes.
Omdat ik zelf best wel moeite heb om ‘s ochtends op te staan en goed wakker te worden begin ik tegenwoordig vaak de dag met een aantal challenges op Brainwars.
Het enige jammere is dat het een Amerikaanse app is waardoor je soms dingen tegenkomt waar je nooit van hebt gehoord. With a dozen games and a system to lose and recharge lives that resembles freemium games like Candy Crush, what’s certain is that the social aspect has its charms, especially as it lets you make fun of your friends.ElevateAlong with Lumosity, Elevate is perhaps the most-used and comprehensive ‘brain training’ service you can find. Gewoon in bed op mijn mobieltje, en je merkt dat je de dag gelijk een stuk scherper begint.
Its exercises let you improve your cognitive abilities even beyond the classic skills mini-games thanks to a series of reading comprehension and concept-association exercises that might leave you sleepy but are still quite a lot of fun.Other puzzle gamesThe apps mentioned up to this point are exclusively aimed at brain training, but for practical purposes almost any puzzle game can improve your skills in one way or another. If you want a good challenge halfway between traditional puzzles and math challenges you can try your luck at the addictive 2048 and its countless clones. If you’re looking for something more traditional there are several Sudoku apps, while those who are a bit more old-school can always check out the timeless Tetris.

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