Shambala Sun panel featuring Stephen Cope, Phillip Moffitt, Anna Douglas, and Sarah Powers.
At the afternoon of February 9, total 22 lamas, including the Very Venerable Gangkar Rinpoche, have completed their 3-year retreat and came out from the Sherabling Retreat Centers. After coming out from the retreat centers, Gangkar Rinpoche and these lamas have been arranged to meet with Tai Situ Rinpoche and received the blessing from His Eminence Tai Situpa Rinpoche, one of the highest spiritual leaders of Tibetan Buddhism with the Red Vajra Crown.

It is advisable that retreatants review the sadhana The Uncommon Yoga of Inconceivability and its commentary Keajra Heaven beforehand. Palpung Sherabling Monastery, the Monastic Seat of the 12th Tai Situ Rinpoche, hold a traditional celebration ceremony in India.
The very Venerable Gangkar Rinpoche and 11 lamas came out from the monks retreat center and 10 lamas from the nuns retreat center.

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