American Buddhist Seminary (ABS) is a non-profit religious, educational and charitable organization registered in California with Federal Tax Exemption under section 501 (c) (3), 509 (a) (1) and 170 (b) (1) (A) (i) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Mingjo Rinpoche directs all of our center activities and is the holder of our Manjushri Lineage teachings. To receive a web link to connect from home, make sure to RSVP and send in your request by noon the day of the meeting; the web link will be sent out mid day on the day of the meeting.
You can RSVP by responding through Meet Up or by texting Karen at[masked], also let us know if you have any questions.
Welcome to the Davis Meetup Group "Buddhist Study & Meditation for Cultivating True Happinessa€?. Society has trained us to search on the outside for happiness, yet true happiness is an inner journey. We aim to provide our members with both an in-person as well as online learning environment to explore the incredible wisdom and application of Buddhism. The classes are offered are different in subject, style and length, here you can read more about the different kinds of thangka workshops. Carmen not only offers thangka drawing and painting courses, but is also asked to offer workshops in related artforms such as Tibetan Buddhist Amulet making and Tibetan Mask making.

It goes without saying that we will not use your email address for anything else but this newsletter and that you can unsubscribe at any time. In this peer study group you will learn about both the short-term benefits and the long-term benefits of studying the pure Dharma (Buddhaa€™s teachings). Currently, we have students both in the US and abroad who are participating in this online forum.
Come meet with other warm-hearted, sincere Buddhist Practitioners and spiritual seekers, as we explore the precious Mahayana & Vajrayana Teachings and learn incredible meditation practices helping us to transform our lives. We seek to answer the question of how do we create true inner peace, satisfaction and happiness within our life and the lives of others? A thangka drawing or painting workshop always comes with a (short) meditation on the subject, as well as slide show & lecture(s) about the meanings and symbolism behind it. Rinpoche is able to personalize his teachings for each and every student as they react to the ideas that he shares. This group is wonderful for both newcomers to Buddhism and students who have been studying Buddhism for awhile. Buddhism gives us the tools to investigate why and how negative emotions affect our lives and how to overcome them through the develop of inner qualities such as compassion, loving-kindness and wisdom.

We will also learn Buddhist meditation practices that help us to increase & stabilize key virtues (charity, ethical discipline, patience, diligence, meditative concentration, and wisdom) within us, and give us a first-hand experience of what it is like to experience a mind that is stable, quiet, joyful and light. 10 times) we send out a newsletter about the upcoming thangka classes and other Buddhist events. In addition, we will be posting insightful & inspiring quotes from teachings by our Lama Mingjo Rinpoche, as well as other great masters on our message board.
You can subscribe to the newsletter for one or more countries, so that you will be sure to stay updated on the thangka courses held at the place(s) of your preference. An example of the newsletter can be seen here on the right. We encourage everyone to ask questions, discussion, & post on these precious gems of insight.

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