We’ve had a lot of new faces recently at The Meditation Circle, including many folks new to Buddhist meditation practice. But this is a music video much in spirit of meditation practice, in which we seek to awaken to all the light that’s already there in us, hidden by our cloudy minds. There will be instruction and assistance with sitting and walking meditation and a brief introduction to Buddhism.

This 5-night retreat takes place Friday, June 24 to  Wednesday, June 29, 2011, and will be led by the Buddhist monk Ven. There are images of the Bhavana Society Buddhist monastery in the hills of Hampshire County and shots of Bhavana abbot Bhante Gunaratana and bhantes Rahula and Piyadhammo, on White Cliff on Great North Mountain in the Allegheny highlands. IMPORTANT NOTE: Alas, after checking this out, I note that the retreat is currently full for men, but it is possible to get on a waiting list.

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