Lena and Buzz’s wedding from Leo Druker Photography took place at the incredibly picturesque Murray Hill in Leesburg, Virginia. I wore jade and diamond jewelry with my wedding dress to reflect my style and Vietnamese heritage. Don’t forget to visit our vendor guide for more fabulous Washington, DC area wedding professionals or our real wedding gallery for more beautiful Washington, DC area weddings! Here are some javascript forms to make a quick conversion between the Buddhist and Christian Eras. According to the traditional dating the Buddha was born in 624 BC, attained Awakening 35 years later in 589 BC and entered Paribbana in 544 BC.
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An upcoming World Council of Churches (WCC) consultation in Bangkok will attempt a distinctive mode of interreligious dialogue.
In collaboration with the Christian Conference of Asia and organized by the WCC unit on Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation's an "interface" of 25 Buddhists and Christians will take place 27 to 31 May in Bangkok, Thailand, and center on themes of life, justice and peace, central elements in the WCC 10th Assembly theme. The Asian locale, like that of the assembly itself,  is also important, Rajkumar says, since it embodies religious plurality in a scene that also involves religious conflict, environmental destruction, gender discrimination, and economic exploitation. The conversation is aimed at "joint discernment" of constructive approaches to life, justice and peace and is premised on the idea that "being distinctively rooted in our respective religious traditions need not necessarily deter joint discernment but can rather deepen our thinking on and engagement with life, justice and peace in creative and concrete ways," he said. Built on practices of hospitality by all participants, many of whom will be staying during the consultation at the Bangkok Christian Guest House and visiting a Buddhist monastery, the interface methodology also seeks to augment theoretical knowledge with case studies, mutual spiritual enrichment, and participation by grass-roots actors who have benefited from resources and insights of both traditions. The 10th Assembly, to be held from 30 October to 8 November in Busan, Republic of Korea, will feature an Ecumenical Conversation on "Religions working together for peace and freedom," where, it is hoped, insights emerging from this interface initiative can be further elaborated, said Rajkumar.

Image of the ancient Nayake Buddhist Temple stupa and Dutch era Christian Church side by side, at Balapitiya, Sri Lanka.
It is from the latter date that we take the Buddhist Era (Thailand dates it as year 1, Sri Lanka as year zero). 100 years later (there is much difference in opinion), but the dates in any case should not be taken as hard and fast, but rather as agreed times for the purposes of celebrations, etc.

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