As the Russian philosopher Nicholas Roerich passed through the sprawling mountains of Central Asia in 1926, he and his guides were shocked to witness an incredible, golden orb floating in the sky.
Scientists at the University of Stuttgart in Germany have discovered that a Buddhist statue, first located by the Nazis in 1938, was carved from ataxite, a type of rare, nickel-rich iron meteorite.
The Cintamani Stone (or Chintamani Stone) is a legendary artifact of Buddhist and Hindu mythology, a “wish-fulfilling” gem of extraordinary power.

Be sure to follow Stranger Dimensions on Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Pinterest, and Google+, and don't forget to subscribe for free by email. When Buddhist missionary monks were spreading the teachings of Buddha throughout Asia, they did not approach it with a mentality of replacing the religious beliefs that were already in place.  Buddhism was presented as sort of an addendum to existing belief systems, and for this reason, it had great success in being integrated into the surrounding cultures.
Virtually every house has a small spirit house which is usually raised on a platform or column.

According to Buddhist legend, it fell from the stars and landed in Tibet, where the ancient Buddhists revered it as a spiritual jewel.

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